Top Ten Mistakes Made by Fire Boards

Top Ten Mistakes
Made by Fire Boards
Facilitated By Jeff Dyar
The Far View Group, LLC All Rights Reserved 2010
Upper Pine River Fire Protection
 formed in November 1974
 covers 265 square miles La Plata County
 urban interface fire protection district We
 mutual aid with the forest service and surrounding fire
…a little about me
 39 Years in EMS/fire service
 EMS and Health & Safety
Programs, NFA (ret.)
 Recent Opportunities:
FEMA Ops Chief
Littleton Report
WTC Response
2002 Olympics
Mesa Verde fires
PRVFPD Board Member
LPFPD Member
One night you were dreaming about
being a Board Member …..
The following activity is considered
dangerous by some adults…
Proceed under Caution and
at Your Own Risk!
Who Are You People?
 Where are you from?
 What do you do?
 What do you want from this session?
…. Two Minute Drill!
A Reality Check
 New Member Training/mentoring
 Background Check for new Board Members
 Position/duties description for Members
 Agreement on Roles and Responsibilities
 Human Resources/policy Guide – legally reviewed
 Conflict Management Plan
Conflict of Interest
 any situation in which an individual or corporation
(either private or governmental) is in a position to
exploit a professional or official capacity in some way
for their personal or corporate benefit.
 A director or executive of a corporation will be subject
to legal liability if a conflict of interest breaches his Duty
of Loyalty
 Nepotism - noun : favoritism (as in appointment to a
job) based on kinship Merriam-Webster Online
 Cannot Discriminate Based on Nepotism
 District Policy/ethics should guide actions
 29-1-603 CRS Annual Audit
 $500K - $100K Exemption
 Embezzlement is the act of dishonestly
appropriating or secreting assets by one or more
individuals to whom such assets have been
Conflict Management Plan
 Conflict is inevitable, normal, guaranteed
 Behavioral Expectations
 Conflict Resolution
What are your expectations for
 Just do your job!
 Can’t we all just get along?
 Read the Personnel Manual
 Define it, coach it, measure it!
 Professional -error or omission, a mistake, which
causes financial harm to another, can occur on almost
any transaction in any profession
 Bond –
 Surety minimum $1000 – Individual director
 Corporate Fidelity minimum $5K – Entire board
 Required – Workers Comp, Health Care, Capital
Investment, Investment
Role Ambiguity – Board and
The Job of a Board Member or
Elected Official
 Fiduciary Responsibilities
 Oversight of the Organization
 Support of the Organizational Leadership
 Coordinate with Neighboring Organizations
 Keep Current on State and Federal Issues
 Set Budget and Administrative Parameters
Job of the Fire Chief
 Administer the Budget approved by the board
 Manage the Day to Day Activities
 Manage Human Resources
 Manage Operations, Prevention and Planning
 Inform and Educate the Board/EF
Role Ambiguity – Board and
 Duty of Loyalty
 a term used in corporate law to describe a fiduciaries'
"conflicts of interest and requires fiduciaries to put the
corporation's interests ahead of their own.”
CRS Violations
 Meetings
 Elections
 Bylaws
 Auditing
 Tabor
 Fiduciary Requirements
Hiring Processes
 For a Chief – Have a Process
 Credentialing – Work Experience
 For Firefighter – Validated Testing
 Validated Test – Written
 Agility – CPAT
• Top Two for Litigation
HR Management
 Legally Reviewed Policies and Procedures
 SDA has a sample set - Don’t Copy
 Beware of Legally Required Policies
 95% of New Members don’t receive Training
 95% of Established Members don’t receive Training
 Most Boards don’t do Strategic Planning
 Most Boards don’t manage Conflict
 50% of Districts have no HR policies
HOUSE BILL 09-1199
 24-33.5-1212. Training for directors of fire protection districts - pilot
program - advisory board - training fund - repeal. (5) (a) The division
shall offer courses to directors of fire protection districts in accordance
with this section at no charge …..
Tentative Curriculum – 4 hours, 8 deliveries across State
- Wildland-Urban Interface Planning
- Strategic Planning – Fire District
- Roles/Responsibilities – Fiduciary
Delivery before June 2011
What to Do Now!
 Get Training
 for new Directors, recurrent for ALL Directors
 Don’t forget Admin and Chief Officers
 HB 1199
• Review the “Top Ten” and conduct a Vulnerability
• Get Outside Help
Thanks for Attending!
For Information on this presentation, a copy of the presentation
or help with District issues, Contact: (970) 769-0788