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• Why 21st century parenting is important
and different?
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Why 21st century parenting is
important and different.
Why parenting in 21st century is a challenge?
The images of a mother
• 4yrs : my mommy can do
• 8 yrs : my mom knows a lot! A
whole lot
• 12 yrs: my mother doesn’t really
know quiet everything
• 14 yrs: naturally, mother doesn’t
know that, either.
• 16yrs: Mother? She’s hopelessly
old fashioned.
• 18yrs: That old woman? She’s
way out of date.
• 25 yrs: Well, She might know a
little bit about it.
• 35yrs:Before we decide let’s get
Mom’s opinion.
• 45yrs: wonder what mom would
have thought about it?
• 65 yrs: if mom was still alive; I
could have talked it over with
Technological revolution
Thomas Edison
An inventor, scientist and
businessman, he invented the
light bulb
Muhammad Ali
Three-time World Heavyweight
Alexander Graham
scientist, inventor, engineer and innovator who
is credited with inventing the first practical
Henry Ford
The American founder of the
Ford Motor Company
Leonardo da vinci
An Italian polymath: painter,
sculptor, architect,
musician, scientist,
mathematician, engineer,
inventor, anatomist,
geologist, cartographer,
botanist and writer.
Painter of the world famous
Mona Lisa
Walt Disney
An American film
producer, director,
screenwriter, voice actor,
animator, entrepreneur,
entertainer, international
icon and philanthropist.
co-founderof Walt
Disney Productions
• An American pop
actress, director and
record producer. She
has won an Academy
Award, a Grammy
Award, an Emmy
Award, three Golden
Globe Awards
have in
though one may think that they
achieved success in spite of
their disability, this book says
Developing your child’s Talent
seeds may grow but buried talents neverRoger Babson
John Powell says that every child sent into this
world comes with a special message to deliver,
with a special song to sing to others , with a
special act of love to bestow. No one can speak
his message or sing his song or offer his act of
It is this responsibility of every parent to identify
and nurture the talent of their children.
Usually when people hear about Dyslexia they
think only of reading, writing, spelling and
math problem a child is having in school. In
simpler words the letter reversal and slow
But the learning disability is only one face of
the Dyslexia. It is important for them to
know that having reading and writing
problem, doesn’t make them dumb or
stupid. The mental function that causes
dyslexia is a gift in the true sense of the
word, a natural ability, a talent. It is
something special that enhances the
A bar of iron is worth $5. the same bar made into the
horseshoes would cost around $50. and if made into
balanced spring for Swiss watches it will cost
Raw material must be developed. God has blessed each of
us with gifts and talents. It all depend on how we
develop the raw material.
Now its time for you to find
out YOUR child’s talent??
Few tips to recognize your
child’s talents:•
Do they exhibit an knack for something?
What are they always recognized for?
What do they amaze others by doing?
What can they do that most people struggle
• What do others tell them they are great at?
When you get few answers, take them through the
following questions:-
• Do they get into a ‘flow’ when
engaging in that particular activity?
• Do they have a deep desire to become
better at it?
• Do they admire people who engage
in that activity and do it well?
Motivating your children
What is motivation?
Motivation is what makes your child
do things. In another sense, it is
something that makes them put real
effort and energy into what they do.
In short “getting children to do
willingly and well those things
which have to be done.”
Here is a story about a young boy who attended
regular soccer practices but always sat in
reserve and never made it to playing eleven.
Every day, during practice, his father would
sit at the far end of the field, waiting for him to
The matches had started and for four days, he
didn’t show up for practice or quarter or semifinals. All of the sudden he showed up for the
finals, went to the coach and said, “coach,
you’ve always kept me as a reserve and never
let me play in finals….today, please let me
The coach said: “son, I'm sorry, I can’t let you.
There are better players than you and besides,
it IS the final, the reputation of the school is at
stake and I cannot take such a big chance.
The boy pleaded, “coach, I promise I will not let
you down. I beg you, please; let me play.” the
coach had never seen the boy plead like this
before. He said “ok, son. Go, play. But
remember I’m going against my better
judgment and reputation of the school is at
stake. Don’t let me down.”
