Didier Triglia cannettes

Didier Triglia
Self-taught, Triglia is born in Perpignan (Pyrénées Orientales) in 1966.
Didier has a paint joyous, playful and vibrant colors.
A series of friendly cyclops rubs some strange characters, horned creatures, big or
laughing mischievous eyes, halfway between animal and human.
Tête de canette 2008-2010
Heads cans
Didier Triglia who appoints the heads in this
way he creates with crushed cans, and then he
paints. Tête de canette translated from French
means “head bobbin”
It looks like the world of Tim Burton, colors
galore and characters sometimes laughing,
sometimes sad, angry view completely. Of
funny faces, original expressions. But human
forms that we could almost forget the can. An
object fell unexpectedly into the hands of the
In the art world, often by chance things well.
For Didier Triglia, the sight of a can crushed
signifies the beginning of the adventure. He
picked it up as Charlie discovering a golden
ticket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,
Roald Dahl's story. The trigger operates
immediately. "I immediately thought of a
face." Only remained to find a support, adding
the "head bobbin ', on the surface of his
canvas or sculptures.
"I do not crush, they already are“
In the art of recycling materials, there is always
adapting to the material, but also the artist's
signature, its singularity. Didier Triglia has
chosen not to touch, to let in the rough, not to
crush it himself:
"I've just added some eyes, a nose, I glued on a
canvas, I made some adjustments and then it
sold out quickly." The success of a work knows
how to wait, especially when it is anointed by
the general public and younger.
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