2-kjeld-Lisby - Hospital+Innovation congress

Kjeld Lisby, North Denmark Region
Panel discussion
Promoting Innovation by means of
Public Procurement
The North Denmark Region
The Challenge
The Gap between what we are able to do and can
afford to do increases dramatically.
”We need to be smarter and cooperate across sectors,
across public/private and box-thinking has to be
• Three opportunities from North Denmark Region:
1. Tele-care Nord (Medium Scale OPI/PPP on operationel level)
2. Operation and manning off Local Health-centres (OPI/OPP in smaller
3. Logistics (Large scale OPI/PPP on strategic level)
The North Denmark Region
TeleCare Nord:
Breaking new ground
 From a R&D/ pilot program to a full scale demonstration project. First example in
 Collaboration across sectors, not only around the patient but also with the patient in
relation to finding and implementing solutions that meet technical, organizational, legal
and economic challenges of deploying full-scale operation.
 Evaluation- and research design, including randomized block design, geared towards
gathering evidence of effect.
Example no. 1 from The North Denmark Region
TeleCare Nord: Full scale goals
 Realizing the potential of telehomecare, which until now only been demonstrated in
pilot and research projects
Up scale to normal operation in a normal context
Based on COPD secure a generic technical solution for other chronic disease groups
Ensure close coordination and use of national strategies, infrastructure and solutions
Supporting Patient empowerment, which is about increasing patient confidence and
satisfaction, strengthen competencies for self-care in the patients own homes.
Example no. 1 from The North Denmark Region
TeleCare Nord
 Is not a parallel health system
 Need to align expectations with the
Is finding new ways of collaboration
cross sectors
Focus on sector transitions - who is
responsible at any giving time
Creates new and changed roles for the
health professionals
Is challenging existing legislation
concerning access to personal and
medical data
Example no 2 from The North Denmark Region
Operation and manning off local Health Centres
Service providers needed especially
in sparsely populated areas.
New ways of co-operation between
regions, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, unions and companies to ensure
”24/7” and enhanced options to deal
with more complex patient groups.
Example 3 from North Denmark Region
The New University Hospital Aalborg
Increased Flexibility in design and use of the facilities sets
new standards for the logistics!!!
Expanded need for a system or vendor, that can assure that
the right equipment/supplies are at the right place on time
in the right amount in the needed quality and right price
VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) or just a new IT-system
combined with Tracking and Tagging ?
How many main depots do we need in Denmark within
The North Denmark Region
The Investment Potential of the North Denmark Region
 A unique cross-sectoral approach to
Keen understanding of the link
between ICT and the clinical reality
User driven approach in developing
health care solutions.
The North Denmark Region
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The North Denmark Region
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