ArcellorMittal - Industrial Synergy by Energy Network

Brokerage event
October 22nd
SPIRE 6 – 2015:
Industrial Synergy by Energy
Network Optimization
Project Idea Presentation
ArcelorMittal: a global company …
• 61 major industrial
plants in 27 countries
and a worldwide
distribution network
• 290,000 employees
Over 1200 full-time
Steel market leader
in Industry, transport,
automotive, packaging
ArcelorMittal production sites
around the world
Industrial Synergy by Energy Network Optimization:
Process Integration tools (like Pinch Analysis) are already applied with
success in different industries to optimize and reduce energy needs of single
process units and production lines.
The aim of this project is to implement this Process Integration concept to
link different process units and production lines inside whole large integrated
industrial plants by using Pinch Analysis tool to optimize utilities production
and energy networks.
Another objective is the integration of multiple companies on a single
industrial production site by using the same methodology, because a more
general cross-sectorial interaction is needed for a major impact within the
process industry. This will facilitate future industrial symbiosis between
different sectors, by integrating energy flows within existing industrial parks.
Models, prototypes and pilot implementations in real industrial plants represent a clear
added-value for European industry.
This project refers to SPIRE 6 – 2015 “Energy and resource management systems for
improved efficiency in the process industries”.
It is also linked to SPIRE 4 – 2014 “Methodologies, tools and indicators for crosssectorial sustainability assessment of energy and resource efficient solutions in the
process industry ”.
Key challenges
The main points to develop are:
- Total site Pinch Analysis of integrated industrial plants or multi-industrial zones
- Design of optimal networks for whole integrated plants and possible industrial
synergies between different local industries
- Heat cascading between different Energy users
- Modelling of utilities networks (Energy vectors, heat and pressure drops in
pipes, compressor units, low and high temperature heat pumps …).
- Analysis and optimisation tools for flexible energy use will be developed,
suitable both for small and large scale in a flexible approach
- Batch processes integration by network optimisation and adapted Energy
storage (with technological developments if needed)
- Technico-economical studies for sustainable real applications in European
Energy synergy between industries:
Holistic energy networks should facilitate significant gains in sustainable
processing with regard to several parameters (resource efficiency, energy
efficiency and the emission performance).
Optimisation of interdependencies and the identification of technology
components allowing for a breakthrough regarding a cost effective
reduction in the use of resources, which overcomes the difficult crosscompany collaboration.
Optimisation of energy and resources supply and demand in selected areas
should reduce the overall costs in energy intensive industries by at least
15%, by taking into consideration both economic and sustainability factors.
Best practices exchanges between several industries will accelerate the
diffusion of energy saving methods, tools and technologies in Europe.
Looking for partners…
All industrial or research and university partners able to participate in the
following tasks:
• To be ready to share energy streams with other industries
• To identify several industrial waste heat steams able to be shared
• To define technical constraints and industrial needs
• To develop models, to simulate and to optimize energy networks
• To design and implement optimal energy networks between processes
• To evaluate real Energy and CO2 gains thanks to industrial synergies
A real “consortium” is not yet finalized, but several
expressions of interest on related topics have been
received so far from:
 ESTEP, the Steel Community's European Steel
Technology Platform (ArcelorMittal …)
 Petrochemical industry
 Cement Industry
 Paper industry
 Food industry
Research centers (BFI, CSM, ISQ, TECNALIA, IVL …)
Universities (SSSA, ULG …)
Contact details
Gérard Griffay
Energy Program Leader
Global Research and Development
Deskphone: +33 (0)3 87 70 43 83
Mobilephone: +33 (0)6 27 45 85 19
Address: ArcelorMittal Maizières Research Centre
Voie Romaine, BP 30320
F-57283 Maizières-lès-Metz Cedex - France