Functional Skills - M

Online Learning Platform for Royal Artillery Soldier Training
Stuart Chadwick
Paul Stanyer
Siobhan Hall
Geoff Stead
Jonathan Ryder
Introducing Kineo & Tribal
Your requirement
Overview of our approach
User journeys
Implementation plan
Hosting & support
E-learning authoring
Pricing and timescales
Kineo & Tribal
A great partnership
E-learning company of the year 2008, best private sector e-learning 2010
Innovating with rapid / bespoke e-learning and Moodle / Totara LMS
Supporting the whole process, from consultancy to deployment
Global support: UK (Brighton, Sheffield, London), US, NZ, China, Sweden
Strong customer focus with high repeat business
Services and products to support education, learning and training
Over 20 years' experience and expertise in education and technology
World-leading software to support adult learning & career development
Market leader in online assessment and learning delivery: functional skills
Innovating with bespoke digital learning tool development and m-learning
Work with a range of organisations in the UK and internationally
Working with leading clients…
Our track record
Established Moodle LMS for the whole MOJ, delivering over
50 courses through e-leaning and F2F training to 50,000+
employees, saving £100Ks
Saving Tesco’s over £1m through the development of a
Moodle LMS based learning platform, will roll out
internationally to 500K employees
Undertook the evaluation and report of the three year
Functional Skills pilot on behalf of the Qualification and
Curriculum Authority (QCDA)
Mobile Functional Skills and Apprenticeship solutions and
services for all McDonalds employees
Technology partner for MoLE (Mobile Learning Environment)
project, supporting US Department of Defense (DoD) and
multi-national partners to deliver and share learning using
global mobile network and mobile devices.
How we will work together
Kineo will provide
• Overall programme management
• Totara LMS
• Mahara e-portfolio
• System integration
• Desktop authoring platform
Tribal will provide
• Functional skills learning content,
• Diagnostic tools and adaptive courses
• Mobile apps and authoring platform
• System integration
• Maytas back end fully integrated
Your requirements
Understanding your requirements
Online training
Learning management
Functional skills training
Social learning
Mobile access
Offline option
Maytas integration
Authoring tools
Totara LMS
Tribal content
Mahara e-portfolio
Totara and Mahara
Mahara / Tribal content
Custom options
Tribal system
Tribal tools / Articulate
Tribal solutions
Kineo / Tribal support
Our approach
Components of our solution
Totara LMS
• Corporate distribution of world leading
Moodle LMS
• Open source, robust, scalable,
customisable, easy to use
• Kineo are the leaders in corporate
distribution of Moodle
• Kineo NZ partners Catalyst include ex.
core Moodle team
• Full global hosting and support
“Moodle™ is ranked as the #1
LMS product among eLearning
Guild members with over 24% of
respondents selecting it as their
primary LMS.”
Totara key features
Supports e-learning, classroom training & blended solutions
Personal development competencies and objectives
Online collaborative tools – blog, wikis, forums, live chat
Hierarchical roles – learners, managers, trainers, assessors
Sophisticated search and course booking
Dashboard and full statistical reporting
Quizzes, surveys, assessments
Integrates with other systems
Moodle accessibility
Multiple options for registration
E-commerce capability
Multi language
Totara/Moodle success stories
“Making the decision to go with
Moodle was one of the best
decisions we ever made”
Paul Rudd, Ministry of Justice
“Kineo has developed a platform that
delivers on every aspect of our initial
brief... we now have a training package
that offers more than anything else
within the photo industry.”
