Mechanical & Electrical English

Mechanical & Electrical English
Unit one
The Career Path in Mechanical &
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical & Electrical English
• Introductory Remarks
• Listening and Talking
• Passage Exploration
• Practical Writing
• Workplace Project
Mechanical & Electrical English
Introductory Remarks
• Mechanical engineering is one of the largest,
broadest, and oldest engineering disciplines.
Mechanical engineers use the principles of
energy, materials, and mechanics to design
and manufacture machines and devices of all
types. They create the processes and
systems that drive technology and industry.
Mechanical & Electrical English
• The key characteristics of the profession
are its breadth, flexibility, and individuality.
The career paths of mechanical engineers
are largely determined by individual
choices, a decided advantage in a
changing world.
Mechanical & Electrical English
Listening and Talking
Task one:
Michael is talking with his professor about
the career prospects. Listen to their
conversation and tick the advice the
professor gives.
Mechanical & Electrical English
1 √ 3 √
Mechanical & Electrical English
• Task 2 Listen to the conversation again and
complete the sentences according to what
you’ve heard.
1. automation engineering
2. your interest
3. bike parts
4. passion for
5. career development
6. mechanical engineering
7 better job security
8. all the factors
Mechanical & Electrical English
• Task 3 Listen to a passage and answer
the following questions.
• 1. What can the interviewees and
interviewers benefit from a job interview?
• A job interview offers both interviewees
and interviewers a chance to know each
other within quite a short time.
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 2. What should the interviewees know
about a job interview?
• The interviewees should have some
knowledge about the company and the
position they apply for.
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 3. What should the interviewees display
before the interviewers?
• The interviewees should display their
ability, especially their grasp of
professional knowledge.
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 4. Why should the interviewees have selfconfidence at the interview?
• Because being too modest is not welcome
to most human resources professionals.
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 5. How should the interviewees dress for
an interview?
• The interviewees should dress neatly and
Mechanical & Electrical English
• Task 4 Listen to the passage with
some blanks for you to fill in.
1. a decent job 2. a short time
3. impression 4. position
5. professional 6. human resources
7. neatly and properly
8. vital importance
Mechanical & Electrical English
• Task 5 Pair work. Start a conversation
with your partner according to the
situation: You’ve come across a job
opening for an electrical engineer
advertised by Starwood Furniture
Manufacturing Corporation, , and now
you are calling the company to ask
about it
Sample dialogue 1
Mechanical & Electrical English
• Language tips:
ask about your ad for
an opening
the qualifications for the job
B.S degree, M. S degree
cover letter
get easy access to the details
Mechanical & Electrical English
• Task 6 Pair work. Role-play a job interview
with your partner according to the situation:
• You are attending a job interview with the
personnel manager of Superbrain Sewing
Machine Company. The manager is
introducing the roles and responsibilities of
an automation engineer and you are asking
the qualifications for it.
Sample dialogue 2
Mechanical & Electrical English
• Language tips:
• the major roles and responsibilities of the
position include
• troubleshoot problems with mechanical
involve either preventative or emergency
• good prospects for promotion
• enjoy health insurance and paid vacation
Mechanical & Electrical English
Passage Exploration
• Task 7 Read Passage 1 about the
Career Path in Mechanical and
Electrical Engineering and then work
in pairs to speak out the common
expressions given in brackets.
Mechanical & Electrical English
1. scientific principles
2. specialized areas
3. technical drawings,specifications
4. within budget
5. delete or add
Mechanical & Electrical English
6. design modifications
7. specialization
8. practical work experience
9. The Principles and Practice of
• 10. starting salaries
Mechanical & Electrical English
Proper names
• Bureau of Labor Statistics 劳工统计局
• Degree Directory 学位名录
• Accreditation Board for Engineering and
Technology 工程技术认证委员会
• Fundamentals of Engineering 工程学基础
Mechanical & Electrical English
Difficulty Structures
• 1. An electrical engineer is someone who
creates, develops and observes the
manufacturing of electrical equipment
such as machinery controls, aircraft and
automobile electrical systems, electric
motors and communications systems.
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 定语从句中的并列谓语creates, develops
and observes ,又如:
• A mechanical engineer is a person who
plans, envisions and tests equipment
such as machines, tools and engines.
