April 2010


■ The purpose of this presentation is to point out to GIS users in state and local governments the advantages of and mechanisms for leveraging existing U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) geospatial services contracts.


■ Headquartered in St. Louis, MO area

■ Same ownership throughout Company’s history

■ Over a half-century of photogrammetric mapping

 ~100 employees

 8 aircraft, including 4 Cessna 441 (Conquest) twin-turbines

 3 Intergraph Digital Mapping Cameras (DMC)

 1 Vexcel UltraCamXp

 5 film cameras, 3 Leica film scanners

 Leica LiDAR (ALS-50-II)

■ Very progressive R&D

 Extensive proprietary algorithms and software

 Focus on cost-efficiency and performance

Surdex’s Client Base

■ Federal Government


■ State Government

Statewide Programs, DOT’s, SEMA

■ Local Government

County, City, RPC’s

■ Private Sector

Civil Engineering, Real Estate Development, Mining, Oil & Gas


■ Film Based Orthophotography

■ Digital Orthophotography (4 Band)


■ Planimetric Mapping

■ Topographic Mapping

■ Ground Control Survey

■ GIS Services

Our USACE Experience

■ Surdex has been selected as Prime

Contractor by USACE for past 15 years

■ Surdex was awarded a 5 year, $10M IDIQ contract in 2010

■ Through the St. Louis District, Surdex has delivered many projects in the 48 states, including work performed for other USACE districts.


■ St. Louis District is Center of Excellence for

Geospatial Services Contracts.

■ Many other USACE Districts rely on the St.

Louis district for Geospatial project support.

■ The USACE thoroughly evaluates vendor teams prior to each round of IDIQ selections.

■ Contracts are 5 years in duration and based on a QBS approach.

What is the USACE Geospatial Services


■ The Geospatial Services Contract issued by the USACE is an Indefinite-Delivery –Indefinite-Quantity contract.

■ This contract is used by the USACE to purchase geospatial data products such as aerial photography, topographic mapping, LiDAR elevation data and digital orthophotography.

■ Under this IDIQ contractual system, the USACE selects pre-qualified aerial mapping firms that it feels are the most highly qualified to perform geospatial mapping anywhere in the nation.

■ QBS approach combined with established rate structure.

Who is eligible to utilize the USACE


■ Any Federal, State or Local government entity can participate

■ A geospatial project that has any amount of federal funding is eligible to be performed under the


IDIQ contract

■ Some examples of Federal funding are the


What are some of the advantages of participating on a USACE Contract?

■ Prime contractor teams have been pre-qualified by the USACE.

■ Since there are multiple teams of contractors, users have flexibility in choosing which teams best meet their needs.

■ USACE will perform project design and quality assurance functions on each project, assuring your data needs are met.

What are some of the advantages of participating on a USACE Contract?

■ Because of the contract, the request for proposal processes can be eliminated

■ Since contractor qualifications and rates have already been established, users can save time, money and effort by not publishing an RFP

■ Eliminates the risk of getting substandard products and services at unreasonable prices

What are the services provided by the

USACE when participating in their contract?

■ The USACE can provide just contracting services or a multitude of technical services.

■ The level of service provided by the USACE varies with the needs of each client and situation.

■ Typically, the USACE will assist in project management.

■ USACE charges an administrative fee, but it is generally no more than the cost of an entity developing, publishing, and administering an RFP.

■ With the USACE’s years of experience, the scoping and specification process is also optimized.

USACE services provided cont.

■ Statement of Work.

The USACE will help users develop a

SOW, ensuring that all aspects of the desired deliverables are identified. This saves the user time and effort and ensures that the appropriate deliverables are devised to meet requirements

■ Project management.

The USACE will carefully monitor the production cycle, ensuring the project remains on schedule.

The USACE has the necessary staff with the technical expertise in surveying and mapping to augment the end user’s project team.

■ The USACE can also assist in advising on a third party independent contractor to QA data if the project is sufficiently large enough to warrant the additional expenses.

USACE services provided cont.

■ Quality assurance and quality control.

QA/QC for the project may be done by the USACE. The St. Louis District is a Center of Excellence for geospatial products and services. They have a very high degree of expertise regarding all things geospatial. The the USACE assumes the responsibility for ensuring the deliverables meet their standards and the requirements of the project.

■ Project cost control. The USACE will negotiate with the service provider on behalf of the end client. Based on their experience, spanning several hundred GIS-related projects throughout the U.S., their staff knows the fair market value of a given SOW.

How Do I Participate?

■ Participation begins with your preferred USACE approved contractor. Once initial introductions are made, the project communication is strictly between the client and USACE.

■ Initial discussions between the client and the USACE are conducted to determine the level of service required. This includes determining the scope of the project and results in the development of a SOW. It also includes identifying funding sources.

■ Once the SOW is developed, the USACE will assist in developing a cost estimate for the client. This may be iterative, depending upon the funding level.

■ The next step is to transfer funds for the project from the client to the

USACE. In a multi-phased project, the first phase of funding can be transferred while the funding and schedule for subsequent phases are still in development.

Getting Started

■ The process of utilizing the USACE’s IDIQ contract will require some paperwork to be generated between the client and the USACE

■ The first step is to establish a formal Memorandum of Agreement by both parties. Many agencies have an umbrella agreement that can be used by attaching a support agreement to it. If no headquarterslevel agreement exists between the agencies (such as individual states or counties) then a formal MOA needs to be developed. The

USACE will help state, local, or tribal agencies work thru the process.

■ This process generally takes a little longer than utilizing an existing

MOA, so be sure to consider this in your project schedule.

For more information, contact either of the following individuals at Surdex


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