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Makers of


Speed Limiters

& Installation of Motor Security Gadgets



Limited Company registered under the Companies Act

(Cap. 486) in the Republic of Kenya in May 2013.

Before then, it operated as Dalcom Enterprises


The Company Registration Number is


We are the sole designers, makers and suppliers of

Omata brand of Digital Speed Limiters/Recorders.

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What we do:

Our area of specialization is in Motor Vehicle

Industry where we come in as manufacturers of ‘OMATA V2030GAR’ brand of speed limiters/recorders.

This brand of speed limiters/recorders is locally designed by our technical team, developed, tested and certified by various

Government bodies as having met the required standards.

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Vision Statement:

Ensuring an accident-free Kenya through an elaborate plan of fitting Speed Limiters on all PSV and Commercial Motor

Vehicles while ensuring quality work and efficiency in our area of operation.

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Mission Statement:

Ensuring safety standards are met and maintained on our roads with a cutting edge on motor vehicles towards assisting the Kenya Government in achieving its Vision 2030.

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Our Goals:

Our Goals are both short term and long term .

Short Term Goals:-

To invest on research and development of new technologies in the industry;

To increase the number of clients through vigorous marketing;

To boost monthly turnover of the business;

To increase our training bases on safety standards.

Long Term Goals:-

To expand our market to cover the whole of East and

Central Africa;

To set up a training school geared towards instilling safety standards.

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The Company has three active Directors who are always at hand to ensure smooth running of its operations towards long-term achievement of its goals and objectives:-

They are:

Mr. David Kiarie Operations Director

Mrs. Lilian Waiganjo Finance Director

Mr. Edward Mburu Technical Director

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Staff/ Personnel:

Besides the highly active Directors, Dalcom (K) Ltd. has engaged a highly qualified and dedicated staff to conduct its day-to-day operations. These include:-

The General Manager;

Technical Personnel;

Field Technicians & Technical Supervisor;

Sales Administrator & Stores Personnel;

Accountant and Accounts Assistant;

Office Assistants among others; all working hard to ensure that our clients’ satisfaction comes first at all times.

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Our Clientele:

Since inception, Dalcom (K) Ltd. prides in having satisfactorily served our clients in ensuring stability in their transport systems:-

Our list of clients include major players in the motor vehicle industry including;

Trans Africa Motors;

Foton East Africa Ltd;

Brand Motors;

Simba Colt Motors;

Wananchi Group Ltd;

Sakam Agencies Ltd;

The general Matatu Industry and Individual Players.

We also have a list of many more agents/dealers countrywide, who have facilitated in taking our products to the grassroots.

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Tax Policy:

Dalcom Kenya Limited, as a resident firm, believes that for the Government to be able to provide essential services for an enabling business environment, we have to play our part in ensuring our tax obligation is fully met.

In this regard, we have put in place measures that ensure our taxes are paid fully and promptly.

In this regard, we are fully registered with Kenya

Revenue Authority under PIN No: P0514259570.

Further, our staff PAYE remittances among other statutory deductions are fully up-to-date.

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Our Products:

As earlier stated, our main product, which has been fully researched and developed by our technical staff is the

Omata V2030GAR .

It has been tested and certified to meet the requirements of

KS 2295-1 & 2 as stipulated by the Kenya Bureau of

Standards as the Kenyan Standard for maximum Road

Speed Limiters for Motor Vehicles.

It has further been tested and certified by the Chief

Mechanical Engineer of the Ministry of Transport for the same standards.

The gadget has proved to be very effective on heavy, medium and light commercial vehicles, achieving satisfactory results without inconveniencing the driver.

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Omata Speed Limiter/Recorder:

The Omata V2030GAR graphic. This design encompasses both the

Speed Limiter (commonly known as speed governor) and the speed recorder into one unit.


In addition, standard connecting harnesses/ cabling are supplied for each unit for ease of installation.

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Other Products:


This is used in cases where the particular vehicle model lacks the engine stopper.


Valve :

The valve serves in controlling fuel flow when the engine reaches the calibrated speed limit.

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Our Charges:

We firmly believe in bonding with our clients as part and parcel of providing solutions to their specific needs.

In this regard, we always take pleasure in providing quality and timely service while ensuring fair and competitive charge as our guiding policy on this is “VALUE FOR MONEY”.

We do ensure a friendly approach in commissioning and training of client staff where need arises, on the operations of installed systems.

We welcome all Corporate, Institutional and Individual/ Private clients, who we commit to serve professionally to the best of their satisfaction.

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Our Physical Location:

Our Head Offices are located at:-

Upperhill Gardens,

3 rd Avenue Ngong,

Flat D-13,

Opposite Kenya Bankers Sacco.

Upperhill, NAIROBI.

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Our Contacts:

You can always contact us on:-

Dalcom (K) Limited

P.O. Box 17491 – 00100


Tel (Office): 0729-309 326

0788-313 938



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