Primary School Presentation

Build Africa helps children in rural parts
of Kenya and Uganda go to school
Why do they
need help?
Today we are going to learn
a little bit about what life is
like for children in Kenya
and Uganda who want
to go to school.
What does your home look like?
Typical homes in Kenya
What does your kitchen look like?
A typical kitchen in Kenya
After breakfast how
to you get to school?
By car or bus?
Do you walk
to school?
Some of you walk
How long
does it
take to
walk to
In Africa almost
all children have to
walk to school
It can take them
over an hour to
walk to school
It is a long way and it’s hot too
And when they get to school the
classrooms are falling apart
And there are not enough desks
so children have to sit on the floor
Sometimes there are no classrooms
so they have lessons under a tree
And if they do not have enough books
they have to share or go without
Think about your school and your
classroom and your desks
Are they very different to
a school in Africa?
Children in Africa are desperate
to go to school and learn
Irine wants to be a nurse
when she grows up
Why would it be hard for
Irine to learn at school?
Hard to hear if it is windy or raining
Lessons are cancelled and students
sent home when it rains
Hard to
if you don’t
have a desk
and a chair
to sit on
Cannot practice writing when you
do not have any books
Would you want to go to school
if it looked like this?
That’s why Build Africa
needs your help
Build Africa wants to build
safe classrooms
So that children can learn properly
Sitting at their own desks
And with enough textbooks so that
they do not have to share
And you can help Build Africa!
Your school
can raise
money to …
… build classrooms …
… buy desks …
… and books …
So that all the children in Kenya and
Uganda can go to school and learn
Thank you for helping Build Africa and
the children of Kenya and Uganda
Thank You!