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Foundry Consultation - Experts
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Who we are ?
We are a group of foundry-men who have worked in
Foundries with a wide experience of over 40 years in
the field.
We are providing services in India for International
◦ Teksid France,Brazil,Poland,Italy
◦ Mazzuconni Italy
◦ Hua Dong Teksid Automotive Foundry Company Ltd
◦ Hongteo accurate Technology Co. Ltd
Who we are ?
The team is headed by Mr. Bhasin with Mr.
Sherkar and Mr. Sohoni as team members.
The team is supported by Mr.Parvinder
singh & Mr.V.M.Rao
Expertise :
He has done his Engineering from Bits Pilani.
He has a wide experience of over 40 yrs in the Total Foundry management,
Maintenance systems, Project Management & Product development.
He has worked as Foundry in-charge of all the foundries of Tata motors.
He was CEO – Foundry of Kores India Ltd.
He has also worked in the organizations like RICO – Gurgaon, SEACO –
He has also undertaken assignments of the groups like Bharat Forge – Pune,
Simplex Castings –Raipur.
He has also dealt with overseas tie up for TATA Motors.
He has extensively travelled abroad and visited various foundries.
Expertise :
He has Extensive experience in Tata Motors for reconstruction
of Tata Maval Foundry.
He was key player for complete erection and development of
the Tata Maval Foundry.
He has also worked in the organizations like M&M – Swaraj
Foundry – Mohali, Kores Ind Ltd, SEACO.
He has worked on projects in gulf countries.
He has over 30 years experience in foundry projects.
Expertise :
Mr.Kiran Sohoni
He has done metallurgy engineering from College of Engineering
Pune .
He is having wide experience in the field of Foundry processes like
sand casting, No Bake, Hand Molding etc.
He has worked as general manager in the organizations like Hero
Group, Kores Ind Ltd and Jindal group and also worked in the
organizations like Tata Motors, Force Motors, Jayahind Industries.
He has over 20 years experience in product development, process
control & foundry management.
Expertise :
Mr.Parvinder Singh
• He has done engineering from College of
Engineering Pune .
• He has over 35 years experience in various forming
industries including foundry.
• He has expertise in machining providing solutions &
dealing with overseas foundries.
• He has coordinated Italian equipment suppliers for
highly automated aluminium foundries for cylinder
heads at TATA Motors Pune.
Verticals Exposure
We as a group have extensive experience in grey iron, nodular
iron, aluminium foundries covering project planning, project
execution, product development, efficiency improvement, cost
control, process management etc.
We have experience of dealing with auto commercial vehicles
passenger car, tractor, twowheeler, electrical, windmill,
engineering, sugar, heavy castings etc.
Processes Exposure
Green Sand process - hand molding and machine molding, no bake
Process, full mold process, shell molding.
Die Casting process– gravity, high pressure & low pressure
Molding process: Horizontal and Vertical flask-less molding
machines like KOYO, DISA; Jolt Squeeze molding machines,
Continuous mixers for No Bake process;
Sand plant: All types of mixers, coolers like Kunkel-Wagner, Erich,
conventional; other allied equipments.
Melting process: Coreless induction furnaces – medium and mains
frequency; Cupola; Holding furnaces; Press Pours; Auto pours; all types
of linings.
Processes exposure
Core making process: Vertical and Horizontal shell core
making; Vertical and Horizontal cold box core making; Hot
box core making; No bake core making; Co2 core making.
Pattern shop: Wooden patterns, Metallic patterns, Epoxy
patterns, Permanent dies; Core setting fixtures; Match
plates; Milling machines ( manual and cnc base ).
Finishing operations: Continuous and hanger type shot
blasting machines; Special purpose trimming machines;
Gate cutting machines.
Peripheral equipments: Compressors; Generator sets;
Dust extraction units; Pump house; Gas plant.
Alloys handled: Cast iron ( all grades ); S.G.Iron ( all
grades ); Alluminium
Services offered
Preparing Project Report comprising of:
1) Selection of technology, product, equipment, process etc,
2) Layout, building, and other utilities like air, water, power, gas etc
3) PROJECT cost details.
4) Time line of project activities.
5) Tooling requirement/budgetary cost/timeline.
6) Manpower requirement/organization structure.
7) Raw materials requirement/budgetary cost per unit.
8) Statutory clearances required.
Consultation for the following
• Improvement in Production.
• Breakdown reduction.
• Rejection Control.
• Maintenance Planning and
• Defining the Process Layout and
raw material selection.
• Defining Product and process
• Cost control,Value Engineering,
Yield Improvement, 5S
implementation, POKAYOKE, TPM
• Preparing documentation
and implementing Quality
systems like ISO9000,
TS16949, SPC
• Conducting internal Audits
Quality, Production,
Maintenance systems and
subsequent suggestions for
• Development of new
components along with
APQP and PPAP documents.
• Guidance for following safety
practices in Plant and
preparing safety SOP.
Further services
Implementation from green field to
• This will involve regular interaction with
architect/building contractor/equipment
suppliers/erectors/project team.
• We can also provide services for manpower
selection/training/safety to your hr team.
• We can also provide help in your customer
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