James Bansfield, Nikon UK
Mahara e-portfolio
• The leading open source e-portfolio
• Developed by Kineo New Zealand
• Seamless integration with Moodle /
• Mobile integration possible
• Offline delivery option in progress
Mahara key features
• Reflect on learning
• Collect and upload evidence
• Review with trainer, manager, external
• Online community – groups, forums
• User controlled learning space
• Accessible (other than java)
Advance learning platform
• Open platform for delivery of learning management services
• Rapid assembly of custom learning solutions
• Services for delivery of e-learning and m-learning including:
– Single Sign On services
– Data integration hub services
– Core LMS services aligned with mobile
• Service Oriented Architecture built with open source technology and
open standards
– easy to maintain and extend
– integrates with other applications/external systems (e.g. Maytas)
• Can be used with its own (Joomla) portal front end or with other
portals (Moodle, Liferay, Sharepoint)
Target Skills Gold: Functional Skills …
• Realistic, age appropriate and engaging materials using real-world
contexts and scenarios
– Blend of ‘best of the web’ with Tribal’s award-winning materials
– All mapped to curriculum, and tracked against personal goals
• Proven adaptive initial assessment
– identifying the Level at which the learner is currently operating
(Entry Level to Level 2)
– giving a clear profile for areas of strength and weakness.
• A Functional Skills Diagnostic Assessment
• Smart courses: automated and editable personalised learning plan
• Tutor and learner reporting, and management systems
… online, offline, mobile
Target Skills Gold success stories
Target Skills content and the Target Skills Gold system have been used
in most FE colleges, all the major training providers, large employers
from McDonald’s to Sainsbury’s, even here in the army.
Tribal Mobile solutions
Mobile tools and micro-courses designed for smartphone
Content: Single app for all learner services including
functional skills learning, tools, e-portfolio, and
Methodology: context-aware. centred on learner
needs. content designed for mobile. blended delivery.
Devices: framework to ensure cross-platform delivery
Connectivity: can work both on- and off-line
Tracking: learners can sync back to VLE to update
tracking, and can access mobile views of VLE
Tribal Mobile: MoLE
MoLE is a collaboration between Tribal,
the MoD and DoD (USA)
Strong focus on the next generation
of mobile learning:
• Hybrid (on-off line)
• Context aware (GPS, Accelerometer, Augmented Reality)
• Deep integration with phone features
• Smartphone cross platform (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, RIM)
Future proof technical implementation
• Html 5 / Javascript framework built on open source libraries
Online authoring
Full integration into Tribal’s Advance platform
All of these features can be included in our solution
Structure of our solution
User journeys
Trainee journeys: big screen
Example trainee walkthrough
Example trainee walkthrough
Example trainee walkthrough
Example trainee walkthrough
Example trainee walkthrough
Example trainee walkthrough
Example trainee walkthrough
Trainee journeys: mobile
Trainee journeys: mobile
Example trainee walkthrough
Example trainee walkthrough
Trainer / verifier journeys
Example trainer walkthrough
Example trainer walkthrough
Example trainer walkthrough
Example trainer walkthrough
Example trainer walkthrough
Example trainer walkthrough
Example trainer walkthrough
Administrator journeys
Example admin walkthrough
Example admin walkthrough
Example admin walkthrough
Example admin walkthrough
Implementation plan
The development process
May have several development phases as required
Iterative development with RACPD review and feedback throughout
Project team
MOD experience
Stuart Chadwick – Solutions Consultant
Background in the design of LMS, CMS, e-learning and mobile
learning solutions. Ex lecturer in product design.
Lead Designer and/or Project Leader on multiple e-learning projects
for the Army and DB Learning, including:
Literacy & Numeracy Skills (Nintendo DS)
REME Mechanical Expertise (Nintendo DS)
Equality & Diversity (award winning, palmpilot)
One Army Recruiting
PTC/UFTO Total Fitness Programme
RIPH Health Improvement
Performance Management
MOD experience
Geoff Stead – Innovation
Tribal’s Head of Innovation, as well as founder of our Digital
Learning and Mobile teams:
– Thought leader and advisor to UK, EU and USA governments
on mobile learning
– Project Director of MoLE development project (US DoD)
– Technical founder of Advance and TSG solutions
– Technical Architect of Army’s Skills Mission and Army
MOD experience
Jonathan Ryder – Solution Lead
Tribal’s Head of Learning solutions, lead solutions designer on
multiple e-learning solutions for SfL and Functional Skills, including:
Target Skills content
Skills Mission
McDonald’s Skills for Life and Apprenticeship solutions
Target Skills Gold learning platform
Advance Learning Zone
Risks & mitigation
Partnership platform
Kineo & Tribal
Kineo & Tribal
Kineo & Tribal
Kineo & Tribal
Close working relationship facilitated by programme
manager, weekly progress meetings and direct team
Proven integration between Moodle and Mahara. Likewise
Integrated technology
Maytas, Advance and courseware.
