Analysis of the Geovisualization of Alaska

Primary Data
Preliminary Model
Sample Geovisualization
Next Steps
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Primary Data
Base mapping
Boroughs, Villages, Roads
Wired & Wireless
Census & Permanent Fund
NAICS (N. American Industry Class. System)
Base Map Layers
Broadband Layers
Broadband Detail
Demographic Layers
Economic Layers
Two Types of Models
Middle-Mile Model
Economic Model
Middle Mile Model
Fiber (Buried & Aerial)
Microwave Line-of-Sight
Submarine Cable
Low-Latency Satellite
Mixed Scenarios
Fixed & Variable Costs
Definitions & Discussion
Economic Model
NAICS: N. American Industry Class. System
Quarterly Survey of Employment and Compensation
Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates (SAIPE)
Alaska unemployment (by location)
Outcome Scenarios/Regional Multipliers
Economic Model
Economic Model
Economic Model
Fixed & Variable Costs
Data Uncertainty
Comments on Multipliers
Outcome Scenarios
Broadband Model References
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Additional Data
Next Model
Sub Committee Tasks