Hyper Commercialism.

“Hyper Commercialism and Digital
Hyper Commercialism
 Hyper-commercialism is when a television show or
movie sells an advertisement built right into the
show or scene of the film. Television shows already
include advertisements in a certain scene.
Examples of Hyper Commercialism
Inaam Ghar
Coke Studio
Banner ads on
Ramzan Transmission
Impact of hyper commercialism
 Hyper commercialism is the tendency of children’s media to
turn anything and everything into a product.
 “Increased advertisement exposure has been linked to parent-
child conflict, development of materialistic attitudes, obesity,
eating disorders, and general unhappiness”
 Content of the program is sacrificed
 Integrity of programs is decreased
 Audience becomes the featured commodity
 Frustrates the advertisers because their actual
messages are most likely to get lost.
 Annoys the viewers.
 Cultivation theory is being applied on Hyper
 The continuous coverage of different brands will
cultivate the perception in audience’s minds and the
audience will in turn be attracted towards its
Digital Convergence
 Digital convergence:
The ability to view the same multimedia
content from different types of devices.
 Information Technologies, Telecommunication,
Consumer Electronics, and Entertainment are
converged into one conglomerate.
Evolution and background
 Convergence came about twenty-five years ago.
 Nicholas Negroponte - a technologist and
founder of MIT’s Media Lab is known to be one of
the pioneers of digital convergence.
Evolution and background
 The growing overlap of computing and
telecommunications was described by Anthony
Oettinger as “compunications”.
(Oettinger, Berman, and Read, 1977)
Convergence refers to
translated into
digital bytes
 Phase 1:
bulky contents, success of VCR, pager, fax
machine, cell phones
people more willing to accept new devices that
resulted from digital convergence.
 Phase 2:
e-mail, streaming media, internet broadcasts,
online shopping, instant messaging, internet
phone calls.
faxes through the computers, radio via internet.
Video Conferencing
Applications platform
Apple I-cloud
 Simplify processes through mobile-enabled forms.
 Provide updates on all issues.
 Maximize productivity by being less time consuming.
 Provide mobile-enabled business intelligence that can
help improve sales effectiveness through better
Types of Convergence
 Convergence in substitutes:
customers consider both products to be
interchangeable with each other.
 Example,
a company merges a monitor, keyboard,
central processing unit, and a telephone to form a
complete communication system.
Types of Convergence
 Convergence in Complements:
when both products work better and
more efficiently together than separately.
 Example,
the large scale online databases today are a
combination of two distinct former technologies;
advanced online transaction computing technology
and data compression methods for
 Next generation of users are demanding more
interactivity on TV.
 As a result of digital convergence:
a complex environment would be formed
telecom companies are gearing up to provide
broadcasting and data services.
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