Sturgeon Valley Pork

Sturgeon Valley Pork
ALMA Presentation
Sturgeon Valley Pork Background
2 family farms purchased abattoir
Ouellette Packers in 2000
2003 constructed new federally
inspected plant 215 and could now market
outside of Alberta boarders the world was
now the market
2010 producer/shareholder group grew to
21 and a doubling of operations
Major Events And Challenges
2003 BSE flood of protein on the market and higher
operational cost as well as regulatory changes
Large integrators such as Smithfield were changing the
industry quickly, only one profit center was needed
Pork producers were running negative margins for 4 years
and the global demand for pork was sluggish
H1N1 was called “Swine Flu” by media had damaging
effects to the pork industry slowing global demand and
halted the price recovery
The Concept & Goals
To create a value chain allowing pork producers to make the
transformation from raising pigs to marketing meat with distinct
claims and qualities
SVP group are all small to mid size family farms that have a
passion for raising pigs in a sustainable manner caring for the
animals, land and environment
To match pork production with processing capacity to maximize
efficiency and have guaranteed shackle space
Produce high quality pork from farm through processing and
market the story with identifiable branding
Great story sounds simply right? The reality is this is a huge
undertaking and success hinges on good planning, management,
marketing and commitment by all
The Business Plan
This is were it all starts, you need to gather up all the ideas
batted around and pull them together evaluate the strengths and
weakness and do your homework
This is outside our scope of work and this is were ALMA has been
very beneficial both with the finical cost as well as resources to
assist companies like ours in developing solid business plans
I believe one of the most important decisions early on is which
consultant or company one hires to work on the plan
They need to have a good working knowledge of the industry or
resources available, this document is used for finance and is the
road map to keep on course
The plan was also important in clearly explaining the model so
potential new shareholders understood the model
The Facility
Meat processing is much like most manufacturing processes
and is very competitive and lean manufacturing principles
are required
This is often achieved though adopting new technologies
and processes
ALMA has several tools and programs that help from
evaluating processes, engineering cost, equipment, training
ect… which are very helpful in implementing and helping
Alberta plants become even more efficient
One example is our DNA TraceBack which SVP has
implemented and is the first pork plant in Canada to use
this technology, it is a solid science and we now can offer
full traceability to our customers
SVP Guarantee
Marketing & Branding
Brand and brand awareness are key to developing market share and
carving out your niche in the market place and maintaining your market
Building the brand encompasses everything from logo design, the story,
web site development, in store promotions, tasting events and the list
goes on, the reality is this takes a lot of time and resources
Here in Alberta we are very fortunate to have a organization such as ALMA
with a goal to facilitate companies such as SVP to seek out new market
opportunities provide much needed resources in marketing and branding
The support comes in many forms from making it affordable for
companies to attend food shows or industry events to matching dollars in
marketing and brand development
The benefit to SVP has been many, new contacts and business relations, a
increased group to net work
Brand Logo’s
Value Added
SVP has work with a local pet food
company adding value to pork organ meat
in a fast growing market, this product is
exported around the world
SVP also has been working on value
adding primals that have slow seasons or
have no margin to help support total cut
This will be new for SVP and will align with
market and branding work done to date
Steep Learning Curve
The meat business is challenging at the best of times and 200910 has been a very transitional year for SVP
Now 20+ shareholders a new energy and dynamic’s
Building addition to double capacity and improve efficiencies
New management team
New markets being developed domestic and export
Branding and programming for both retail and food service
Plant operations on Yield Improvement and Product Improvement
TraceBack implemented
Pet food project
ALMA has been very important in SVP moving along on the above
changes. There is no doubt that there role as a catalyst have
helped SVP accelerate the changes and the staff have been a
pleasure to work with and many from staff or board of directors
are visionary and are a great sounding board
SVP Contribution to the Pork
75 full time jobs
Dollars stay in the Alberta economy and rural Alberta
21 family farms have moved up one more level in the value
chain and taking charge of there destiny
Customers and consumers now have another choice for
local fresh pork products
A greener sustainable model with lower environmental foot
Company driven by meat quality and processes that help
that make it to you table
SVP goal is that you will be able to purchase fresh and
further processed branded product across Western Canada
and consumers ask for it by name
That the farmers and shareholders will be able to continue
raising there livestock in a sustainable way and feel the
pride when they can identify there own branded product
We are a local Alberta company providing safe and local
product mainly to western Canadian retailers and food
service industry. The success of us getting this far has its
beginning in what ALMA and all of its staff have contributed