National Star College * The Employment Challenge

National Star College – The
Employment Challenge
The Employment Challenge for National Star
• Supporting the learning of increasingly complex
young people to transition into employment
• Working nationally with a network of agencies to
ensure learners can progress into employment
Where we are currently
• We offer extended work placements with the
support of Job Mentors on both a group and
individual basis
• Job mentors and personal learning mentors
co-ordinate the employment transition of
learners where work is a target
Where we would like to get to. . .
• A wider network of multi agency provision
based across the UK
• Provision that influences the mindset of
• Supported Internships
Steps into Work model
• Supported internship model bringing together an
Employer, Remploy and National Star College
• Based on the review of case studies completed by
Remploy, Office of Disability, Project Search,
Steps into Work pilot at Transport for London and
Skills into Work at NSC.
Steps into Work Delivery
• The programme is a full time course currently
based on a term time model over 36 weeks.
• Based at a single site employer location
• Learners achieve qualifications alongside work
• Job Coaches come from Remploy’s local
network and support young people into open
The Young Person’s Perspective
• Attend work 5 days a week
• NSC Tutor and Learning Support, and
Remploy’s Job Coach are embedded with the
• Family commitment that the young person is
moving into employment
National Star College Perspective
• Funded through Element 1, 2 and where
applicable Element 3
• Tutor and Learning Support is based with each
employer with a group of 8 – 12 learners
• Work with the learners to complete identified
tasks and capture learning
Remploy’s Perspective
• Job Coach and part time Employment Broker
are based with the Employer
• Links with the employer to provide Job
Analysis and TSI (Training in Systematic
Instruction) Plans
• Works with Employment broker to secure ongoing employment at the end of the
Examples of pilot areas established
Gloucestershire – two employer sites, one pan
disability, one specific to ASD partnership with NSC
and Remploy
London – College of North London in partnership
with NSC, Remploy and Tottenham Hotspur
Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College –
Ealing Hospital
Burton and South Derbyshire College in
partnership with Remploy and Marks and Spencer
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