Microcontrollers: Renesas is the largest MCU supplier in the world
offering 8- and 16-bit CISC, 32 bit RISC and Security controllers.
ASIC: One of the largest ASIC Cell Based suppliers in the world. The
largest Gate Array supplier in the world.
USB 2.0 & 3.0, MOSFETs, LCD Driver ICs
Distributors: Arrow, Avnet Memec, DigiKey, Future
Artesyn Embedded Technologies is a worldwide and leading supplier of
standard, modified standard and custom power supplies from 1 watt to
6,000 watts.
Distributors: Arrow, Avnet, DigiKey, Mouser, Newark, Norvell
Tianma Micro-electronics Co. founded in 1983 in Shenzhen, China and
specializes in the design, manufacturing, and supply of high quality LCD
and LCM products. Small-to-medium size displays in mainland China.
Full range of LCD display solutions from TN / STN / FSTN Character and
Graphic LCD/LCM, to full color A-Si & LTPS TFT display modules, with
AMOLED coming soon. We are fully capable of custom design displays
to meet our customers’ need around the world.
Distributers: Arrow, Avnet, Edge and Future
Tianma-NLT is the # 1 LCD supplier for Industrial Market. Segments
include such applications as medical, instrumentation, POS, machine
automation, transportation & media. LCD sizes 4.2” to 21.3”. LCD
resolution begins at QVGA to WUXGA. NLT technology (sunlight
readable) roadmap and Wide Aspect product for long term support
Distributers: Arrow, Avnet, Edge and Future
Kyocera Circuit Solutions, Inc.
PCB facility in Nigata, Japan, specializing in advanced technology, 14 to
60 layers, HDI, back-drilling, impedance controlled, fine line & pitch:
blind, buried and micro vias, high aspect ratio, front-end engineering
support, ISO9002 certified. Only Deming quality winner in PCB industry.
631 River Oaks Parkway, San Jose, CA 95134 - 408.944.4600
Japan's oldest manufacturer of motorized fans for cooling electronic
equipment. Providing high reliability, high performance, dual ball bearing
fans. Sanyo Denki provides a wide fan product offering including standard
fans, fan tray assemblies, customized solutions and joint development
projects with customers.
Distributors: Arrow, Newark, PUI, Sager
Custom lithium ion / nickel metal battery packs. National Power utilizes
high quality Sanyo lithium battery cells in their custom packs.
Distributor: Jaco
Leading provider of Interface Technologies (Touch screens, Graphic
Overlays & Membrane Switches). Specializing in resistive touch screens.
Distributors: Arrow, Avnet, Future
The only regional turnkey contract manufacturer located in the Silicon
Valley that provides “Tier 1” capabilities with the highest quality of service
in the industry. “The best materials management in the industry.” Ultra fast
prototypes and front-end engineering support.
Everspin is the global leader in Magnetic RAM (MRAM), delivering the
most reliable, high-performance and cost-effective non-volatile memories in
the market.
Distributors: Arrow, Future, Digikey, Edge, Mouser
GainSpan embedded Wi-Fi solutions enable customers across a variety of
industries to develop a whole new class of Internet connected products.
Boyd Corporation is a market leader in engineered rubber, plastic, metal,
flexible environmental sealing and energy management solutions.
Product focus includes environmental seals and gaskets, extruded rubber
and plastic, molded rubber and plastic, stamped and fabricated metal, EMI
shielding, acoustic and thermal insulation, cushioning and shock absorption,
thermal management and bonding systems.
631 River Oaks Parkway, San Jose, CA 95134 - 408.944.4600