Lecture 8 3G

第八课 第三代移动通信技术


• Please read the text and complete the exercises in 30 minutes.

1.Answer the following questions according to the text.

• How many stages have the mobile communications industry went through, and what are they?

——Three stages: analogue, digital and multimedia.

• What is the fundamental of the Third Generation (3G)?

——CDMA technology.

• Try to give some examples of packet-switching.

——TCP/IP, X.25, Frame Relay, ATM, etc.

• What are the primary features of 3G?

——3G has the following features: Packet everywhere,

Internet everywhere, High Speed, New and better


2.Translate the following phrases and expressions.

• 宽带无线通信

——broadband wireless communication

• traditional fixed-wire networks

—— 传统的固线网络

• digital mobile phone systems

—— 数字移动电话系统

• to provide high-speed mobile access to Internet-based services

—— 提供高速的移动网络服务

• desktop computers

—— 桌式电脑

• 下载至移动设备

——be downloaded to the mobile devices

• 分组交换与电路交换

——packet switching and circuit switching

• Asynchronous Transfer Mode

—— 异步传输模式

3.Choose the best answer.

• The GSM system is based on a cellular as a concept in the 1940s by Bell System engineers in the US.

A. who B. which C. what

• Digital mobile phone systems added fax, data and in many countries.

A. as well as B. similar to C. to



• These are all derivatives of the World Wide Web interest.

A. on B. at C. by

• The fixed telephone service is global and the fiber and satellite.

A. varies B. operates C. begins

4.Judge true or false according to the text.

• Digital mobile phone systems add high speed data

• With Third Generation (3G), emails, multimedia attachments and other data will simply be downloaded

• Circuit switched data formats are much more common

• One of the most important application for packet data

• The quality that the call is being made determines the

5.Translate the following sentences into English.

• 为了适应大量数据在 3G 网络中传输的需要,扩大


——In order to fit in with the needs of a great quantity of data transmitting through 3G network, it’s necessary to expand information capability or bandwidth of radio communication technology.

• 移动通信的发展经历了模拟、数字和多媒体三个


——The mobile communication industry has evolved in three stages: analogue, digital and multimedia.

• 基于 3G 技术的新一代宽带无线通信具有高速传输


——The new generation of broadband wireless communication based on 3G technology has some features such as high speed, Internet everywhere, etc.

Key words and Technical terms

• 3G 第三代移动通信技术

• generation 产生, 一代

• deploy 展开, 配置

——deploy on

• the next generation of broadband wireless communication 下一代宽带无线通信

• mobile 移动的

——mobile phone, mobile device, mobile terminal

• analogue cellular 模拟蜂窝

• CDMA (Code Division Multiple Address)


• radio communication technology 无线电通信技术

• mobile access to Internet-based services


• mobility 活动性,灵活性,机动性

• electronic commerce (e-commerce) 电子商务

• desktop computer 台式电脑

• dial up 拨号

• retrieve 重新得到

• attachment 附件,附加装置,配属

——multimedia attachments

• download 下载

• telecommunication 电信,电信学

• integrate wireless network 集成无线网络

• fixed-wire network 固线网络

• packet switching 分组交换

• circuit switching 电路交换

• jigsaw puzzle 拼图游戏

• reassemble 重新召集;重新集合; 重组

• jumble 混杂,搞乱

——get jumbled up

• TCP (Transfer Control Protocol) 传输控制协议

• IP ( Internet Protocol) 网际协议

• Frame Relay 帧中继

• ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode)


• CDPD (cellular Digital Packet Data)


• PDCP (Personal Digital Cellular Packet)


• GPRS ( General Packet Radio Service)


• WWW (World Wide Web) 万维网

• information collection 信息采集

• intranet 内联网,企业内部互联网

• extranet 外联网

• derivative 衍生物

• web browsing 网络浏览

• packet data 分组数据

• Mbps (Megabits per second) 兆比特 / 秒

• data transmission rate 数据传输速率

• file transfer to Home Automation


• interim 过渡的

——interim technology


• be divided into… 被分离成…

——The image that the puzzle represents is divided into pieces at the manufacturing factory and put into a plastic bag.

• connect with… 与…相连

——People access intranet for accessing company information and connecting with colleagues.

• away from 远离

——There is a trend away from storing information locally on PCs to remotely on the Internet.

• most of all 最重要的是

——To prepare for the future job, most of all, you must study hard.

• all the time 始终

——You can have the Internet at your fingertips all the time through 3G.

• get ready for… 为…做好准备

——We should get ready for a new world of speed, knowledge and convenience.

Core Sentences Translation

• The next generation of broadband wireless communication, based on Third Generation or “3G” technology, is changing our lives.

—— 基于“ 3G” 技术的下一代宽带无线通信正在改变


• Three generations of mobile phones have emerged so far, each successive generation more reliable and flexible than the last.

—— 至今为止,已出现了三代移动电话,而且一代比


• Multimedia services add high speed data transfer to mobile devices, allowing new video, audio, and other applications through mobile phones.

—— 多媒体服务使移动设备具有高速数据传输能力



• We’ll expect high-speed access to the Internet, entertainment, information and electronic commerce services wherever we are.

—— 我们有望随处进行高速上网、娱乐、获得信息


• Information will simply be downloaded to their mobile devices as soon as it is sent or requested.

—— 一旦被发送或接收,即可通过移动设备很方便


• The shift to 3G services is causing a revolution in the underlying telecommunications system as phone companies embrace the Internet and further integrate wireless and traditional fixed-wire networks.

—— 向 3G 服务的转变正给基本的电信系统带来一次

革命,因为电话公司同时面对着 Internet 、未来的


• With 3G, the information is split into separate but related packets before being transmitted and reassembled at the receiving end.

—— 采用第三代移动通信技术,信息在发送前被分成



• Packet switched data formats are much more common than their circuit switched counterparts.

—— 分组交换数据模式比对应的电路交换更通用。

• X.25 is the international public access packet radio data network standard.




• There is a trend away from storing information locally in specific software packages on PCs to remotely on the Internet.

—— 现在有一种倾向就是尽量把信息存放在远程的

Internet 网上,而不是以特定软件包的形式把信息

存放在本地的 PC 机上。

• The data transmission rates will depend upon the environment the call is being made in——it is only indoors and in stationary environments that these types of data rates will be available.

—— 数据传输速率取决于所在的呼叫环境,只有在


• Three Generation facilitates several new applications that have not previously been readily available over mobile networks due to the limitations in data transmission speeds.

——3G 促进了一些新的应用,而这些应用在先前的