Tribal Education & Outreach Consortium (TEOC)

Tribal Education & Outreach
Consortium (TEOC)
Diddy Nelson, Executive Director, Oklahoma City Area
Inter-Tribal Health Board (OCAITHB)
Dee Sabattus, THPS Director, United South and Eastern
Tribes (USET)
TEOC Partners
• Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board
• California Rural Indian Health Board (CRIHB)
• Oklahoma City Area Inter Tribal Health Board
• United South and Eastern Tribes (USET)
• Create materials for outreach and
education to Tribes about Health
Insurance Exchanges.
• Make it possible to adapt materials by
changing photos, artwork, contact
Formative Research
• Forum at TSGAC Annual Meeting
• Forum at DST Annual Meeting
• Focus groups
• American Indian men 21-35 y.o.
• Clinic staff
• Tribal leaders
• Individual interviews with consumers
• Dissemination meeting
Logo and Brand for TEOC
Native Exchange with X
Four colors: Indian feel
Not specific to any region, culture
Contemporary, bold
Stands out from other materials
Materials Developed by TEOC
• Various media
• Print, video, web
• Intended use
• Consumer
• Training
• Tools
• See list of products
Consumer Strategies
• Message:
“Go to your clinic to see if you qualify.”
• Print materials
• Target: 21-64 y.o., low insurance literacy
• Social media materials
• Target: 21-35 y.o. men
• Short, humorous videos (1-2 minutes)
Tribal Health Directors
• Health Directors are key to
communicating with Tribal Council.
• Give Health Directors tools for planning
• Video of Fond du Lac experience
• Case studies of Tribal Sponsorship
• Tool for cost/benefit analysis of Tribal
Other Materials
• Designed for use in context of training
• Not stand alone pieces
• Combine with explanations from
knowledgeable individuals
Indian health focus
Simplify complex issues
May need to be updated periodically
• TEOC materials available to Tribal Health
Directors on-line
• Website maintained by NPAIHB
• Consumers re-directed to other sites
• Password for Tribal Health Directors
Thank you!
2011 Canoe Journey participants,
for photographs.