The Kidder Overview of Understanding Ethics Part I

The Kidder Overview of
Understanding Ethics
Part I
This presentation is based on Kidder
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Right vs Wrong versus Right vs Right
• There are many examples of individuals
choosing wrong over right in various
• However, the real challenge regarding ethics is
dealing with right versus right.
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Right vs Right
• Kidder (2003, pp. 13-15) presents the example
of the librarian.
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The Four Dilemmas of Right vs Right
Truth versus Loyalty
Individual versus Community
Short-Term versus Long-Term
Justice versus Mercy
(Kidder, 2003, pp. 18-22)
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Three Principles for Right vs Right
End-based Thinking
– Utilitarianism
– Consequentialism
– Teleological
Ends based thinking—what is the greater good?
Rule-based Thinking
– Immanuel Kant
– The categorical imperative
Act on that maxim through which you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law.
– Nonconsequentialism
– Deontological
Care-based Thinking
– Putting love for others first
– Do to others what you would have them do to you.
– Reversibility
How would it feel if you were the recipient, rather than the perpetrator, of your actions.
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Analysis of the Librarian Right vs Right
• Of the four dilemmas, the “Individual versus
the Community” is the best fit for this
• End-based thinking
• Rule-based thinking
• Care-based thinking
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Right vs Right
This is an example of how one resolves the
dilemmas of ethical living.
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Kidder, R. M. (2003). How good people make
tough choices: Resolving the dilemmas of
ethical living. New York: Harper.
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