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Products and services
Supreme Software
Information Conduit
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Loan Portal
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First a good eMenu to
help sell more products
and stay compliant.
Then make it integrate
with your DMS for single
entry capability and add
F & I Express to print all our
contact forms with one
Then add a loan portal to
get to our financing
sources easily.
Next a great selection of ancillary products, like our
Pre-Paid Maintenance
GAP 150%
Total Loss Protection
I D Theft Recovery for the whole family
Pre paid Maintenance Advantage
Wheel & Tire with Roadside Assistance
Aglaze Enviormental Paint Protection
Vehicle Service Contract
GPS With Theft protection
Simple Roadside Assistance
Total Loss Protection
will pay up to $2,500 towards the purchase of a new
vehicle in the event your vehicle is declared a total loss
due to collision or theft.
Total Loss Protection Plan Program Highlights:
Both new and used vehicles are eligible for protection.
Receive a replacement allowance of $2,500
towards the purchase of a replacement vehicle.
Redeemable at your original dealer.
The benefit is paid over and above any additional
reimbursements you
may receive (such as a primary insurance
settlement, GAP coverage or Theft)
Tire & Wheel with Roadside Assistance
FLAT TIRES: YOU will be reimbursed for the charges incurred to repair a flat tire caused by a road hazard while operating the vehicle on
public streets and in a
legal manner. TIRE REPLACEMENT: YOU will be reimbursed for the costs incurred to replace a tire, only if a tire covered by this Agreement
unrepairable due to a road hazard such as cut, snag, bruise, impact (not collision), tear or puncture. This coverage is valid through the tread
life of a tire (down to
3/32”) and will be replaced with a tire of like kind, quality and cost to the original tire. Replacement cost is limited to a maximum of $500.00 per
tire. Tire inspection
may be required to validate claim approval.
WHEELS (RIMS): YOU will be reimbursed for the repair or replacement of wheels rendered unserviceable due to a road hazard failure of a
wheel covered under this
warranty. Replacement cost is limited to a maximum of $500.00 per wheel. Wheel inspection may be required to validate claim. The
Administrator will not use
remanufactured or used replacement parts.
MOUNTING, BALANCING AND TIRE DISPOSAL: YOU will be reimbursed for the cost of mounting, balancing, valve stems and tire disposal
for any tire
replaced under this Agreement. TAXES: YOU will be reimbursed for the cost of local and state taxes, as directed by state agencies for any tire
replaced under this
TOWING AND ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE: In the event of a flat tire or damaged wheel caused by a road hazard while operating the vehicle on
public streets and
in a legal manner, call toll-free to 1-800-221-8062, and an emergency hotline will dispatch prompt service to help you in changing an inflated
spare or tow to the
closest service station. YOUR vehicle will be covered for tire repair or tow up to $50.00 per occurrence. Please provide the dispatcher with
YOUR Member and
covered Vehicle information. You must dial the number provided above for covered towing services.
Theft Protection
Once installed on the vehicle guarantees to the
Registered Owner/Lessee of the described vehicle
that the System installed will be an effective
deterrent against vehicle theft. In the event the
System fails and the described vehicle is stolen
and not recovered within thirty (30) days, the
Original Selling Dealer will receive a
Replacement Allowance of $2,500.00, towards
your purchase of a replacement vehicle (of equal
or greater value) within 120 days of Date of Loss
or the benefit will become null and void.
Primary Deductible Reimbursement:
Alternatively, if the vehicle is stolen and
RECOVERED within thirty (30) days, said
Registered Owner/Lessee will be reimbursed the
comprehensive amount deducted by the insurance
company in their settlement with respect to the
deductible up to $500.00
Coverage and Limitations for Roadside Assistance up to $100.00 per
(1) Towing Assistance: When towing is necessary for a non-covered failure,
the Vehicle can be towed to the nearest service facility.
(2) Battery Boost: If You incur a charging system or battery discharge for any
reason, a jump-start will be applied to start the covered Vehicle.
(3) Flat Tire Assistance: In the event of a flat tire on the covered Vehicle,
the Vehicle will be towed to the nearest service facility.
(4) Fuel, Oil, Fluid and Water Delivery Service: An emergency supply of fuel,
oil, fluid and water will be delivered if You have an immediate need. You
must pay for the fuel, oil or other fluids upon delivery.
offers the Dealer three different ways to participate.
Option 1 – utilizing TPA’s we can give you the same walk away with a waiting and
holding period. Dealer pays premiums to the TPA and can be warehoused for a later
decision on Retro or Reinsunace.
Option 2 – utilizing our partnership with Fidelis we can offer you a fully independent,
Dealer Obligor PPM. Premiums for the PPM can be held by the Dealer and Investment
self directed. VSC and ancillaries remain TPA and insured premiums need to be sent in
for these.
Option 3 – utilizing our partnerships we can set up PPM and VSCs to be Dealer Obligor.
Dealer holds all funds in house from PPM and VSC sales.
This option would be reinsured and profits returned to Dealer at the greatly reduced
Investment tax level instead of as ordinary income.
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