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 2. An electrical engineer makes
prototypes of products such as computer
hardware and electronic gadgets and
tests the prototypes to understand what
Mechanical & Electrical English
• Such as 用于列举和示例,科技英语中常用
• A mechanical engineer designs machines
that use energy, such as power saws,
elevators and air conditioners.
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 3. An engineer who plans to offer his/her
services to the public must be licensed to
• 从事某一职业必修获得资质认可机构的许
可,即be licensed to work,又如:
• Generally speaking, journalists must be
licensed to work as journalists in China, a
process requiring a request from a
licensed news organization
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 4. To be eligible to take the licensure
examination, an engineer must have a
degree from an ABET-accredited
engineering program, at least four years of
relevant experience and a passing score
on his/her state exam, according to the
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 注意To be eligible to do something 和
years of relevant experience.
• The candidates who cheat through hightech equipment or use false a ID will not
be eligible to enroll in universities or
participate for next year's exams.
Mechanical & Electrical English
• Task 8 Read the passage again and
supply the missing words or
expressions to complete the following
statements in pairs.
Mechanical & Electrical English
1 electrical equipments, electric motors
2. envisions
3. makes recommendations
4. bachelor's degree
5. licensed
6. relevant experience,
7. production sites, onsite problems
8. $40,000 a year
Mechanical & Electrical English
• Task 9 Work in groups and discuss the
following questions.
• 1. What job opportunities do engineers
have according to the U.S. Bureau of
Labor Statistics?
• The need for engineers is expected to
increase.(up to 11 percent by 2018)
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 2. What do the typical duties of an
electrical engineer include according to the
Degree Directory?
• An electrical engineer conducts research to
understand what others have done to resolve
problems with equipment such as radar
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 3. In order to have a solid career
background, what subjects do the
electrical and mechanical engineers
should learn?
• They must learn various subjects such as
mathematics, science, English and the
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 4. What qualifications must engineers
have in order to take the Licensure
Examination according to the BLS?
• An engineer must have a degree from an
ABET-accredited engineering program, at least
four years of relevant experience and a passing
score on his/her state exam.
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 5. What factors affect the pay scale of an
• The engineer’s level of education and
experience, the location, the position etc.
Mechanical & Electrical English
• Task 10 Read the sentences taken from
Passage 1 and work in groups to
translate them into Chinese.
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 1. If you're inquisitive, detail-oriented and
creative, then think about a career as an
• 如果你有好奇心、足够细致并有创造力,
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 2. An electrical engineer makes prototypes
of products such as computer hardware
and electronic gadgets and tests the
prototypes to understand what works.
• 电器工程师制作诸如计算机硬件、电气配
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 3. A mechanical engineer is a person who
plans, envisions and tests equipment such
as machines, tools and engines.
• 机械工程师规划、设计和检测诸如机器、
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 4. The engineer creates prototypes of
small parts that are used to make the
gears in equipment like bulldozers work
• 工程师研制小部件原型,用来使推土机之
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 5. At times, deadlines or design standards
may bring extra pressure to a job,
requiring engineers to work longer hours.
• 有时候,赶工期或设计标准可能带来更多
Mechanical & Electrical English
• Task 11 Work in pairs to complete the
statements with the information from
Passage 2.
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 1. stay current
• 2. manual labor.
• 3. basic principles
• 4.high-level
• 5. creating a resume
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 6.previous
continuously improve
• 7. relevant to
• 8.projects,
managerial roles
• 9. potential employer, qualified
• 10. highest degrees, undergraduate
Mechanical & Electrical English
Proper names
• areas of expertise 专业知识领域
• programming languages 程式语音
• modeling tools 制模工具
Mechanical & Electrical English
Difficulty Structures
• 1. Automation Engineers design, program,
simulate and test automated machinery
and processes .
• 科普文章信息含量大,结构紧凑,一个主
语带有多个谓语动词design, program,
simulate and test .又如:An electrician
installs, tests, repairs and maintains
electrical devices.
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 2. They must be excellent
troubleshooters and must stay current on
• Stay current on指在信息和技术方面“处于
• Check this site often, or add it to your list
of favorites, so that you can stay current
on news, programs, applications in the
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 3. However, even with automation
engineers being so desired in the work
force, individuals in this line of work should
not neglect the basic principles of creating
a quality resume.
• In this line of work, 在这一行业,又如:My
experience in this line of work includes six
years as an assistant engineer.
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 4. If you can use your previous work
experience to prove to potential employers
that you are capable of continuously
improving a previous design or that you
are capable of coming up with new ideas
to continue to expand the limits of the
industry, you will be leaps and bounds
above your competitors.
