Engineering YES

A great enterprise training
competition for researchers in
Each team has to present a
business plan for an imaginary
start-up company to a group of
savvy investors and industry
experts drawn from our local
business community.
What will I learn?
You will get full access to
mentors from industry who will
answer any of your questions
on business planning,
investment strategy, marketing,
sales, managing risk, and
dealing with customers
Who is involved?
We have teams of Engineering
researchers coming from
universities all over the midland
and northern regions
2013 Dates
Briefing Meeting
8th April (Loughborough & by
video conference)
Workshop 1 (Leeds Brighouse)
28th April – 1st May
Workshop 2 (Milton Keynes)
12th – 15th May
Workshop 3 (Coventry)
2nd – 5th June
Grand Final (Birmingham
Science Park Aston)
19th June
£2,000 prize for
the winners
Plus a range of prizes
for best team-working,
best IP, best elevator
For more information go to
pitch and heat
What is Engineering YES?
The Engineering YES (Young Entrepreneurs Scheme) is an established training event designed to raise
awareness of the commercialisation of engineering ideas among postgraduate students and postdoctoral
researchers. It is based on the successful Biotechnology YES format and aims to build your knowledge of how to
commercialise ideas, as well as encouraging an enterprising and entrepreneurial culture in the engineering
researcher community.
What does it involve?
Engineering YES is run over three days (Sunday evening to Wednesday) at a local Holiday Inn hotel with full
board accommodation provided.
• Days 1 & 2 mornings
Participants attend presentations from leading industry figures on all aspects of technology transfer and the
commercialisation of engineering ideas, including: the requirements of a business plan; intellectual property and
patenting strategy; raising and managing finance; commercial and marketing strategies, and case histories
presented by successful entrepreneurs.
• Days 1 & 2 afternoons
Each team will prepare an oral business plan presentation for an ‘imaginary’ engineering start-up
company, with each member assuming a different Director role within the company (e.g. Management, Finance,
Research and Development, Marketing or Operations). These preparations are supported by advice from
experienced mentors drawn from commercial and engineering environments.
• Day 3
Participants make a formal oral presentation of their business plan before a panel comprising business,
financial and academic representatives taking the role of venture capitalists.
Winners of the competition receive £2,000 with other prizes also available.
What will Engineering YES cost?
The competition is FREE to enter* - accommodation and meals are provided. It will cost TIME, but the rewards
are substantial in terms of the knowledge gained, networking opportunities and personal development.
Who can enter?
The 2013 programme is open to researchers from Universities in the UK. Teams should ideally consist of four to
six individuals. This event is primarily aimed at researchers working in an engineering or science related faculty,
but we will take researchers from other disciplines who wish to learn about engineering enterprise and
commercialisation. There is no age limit, but please note that Engineering YES is aimed at postgraduate
research students or early career researchers within five years of obtaining their doctorate. Teams can include
up to two research staff members but no more than one person who has participated in any previous YES
programmes. You do not need to be a full team to apply, and can apply as an individual. In this event, the
organisers will allocate people to teams as appropriate.
What do you mean by an imaginary idea or company?
Your idea should be based on technology that is realistic, but is currently hypothetical. For example, you
could assume, for the sake of the competition, that a novel alloy has been developed enabling new,
cheaper manufacturing capabilities for a particular type of product. Or you may be developing a novel
engine design running bio-friendly fuels. Remember that you idea must be believable; you should be able
to account for the advances in science needed to develop your imaginary technology.
Engineering YES and your career
Participating in this event can help your career in a variety of ways. You will be able to demonstrate to
potential employers that you can work well as part of a team and are innovative and able to perform under
pressure. The speakers and mentors from industry whom you will meet during the competition, will be
happy to talk to you about how they progressed in their career and offer new insights on the different
careers available - they may even be potential employers. And of course, by learning how to go about
selling a novel idea to investors, you are learning how to exploit that great idea you have to commercialise
some of your research!
* The actual cost of participating in this event is £800 per person (there is an early bird discount). This should be available from
PGR enterprise training budgets within your institution. Limited sponsorship funding may be available to subsidise some entries.
Contact Jo Gilman at Loughborough University – - for further information.