The game started and the boy played like a spirit
possessed. Every time he got possession of the
ball, he scored a goal. Needless to say he was
the best player and the star of the game. His
team secured a spectacular win!
When the game finished, the coach went up to
him and said, “ how could I have been wrong
about you? I’ve never seen you play like that
before! What happened?” the boy replied,
“coach, my father is watching me today.”
The coach turned around
and looked at the place
the boy’s father used to sit.
There was no one there.
He said, “son, your father
used to sit there when you
came for practice, but I
didn’t see anyone today?”
the boy replied. “coach
there is something I never
told you. My father was
blind. Just four days ago
he died. Today is the first
day he is watching me
from above!
Using praise and appreciation
If you want your children to
improve let them over hear the
nice things you are saying about
them to others.
The first vital behavior shaper, of
the child is praise and
appreciation. Any behavior that
is rewarded will invariably will
be repeated while behavior that
is frowned up or goes
unrewarded is bound to decline.
“What children seek the most is
recognition credit for their
According to sir William James
the deepest principle of human
nature is the graving to be
Sam Walton goes on to say
nothing else can quiet substitute
for a few well –chosen, welltimed, sincere words of praise.
There are absolutely free – and
worth a fortune.
Praise your child openly
and reprehend them
Factors that demand effective
Do you often ask yourself:
• What kind of adult will
S/he be?
• Will s/he be kind?
• Will s/he build or destroy?
• Am I on the right track?
• Will s/he bring smile on
some one’s face?
• When s/he is gone how will
she be remembered?
• etc
Hold on!!
Parents hold the answer to some of
these question; for they are the
sculptures who knead and mould
the personalities of their children
during their formative years, giving
them shade and definition to curve
a position for themselves in the
Life affords no greater responsibility,
no greater privilege, than raising up
the next generation
C. Evertt Koop
We have not inherited this world from
our parents, we have been loaned it by
our children
As parents and educator, we need to help in
preparation of our young children for
changing employment opportunities they will
face; which means the FUTURE. And for that
what we need are:• Extension of OUR knowledge
• Emotional Intelligence
• Motivation and thinking skills
This world is Loaned by our children is clearly
one of the exponential change, whereby new
technology is reshaping the global economy,
the previous way of teaching and learning,
it’s reshaping THE WORLD.
Our children are growing up in an
educational world, in which the key
concepts/skills to be successful and a
lifelong learners would be:• Effective communication
• Problem solving
• Team-building
• And collaborative working
And of course
In this advanced century the real
values of:• Care
• Concern
• Self-respect
• Compassion
Remain the key to human and social
Self-awareness and self-esteem can
only help us to make a more
valuable contribution LOCALLY,
develop our learning skills.
Therefore, the 21st century learners self-awareness
and lifelong learning skills can be developed
through few strategies such as:• Relevance- which mean setting real life goals
and missions and having goal oriented tasks
• Enquiry- exploring and experimenting.
Developing the natural curiousity.
• Reinforcement- learning is reinforced through
practicing of the skills, continues assessments
followed by feedback.
• Reflection- take time out to reflect upon
your/your child’s learning ( don’t say its too early
or too late)
• Articulation- talking about learning, sharing it
with others, showing your understanding and
• CREATIVITY- explore, explore and explore.
Explore the new concepts and skills from different
You can lead your child lead
the world
But how??!!
Words taken from the tomb of a
Bishop buried in 1100 AD
When I was young and free and imagination had no
I dreamed of changing the world
As I grew older and wiser
I discovered the world would not change
So I shortened my sight somewhat and decided
To change only my country
But it seemed too immovable
As I grew into my twilight years
In one last desperate attempt
I settled for changing my family
Those closest to me, but alas
They would have none of it
And now as lie on my death bed
I suddenly realize
If only had changed myself
Then by example I might have changed my family
From their inspiration and encouragement
I would have been better to my country, and who knows
I may have changed the world
In nutshell
Few moments of personal reflection?
• How many different career paths have
you followed?