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 看似一个长句,实际上是两个选择条件句
宾语是employers. Leaps and bounds 意思
• Science and technology are advancing by
leaps and bounds.
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 5. It would also be prudent to include
“areas of expertise” in this section of the
resume under the appropriate positions
that you used that particular expertise to
produce quality work.
• areas of expertise指求职简历中的一个部
appropriate positions 合适的职位,你通过
Mechanical & Electrical English
• Task 12 Read the passage again and
translate the expressions into Chinese
or English in pairs.
Mechanical & Electrical English
1.执行特定功能 / perform specific instructions
2.细致的文件编制工作 / detailed description
3.故障检测能手 / excellent repairmen
4.高级自动化工程职位 / entry-level electrical
engineering positions
• 5.热销商品 / a hot position
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 6.优质简历 / quality products
• 7.技能较熟练的竞争者 / comparatively
skilled laborers
• 8.日常岗位职责和要求 / daily maintenance
and management
• 9.基于计算机的知识 / mechanics based
• 10.程序语言 / programming tools
Mechanical & Electrical English
Practical Writing
• Task 13 Read the sample letter of job
application and work in pairs to
complete the sentences or expressions
by translating the parts given in
Mechanical & Electrical English
1. medical automation equipments
2. great combination of talent.
3. possible filling of its responsibilities
4. background
5. provide upon request
Mechanical & Electrical English
6. Progressive four years
7. multi-platforms
8. database applications
9. multiple utility system
10. secondary machinery and equipment
Mechanical & Electrical English
• Task 14 Read and compare the elliptical
English sentences and then translate
the Chinese sentences by simulating
italicized parts in the English sentences.
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 1. Comprehensive knowledge of web
design and data base development.
• 2. Possess strong electronics,
computer operations and repairs skills.
• 3. Achieved Master's Degree in
Electrical Engineering from Chicago
University in 2008.
Mechanical & Electrical English
• 4. Perform the routine tasks of
machinery installation, adjustment and
• 5. Responsible for the improvement of
existing equipment and software
Mechanical & Electrical English
• Task 15 Read the following recruitment
information posted on Careerbuilder,
then write an application letter or a
resume in the form of the above
Mechanical & Electrical English
• Name:Ji Min
Birthdate:AUG. 9, 1984
Address:8#B204 dormitory ,Tai Yuan
University Of Science&Techinology, Shan
Mechanical & Electrical English
• Objective:
A mechanical design or business
development position where my strategic
and consultative designing, team
facilitation, organizational insight, and
advanced technical skills will be
continually challenged.
Mechanical & Electrical English
• Education:
Sep.2003-Jun.2008 Machinery and
Electronic Engineering, TYUST.
Present M.M.D.A.(Manufacturing and
mechanical design automation)
Scholarship and Awards:
May.2007 Second Class Scholarship of
Excellent Student
Mechanical & Electrical English
• Work Experience:
May.2004-Mar.2006 Students Union of
TYUST. Project Manager
As the main principal, taking active part
in the project of the association
including hold the recreational activities
and academic activities, news collecting
and information analysis
Aug.2005-Sep.2005 part-time jobs as
Engineering Drawings Designer
Aug.2007-Sep.2007 part-time jobs as
Mechanical & Electrical English
Workplace Project
• Task 16 Work in groups to make an
oral summary of the personal
requirements needed for an electrical
engineer or an automation engineer,
then write down your own report, which
should at least include:
• 1. skills and knowledge
• 2. personal qualities
• 3. physical requirements, etc.
Mechanical & Electrical English
• Personal Requirements for an
Mechanical Engineer: Sample
Mechanical & Electrical English
Skills & Knowledge
• knowledge of mechanical processes and
• knowledge of electronics and the effect of
heat on materials
• an awareness of safety regulations, and
quality standards
• project management skills and
organisational ability
Mechanical & Electrical English
Personal Qualities
patient and persistent
accurate, with an eye for detail
able to work well under pressure
able to work well independently and in a
Mechanical & Electrical English
Physical Requirements
good hand-eye coordination
good hearing and speaking ability
good eyesight
strength to perform lifting
hand and finger dexterity with both hands
involved in operating drafting tools
• physically fit, able to make site visits or work
in factories, able to crawl into tight spaces,
able to make inspections at heights