Lang 5000 Attendance Rules and Classroom Regulations

Welcome to HKUST!
Welcome to Lang 5000!
Grades are earned,
NOT given.
Lang 5000 Attendance Regulations
10 minutes late = ½ Class
30 minutes late = Absence
80% Attendance requirement
5+ classes missed = F (no exemptions)
Lang 5000 Attendance Regulations
3 Absences: Warning letter
5+ Absences: Failure letter
Conference leave is NOT an
excused absence for the
Center for Language Education
& Lang 5000
Lack of involvement in
English speaking practice
outside of class, iLANG
Events, at least 2-3 hours
per week may result in low
levels of improvement.
Focus on:
Internationalizing; thinking of the
possibilities of living and working in
the global village!
Getting involved; class time is not
enough to succeed. You need to
get involved in iSpeak & iAction
Wishing you success!
Explore & improve!
Welcome to HKUST!
Welcome to Lang 5000!
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