Gulliver`s Travels Study Guide

Gulliver’s Travels
Study Guide
Question #91
They were quarreling about how you
should crack an egg. Whether you
should crack it from the big end or
the little end.
Question #92
He is satirizing about the government.
This was basically Jonathan Swift's
satire on the wars between England
and France in his own time, which
were based on points just as silly as
the "Big-Enders" vs. the "LittleEnders" and their quarrel.
Question #93
He is saying how fussing over how to
crack an egg is stupid, just like how
England ad France were fussing over
stupid stuff, probably territory. At
the time England wanted to be
Question #94
He took some of there ships because
they were acting mad. He did this to
neutralize them.
Question #95
He becomes mad because Gulliver was
not willing to help them in wars to
become more dominant.
Question #96
Gambling puts the people at the highest levels
of society at risk.
Question #97
• He did not like England. The king
declares the English to be "the most
pernicious Race of Little odious Vermin that
Nature ever suffered to crawl upon the
Surface of the Earth."
Question #98
To try to get respect from others by
doing something bad.
Question #99
The king thinks that the English are
disgusting vermins.
Question #100
• Otherness
• Otherness plays a large part in Gulliver's Travels.
Throughout his journeys Gulliver never quite fits in,
regardless of how long he stays. Partly this is a matter
of size. In Lilliput, he is the only giant. In Brobdingnag,
everyone else is giant and he is small. Mainly, however,
it is a matter of being different and simply from
elsewhere. On his final journey, when he is captain and
his crew mutinies, they leave him on an uncharted
island. In Houyhnhnm, where there actually are human
beings, they are disgusting creatures with whom
Gulliver certainly cannot relate.