Allusion to irony

Building Academic Vocabulary
Vocabulary –It oils the
Global Market.
Literary Terms or
Figurative Language
Allusion/ a hint at another creative work
• The Bible… I did eat of the tree of knowledge
• The Gita …How we become entangled with our desires
World Literature
• Shakespeare …”To be ,or not to be: that is the question”
• Cervantes…”Amor y deseo son dos cosas diferentes”
Famous People
• Presidents …”With malice toward none, with charity for all”
• Freud …”Civilization began the first time an angry person
cast a word instead of a rock”
 Justice is not just a balancing act, but one that involves
humanity and a productive life.
 As King Solomon found out, justice is more than balancing facts
and laws; it involves humanity and productive living.
 Justice is not just about laws, but about fairness, empathy, and
Archetypes/universal heroes that people emulate
( copy), or fear
Zorro, or the Fox, is
an archetype that
defends the helpless,
punishes cruel
politicians, and aids
the oppressed. In
England, this would
be …?
Yoda is the mentor
archetype, who is an
advisor and
confidante to Luke
La Llorona is the
archetypical evil
woman condemned
to eternally suffer
and weep for
violating her role as
wife and mother. In
Mexico, she is
identified with
___________, who
betrayed Mexico to
the Spaniards.
Archetypes Activity: Writing & Critical Thinking
Do you have heroes ? Do heroes have “flaws”? Explain.
List the character strengths of your hero or heroes (i. e. honesty,
courage, loyalty, leadership, empathy, humility, attitude, etc.)
What goals do you have ? How will your goals affect your family, or your
neighborhood, or your city ?
Do you have historical heroes, or cultural heroes?
What journey will you take in life?
There is only one journey: going inside yourself Rainer Maria Rilke
A journey consists of three stages: 1)departure, 2) trials and victories,
and 3) return and reintegration with society Joseph Campbell
Do you foresee any obstacles (trials) in your journey?
Alliteration Prose
 Alliteration/ the repetition of beginning
consonant sounds in words
“ Hot-hearted Beowulf was bent upon battle”(Unknown)
“Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak
and weary” (Poe)
“Fly o’ er waste fens and windy fields”(Tennyson)
“Rudolph the Red-nosed
“ Boom, boom, boom, gotta-getget”(BEP)
“ I left my head and my heart on the
dance floor”(LG)
“smoking on street corners and
throwing stones at passing cars”(JKR)
“Oscar’s only ostrich oiled an orange
owl today”( Dr.Seuss)
**Alliteration Activity : Writing Lists &
Sentences ( Critical Thinking)
Don’t Drink and
Good as gold
Beto’s Bakery
Blue Bubble
New York Yankees
Pittsburg Penguins
Allegory/ a story that has multiple meanings
Famous Allegories
Three Little
materials ?
Wolf ?
Hebrew Bible
Allegory: Writing & Critical Thinking Activity. Describe your thoughts
about the American Dream, Beauty, Double Perception, Money as Evil, Muscle
Power Cars.
Antithesis/ the opposite or negative of an idea
• Poverty
• Wealthy or Rich
• Hero
• Villain
• Love
• Hate
Summary Assessment: Reading and Writing
Indicate “A” for alliteration
Indicate “B” for allegory
Indicate “C” for archetype
Indicate “D” for allusion
Indicate “E” for antithesis
Indicate “F” for none of the above
Quiz: Read, then write statement, and answer whether the example is
an allusion, allegory, antithesis, alliteration, or archetype.
To be a high school graduate, or not to be a high school graduate that is the problem
at Georgetown High School.
2. Silly Sally sat on a soft sofa sipping sugared lemonade.
The snake represents sex.
4. My uncle, my hero, always gives me good advice and always cares about me .
Buy at Beto’s Barber Shop because he is the best.
6. My aunt, like the Wicked Witch of the Southwest ,always blames me when things
go wrong in my life.
With malice toward none, with charity for all
Lovely Lupe , laughing at my jokes, is my second cousin.
9. He is gone to a happier place: God called his number.
10. I wear my hair like … I wear clothes like … I like to say the exact words like …
11. Challenge (reto , desafio) :Of the five literary devices studied so far, pick any three
and write examples which you know or have made.
Paradox/ a statement that appears to contradict
 Examples :
 I know that I know nothing
 Two people might not cooperate
even if it is in their best interest
to do so ( Prisoner's Dilemma)
 Increasing food supply might
actually lead to sickness and
death ( Enrichment Paradox)
Antithesis: Famous examples
Abe Lincoln
• The world will little note, nor long remember…but it can never forget
• These dead shall not have died in vain..have a new birth of freedom
Neil Armstrong
• One small step for a man,
• One giant leap for mankind
J F Kennedy
• Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for
your country
• If a rich country cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save
the few who are rich
Paradox Writing Activity: Read the following
paradoxes and Write( Explain) why they are
 Liar ‘s Paradox: “All citizens of Georgetown are liars,” said the Round
Rock citizen ; and I ,from Round Rock, only tell truths. Is he lying , or
telling the truth?
 Patient/Doctor Paradox: Everything happens for a reason and if it is
my destiny to get healthy, I will get healthy. Therefore, there is no
reason to go to a doctor.
 Bertrand Russell Paradox: All exact science is dominated by
approximation. If a man says he knows the exact truth, then you are
safe to reason that he is an inexact man.
 Mark Twain Paradox: “It is curious that physical courage should be so
common in the world, and moral courage so rare.”
Examples of Irony
 Beautiful weather we had these last three summers …for
 Two marriage therapists are divorced from each other
 The bullet that injured President Reagan ricocheted from
a bullet proof window
IRONY: the opposite of what is stated (verbal), or an
occurrence (situation) that is opposite of what was
Quiz: Irony--Yes or No? What kind? Situational or
1. A defaced traffic sign states no defacing of signs.
2. A medieval warrior is checking his cell phone.
3. A good looking girl invites the quarterback of the
football team for a date.
4. Your mom says that she will not let you go out past
ten when you know she does it all the time when she goes
dancing at a club.
5. Congress is doing everything possible to create new
jobs in 2013.
6. Musicians come up with a pledge of no use of drugs on
the road while driving.
7. Overweight doctors and nurses warn you about not
8. Your dad warns you about not wearing your seatbelt,
which he never uses.
9. More teachers should be laid off because they make
too much money.
10. A large piece iron weighs little due to it being
made of plastic.
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