• At what age did you start working?
• When you were around 12, how many
TV channels did you have to choose
• When did you use your first e-mail?
• What was the predominant teaching
method when you were in school?
think and
y differently
from how we
used to do it
If we teach today as we thought
We rob the children’s tomorrow
Don’t forget that,
What God is to the world
Parent are to their children
Just for laughs!!!
Son to father: Dad, we
are going to be rich very
Dad: wow! That’s great
but how?
Son: today in school our
Maths teacher thoughts
us how to convert paisa
into Rupees.
Just for laughs!!!!
A Child to Love
You can have your wealth and riches
All the things so many seek,
Position, power, and success,
The fame you long to keep.
You can earn as much as you wish,
Reach a status high above,
But none of these can equal
Having one sweet child to love.
'This the greatest gift from heaven,
Little arms that hold you tight,
And a kiss so soft and gentle
When you tuck them in at night.
A million precious questions
And each story often read,
Two eyes so bright and smiling,
And a darling tousled head.
God has never matched the goodness
Of a trusting little face,
Or a heart so full of laughter
Spreading sunshine every place.
A child to hold and cuddle,
'This a gift from God above,
And the world is so much brighter
When you have a child to love.
-- Unknown Kid Motivational Poem Author
Parenting in the 21st century
• Video
A code for parents to bring up
happier children.
Some parents make it all look easy. They
always seem to know the right things to
do and say, however tricky the situation.
They have seemingly instinctive ability
to raise happy, confident, well-balanced
Is there something they know that we
don’t? Is it something that we could
learn? The answer is YES.
The code of parenting are the golden principles
and behaviors that will guide you
Smoothly through the challenges of raising
happier children. They will help your children
to handle themselves well, enjoy life, respect
others, be thoughtful, and to stand up for
what they believe in. you will get more out of
being a parent and they will become all they
can be.
Good Parenting puts everything in perspective,
you in control and your children on the path to
becoming successful, dependent adults.
There is no job more important than being a
parent. How good could you be??
Parenting Rules
Relax- All parents have one key thing in
common. N to They’re relaxed about it.
And all the worst ones are hung up on
something. Really good parents expect
their children to be noisy, messy, bouncy,
squably, whingy and covered in mud.
They take it all in their stride because
they know that they have the next 18
years. No rush to get them acting like
Rule 3
It’s important to know what you’re good at
and to have confidence in your strengths
Rule 4
As you and I know, the only sensible rules
choices is to let it go.
Rule 5
You know all those ids whose life is one long
round of lessons, practice and tuitions? Have
you ever seen them what happens when you
as them to fend for themselves for a few days.
They’ve no idea how to enjoy themselves –
they’ve never had time to learn.
Rule 6
There’s only really one person you absolutely
listen to: yourself
Just because a particular approach works for
someone else, it doesn’t mean it will work for
Rule 9
Parents need to know when to switch off.
If your kids are your entire life, that puts
a huge amount of pressure on them. Your
children need you to have a life apart
from them, otherwise it’s extremely hard
for them to have their own lives as they
grow older.
Attitude rules
A big part of being rules parent is getting
the attitude right.
You need to see your children in the best
light in order to enjoy them as much as
possible and give them the upbringing
they need.
Rule 12
If you didn’t think about the shopping
before you started you’d come back from
the supermarket with an unhelpful
assortment of things.
Rule 13
If your child’s shoes are really muddy and
filthy and you’ve just cleaned the
kitchen floor, you can still use humour
to stop them in their tracks and then
give them hugs and kisses for cooperating. How hard can it be to give
them a smile and maybe a hug?
• Rule 14- If you love your children more
than anyone else, then they deserve your
respect more than anyone else.
• Rule 19- Children get understandably
stroppy when they think we’re ignoring
Everyday rules
Teach them to think for themselves
Use praise wisely
Bribery doesn’t have to be bad
Moods are catchy
You are setting their eating patterns for life
Set clear targets
Don’t be nag
Discipline rules
Present a united front
Carrots beats sticks
Be consistent
Focus on the problem not the person
Don’t paint yourself into a corner
If you loose your temper, you are the loose
Apologize if you get it wrong
The right of expression
Thoughts to Consider As You Raise Your Child
Remember that a child is a gift from God, the richest of all blessings. Do not attempt to mold him in the image of
yourself, your father, your brother or neighbor. Each child is an individual and should be permitted to be himself.