Moodle/Advance/Maytas integration already partially
specified and will work closely to deliver.
Various elements of platform already available as mobile.
Mobile access
Building blocks in place for other areas and all technically
Limitation based on online requirement for tracking. Some
Offline access
solutions in place and others in process of specification
and delivery.
Project has unclear
Kineo will escalate and recommend RACPD regroup to
address objectives or assist with definition.
Thorough and iterative approach to design and
Product doesn’t meet
development, which involves a partnership between
RACPD expectations
Kineo, Tribal, RACPD and involves end users, we would
aim to avoid a mismatch in expectations and final delivery.
Hosting & support
Hosting you can trust
Hosted on the same robust infrastructure as Maytas
ISO 27001 accredited hosting environment
Secure – SSL/HTTPS certificated and penetration tested
Stable – fully managed service with uptime > 99%
Backed-up onsite and offsite on regular basis
Scalable – from pilot through to enterprise level
Custom amount of bandwidth, storage space and monitoring
Regularly updated: server software, all system software
International options available
Support you can rely upon
Totara & Mahara support forums, help and FAQs
We train your admin or IT help desk staff to
field queries and support the platform
Kineo provide second line support to your admin
Tribal product and technical support team sit behind
Kineo support
Dedicated support team and portal
Fast response
Totara/Mahara patches and upgrades
Hands on maintenance as required
With Totara subscription:
24-7 product support
New functionality as available
Major Moodle upgrades catered for
End user
Your IT helpdesk
Your system admin
Kineo support desk
Tribal product support
E-learning authoring
E-learning authoring options
• Desktop solutions available from both
Kineo & Tribal
• Totara directly enables authoring of
quizzes, assessments, feedback forms
• Mobile solution available from Tribal
• Tool output can be RACPD branded
• Tool training and support provided
• Kineo provide additional e-learning
capability training and support:
Design skills
Consultative support
Extension of your team, e.g. graphics
Pricing & timescales
Pricing strategy
Our joint pricing strategy includes:
Clear definition of setup and on-costs
Provision of standard vs. variable costs
Potential joint ventures to develop any new/custom content
Open source = cost effective and flexible
Training, hosting and support options to meet your needs
Future proof through planned product roadmaps
Partnership means you have wider access to support and on-going
Cost components
Set-up costs
Annual costs
System specification (one off)
Consultative design and specification stage
System development (one off)
Hosting, support and licensing (yearly)
Totara set up and RACPD theme
Totara subscription (user volume)
Mahara set up and RACPD theme
Hosting (concurrent usage)
Advance and courseware set up and RACPD theme
Support (options)
System integration
E-learning development support (as required)
Customisation (to be defined)
Off the shelf Functional Skills platform
Mobile Apps integration for tracking and reporting
Advance Target Skills Gold courseware licence
fees (user volume)
RACPD in-house e-learning capability (one off)
Train the trainer training for Target Skills Gold
Licence for e- and m earning authoring tool(s)
CAPD theme and templates
Authoring tool training
E-learning design training
Integration of other Functional Skills Content to
Target Skills Gold if required
Short term timescale
• Advance system and courseware ready
• Target Skills Gold Platform for Functional and Key Skills and SfL
• Tribal's new mobile maths and English applications
• Basic Totara/Mahara set up and theme
• Potential initial system integration
• Working system available for trainees to access
Full system timescale
& review
September 2011 – March 2012
Full consultative design specification, inc. user input
Full system build
Full integration
User pilot of full system
Full launch end of March
On-going support
Why Kineo & Tribal are the right choice for RACPD
A great partnership...
• Strength of Kineo’s Totara and Mahara experience
• Tribal’s track record in e and m-learning English and maths,
employability and skills
• Tribal already provide Maytas
• Our combined creative and technical expertise
• Our MOD experience
• Track record of successful delivery and
happy clients
• Enthusiastic team who are keen to work
with you!
Any questions?