You have taken that first step toward building a
new business.
And are fully aware that a large number of new
businesses fail within the first five years.
You are persuaded that you have something that is needed.
You are a small business composed of just two or more
people and maybe wanting to grow.
You are confident, committed and want competent people
working with you who see the same possibilities that you
But nearly every business comes into existence with risk
which can turn the whole business around
Metro-Detroit is rebuilding their small business market Let
us help you minimize your risk
About Us
Your Solutions LLC is a professional services /
consulting firm with a dedicated staff of business
advisors that are capable of solving the most
difficult business challenges. We are dedicated to
assisting small businesses by offering the
following business services:
Staff Augmentation / Permanent Placement
Project Management - Short and Long term
Business protection thru insurance products
 Professional and legal document review
 Market development and penetration
Business Services
Staffing – Contingent, Temporary or Direct Hire
Understanding the Value of Great People is Critical to the
Success of Small Businesses!
Your Solutions, LLC provides business professionals on an asneeded day-to-day basis or on an indefinite contract, providing
you the flexibility to staff up or down to meet your business
needs. Our expert recruitment team will take the time to get to
know your business directly in order to help you find the best
candidates for the job. We offer the following staffing services:
Contract employees
Contract-to-direct hire employees
Direct hire employees
Full deployment teams
Outsourcing services
Business Services
Project Management – Short Term / Long Term
When engaged to manage a project, Your Solutions LLC will assign
a dedicated account manager and a senior project manager that
will ensure that all information gathered during our initial and
subsequent engagements regarding your organization’s onboarding processes, project management deliverables, and
business culture is documented, retained, and utilized to train
and audit the Project Team assigned to your projects.
Your Solutions LLC adheres to the proven industry standard
Project Management Institute (PMI) Methodology, which includes
the daily auditing of business activities, schedules, and
deliverables to ensure consistent, measured results. Whether its
business-to-business (B2B), eCommerce, web related
development, RFP/RFI/RFQ or front-line project management of
custom/packaged applications our dedicated staff of PM
professionals are capable of solving the most difficult business
When approved Pre-Specialize Employee
training for the business (no cost)
Up to sixteen weeks of paid employee on the
job training
Professional Project Planner
Insurance product design to protect and help
your business grow
Discounted Health benefits to both employer
and employee (covering Dental, Vision
Prescription Drugs, Diagnostic Tests
Review of Legal documents
Insurance thirty years experience
Life,health, Disability Long term care
 buy/sell Agreement, Key person
Retirement plans, Employee Benfits
Dental & Vision, Workers Comp
Commercial, Liability, Auto, and
property/casualty insurance
– People
– Project Planner
– Insurance Broker / Agent
Sam B. Henley
– Phone:313-475-2242/fax:313-865-0103
Paralegal small Business and Corporation
Employment Specialist
Support & outside services
State and Federal employment and training
Schedule Cost
 Base
on individual business
 In some cases no up front cost