Don't crush a child's spirit when he fails. Never compare him with others who have outshone him.
Remember that anger and hostility are natural emotions. Help your child to find socially acceptable outlets for
these normal feelings or they may turn inward and erupt in the form of physical or mental illness.
Discipline your child with firmness and reason. Don't let your anger throw you off balance. If he knows you are fair
you will not lose his respect or love. Always make sure the punishment fits the crime. Even the youngest child has
a keen sense of justice.
Remember that each child needs two parents. Present a united front. Never join with your child against your mate.
This can create in your child emotional conflicts. It can also create feelings of guilt, confusion and insecurity.
Do not hand your child everything his little heart desires. Permit him to know the trill of earning and the joy of
achieving. Grant him the greatest of all satisfactions - the pleasure that comes with personal accomplishment.
Do not set yourself up as the epitome of perfection. This is a difficult role to play 24 hours a day. You will find it
easier to communicate with your child if you let him know that mom and dad err, too.
Don't make threats in anger, or impossible promises when you are in a generous mood. Threaten or promise only
that which you can live up to. To a child, a parent's word means everything. The child who has lost faith in his
parents has difficulty believing in anything.
Do not smother your child with superficial manifestation of "love". The purest and healthiest love expresses itself in
day-in, day-out training which breeds self confidence and independence.
Teach your child there is dignity in hard work, whether it is performed with callused hands that shovel coal or
skilled fingers that manipulate surgical instruments. Let him know a useful life is a blessed one and a life of ease
and pleasure-seeking is empty and meaningless.
Do not try to protect your child against every small blow and disappointment. Adversity strengthens character and
makes us compassionate. Trouble is the great equalizer. Let him learn it.
Teach your child to love the Creator and to love all his fellow man. Don't send your child to a place of worship take him there. Children learn from example. Telling him something is not teaching him. If you give your child a
deep and abiding faith in God, it can be his strength and his light when all else fails.
If you are a single parent, surround yourself by loving and supportive friends, role models for your child. It takes a
whole community to raise a child.
-- Unknown Kid Motivational Poem 2 Arthor
It was the end of the school year, and a kindergarten
teacher was receiving gifts from her pupils.
The florist's son handed her a gift. She shook it, held
it overhead, and said, "I bet I know what it is.
Flowers." "That's right!" the boy said,
"But, how did you know?" "Oh, just a wild guess," she
The next pupil was the sweet shop owner's daughter.
The teacher held her gift overhead, shook it, and
said, "I bet I can guess what it is. A box of sweets."
"That's right, but how did you know?" asked the girl.
"Oh, just a wild guess," said the teacher.
The next gift was from the son of the liquor
storeowner. The teacher held the package
overhead, but it was leaking. She touched a
drop off the leakage with her finger and put it
to her tongue. "Is it wine?" she asked.
"No," the boy replied, with some excitement. The
teacher repeated the process, tasting a larger
drop of the leakage. "Is it champagne?" she
"No," the boy replied, with more excitement. The
teacher took one more big taste before
declaring, "I give up, what is it?"
With great glee, the boy replied, "It's a puppy!"
H+ Religion strategy by Edward
de Bono
being at peace with oneself and
the world. It happens when your
mind (intent), body (action) and
spirit (conscience) vibrate in
unison. A rare occurrence when
you leave it to chance but can
happen all the time if you
consciously seek it.
Ralph Waldo Emerson :
It is one of the most beautiful
compensations of this life that no man
can sincerely try to help another without
helping himself
To look forward to with
confidence or expectation:
Health is the state of complete
physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not only merely the
absence of disease.
Humor is just another defense against
the universe.
Mel Brooks
Humor is mankind's greatest
Mark Twain
• Pledge of parents
• Recipes of a good parenting
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