EFY`s Value & Culture

EFY’s Value & Culture
Welcome to the EFY Family
The Vision
Technology will be critical for success of
individuals, organisations and nations...
and EFY should play a significant role
in enabling them to benefit from technology.
The Mission
• To be of assistance to at least 10 million individuals by 2015
• To garner a 2 per cent plus stake of the entire Indian digital
economy by 2015
• If it’s a technology related doubt—check with EFY
Values & Principles
• The main marketing team of a media property is its editorial team-they define the features of the product, and its positioning
• If we want lesser corruption, we need to avoid corrupting too
• All must be treated equally--lions like lions and rabbits like rabbits
• If an individual is not growing at EFY, he/she will be more loyal if
they seek better growth avenues
• Reduce cost without reducing quality or increase quality without
increasing cost
• Bottom-line is more important than the top-line
Overall HR Trends
• No bias w.r.t. gender, caste, region, etc
• Top score awarded for being a "perfectly safe place to work for
women" by EFYians
• Quite a few women are playing senior roles at EFY
• We promote attritions during the "dating period" (probation)
• We are as “lala” a company as GE, ITC, Unilever, Honeywell, Agilent,
Infosys, etc i.e. it all depends on the nature of your boss—if she’s
professional, you will find EFY to be professional, else not
• Our priorities: #1: Editorial, #2: Sales, #3: Support
• We are always looking for future senior managers and "directors"
among EFYians
Overall HR Trends
• We confirm usually after 6 months—but increment at this juncture is
awarded ONLY in exceptional cases
• We have annual appraisals
• Our appraisals are clubbed in groups of 2 months i.e. we appraise for
Dec-Jan together, Feb & March together, etc
• Members of Sales & Marketing teams have annual appraisal at the
end of financial year
• Increments if delayed are typically compensated through arrears
• Typical increments are in the range of 0%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%-depending on performance
• We usually don't terminate, we ask for resignations
Key Trends w.r.t. Attrition
70% of our attrition occurs within the first 6 months
15% of the overall attrition occurs over 6 months to 2 years period
10% of the overall attrition occurs over 2 years to 5 years period
5% of the overall attrition occurs after 5 years
Women at Senior Positions
• Ms Poonam Kapoor: Director (South)
• Ms Uma Bansal: Executive Editor of Electronics For You and Facts
For You
• Ms Srabani Sen: Executive Editor of Electronics Bazaar
• Ms Molly Nair: Supervises the customer support team for
• Ms Janani Gopalakrishnan: National award winner and freelance
writer for EFY publications and portals
Whom to Call if You Need Help...
• Your senior to whom you report
For admin related issues: the Reception
For Hardware and Networking issues: the Reception
For Software issues: the Reception
For dispatch related issues: Dispatch team (Asharam - - > Molly
For accounts related issues--Accounts team (S B YADAV--> Sanjeev
For HR related issues: (> Rahul)
For stationary/magazines: Stores (Jot Prakash- - > Mr Lowe)
For QMS(quality management systems): Quality team (Mr Lowe -->
Things We’re Trying To Improve
• Lack of training: As of now most of it is on the job-training
• It's like a small family: So you might find some people to be a bit
too inquisitive about personal matters
• We tend to believe what we hear during recruitment: hence, many
a times we discover serious short falls during the Dating period
• We are in process of providing cafeteria facility.
• We are not on top of the remuneration graph
• We are transitioning from a Family-run to a Professionally-run
Good Things About EFY
• We prefer to hire internally, and seek external professionals only
when we can’t fill the vacancy from our existing HR pool
• Only performance counts (problem for those who like to grow with
help of ‘politics’ or ‘connections’) We are transitioning from a
Family-run to a Professionally-run business
• Even when we have shut down products, we have never fired their
teams, rather re-deployed them elsewhere
• Our IT infrastructure is GOOD
• We are using a lot of Open Source software
• We have a decent parking lot at the HQ—a rare resource amongst
most organisations now-a-days
A Bit About the Group
• It all began with the magazine--Electronics For You
• Idea conceived by Mr Ramesh Chopra (the VC) while in the final
year at IIT Madras
• Started in 1969 from residence
• Started by Mrs Veena Khanna (ex-director, VC’s sister) and Mr S P
Chopra (chairman, VC’s father)
• VC joined in May 1969
• Right now: 4 magazines, 2 directories, 4 annual events, 7 portals
• 2 more organisations are part of the group: IT Solutions India Pvt
Ltd and Kits’n’Spares
• Overall group: Approx. 160 people, over Rs 40 crore turnover
Welcome to the EFY Family
Technology Drives Us