3D Virtual Shopping & Tele

Uses computer-generated virtual shopping mall
environment - think “Sims” in a 3D shopping
Gaming animation and advanced gaming
platforms for business and commercial use on
the internet
Uses avatars and simulation models
Allows users to buy and shop on their computer
without having to leave home
› No waiting in lines
› Can interact with other consumers and employees
› Can sample a variety of virtual model products
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Customers use video of themselves on a
monitor/TV to enhance the shopping
experience “very realistic” in HD
› Uses virtual models with the use of Tele-Presence
in order to try on 3D models of clothes
Enables quick changing of outfits with the use
of hand gestures
› Fast processing of payment from integration
using a handheld device
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Benefits for the retailer?
› Data collection of customer information for customer loyalty
programs and recommendations for products
› Buying trends and patterns can be tracked
› Information quickly stored from customer input into a database
for later decision-making
› Reduces need for staff on floor
› Can reach a broader audience than just a brick and mortar
Benefits for the shopper?
› Can shop at home without having to go to a shopping centre
› Security at home
› Saves the shopper time from having to physically go to the stores
to try out products
Benefits for the retailer?
› Can show more variety of 3D models and
products on screen than on the shop’s floor
› Less time for employees to restock after
customers try on clothes
Benefits for the shopper?
› Virtually trying on clothes without the time
and effort involved
› Avoids waiting in line for dressing rooms and
check out
› More variety of products to choose from
Assisting in shopping experience?
3D Technology makes it easier to try out new
products from your home
› But it is similar to watching a demonstration of the
product on youtube
Tele-presence technology allows you to effortlessly
try on products and see how they look on you
› If Tele-presence technology is high quality, it aids in
basic online shopping and minimizes the need for
product returns
Future Changes for Tele-Presence Technology:
› improving the quality of the technology to make
products more realistic
› Making it more wide-spread & available
Will these technologies grow or
› 3D virtual technology will probably disappear
because it seems pointless
› Tele-presence technology will grow to an extent
that HD video is more widely used and product
imagery improves
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