Definition of social innovation

Social Innovation
21 May 2012
Henriette van Eijl and Liesbet de Letter
Definition of social innovation:
“Social innovations are
innovations that are
social in both their ends
and their means”
Workplace innovation,
new social partnerships,
engage end-users
as co-creators
Innovate the
Drivers for social innovation: creating
growth and jobs
• Emerging “markets” for unmet social needs
• Existing “markets” do not always match supply and
demand in societal challenges
• Drive global competitiveness through better
organisations and working conditions
Social innovation: creates growth and jobs
Innovate the ‘social’:
• Increase social outcomes:
inclusion, education, cities,
rural, aging
Create job opportunities for
companies and social
• Partnerships with public
sector to deliver services
Innovate the workplace:
• Increase productivity,
focus on
manufacturing, SMEs
and public sector
• Keep manufacturing
jobs in the EU
• Improve public services
Drivers for social innovation: creating growth
and jobs
Innovate the ‘social’:
Innovate the workplace:
- Set up Social Innovation Europe
Initiative in 2011
- March 2012 workshop on
‘incubating’ = growing
- Social Business Initiative,
microcredit, entrepreneurship
- Promote piloting and ‘social
- Exchange know-how and data
on activities
- Workshop on 30 May 2012
- Forward look: use best mix of
innovation, industry, regional
and employment policies
Mixed ERDF and ESF example
Urban regeneration in NRW
• LAPs in 55 municipalities, so large
scale network+ very localised
• Social and economic aspects,
special focus on specific groups
and very local needs, cohesion in
and between neighbourhoods
• Co-designing with inhabitants,
local partners, etc.
ERDF example
•eHealth in Itä Suomi
• Link the technology to the people
• Cooperation between all services
• Adressing real social needs of the ageing
ESF example
•The Digital Activists Inclusion Network
• Innovative
• Services to target groups by disadvantaged people
of similar social background
• Social ends
• Social inclusion, employability
• Social means
• Local volunteers, personal interactions
The Guide
• What is SI
• Why should regions have a look:
trends, needs, challenges & opportunities
• SFs and already existing examples
• How can regions make it happen:
10 step model
• When: very soon…
Social innovation in the ERDF
Article 5 (investment priority on innovation) not just
technological innovation!
social innovation as a new innovation avenue to explore
(+open innovation, etc.)
Article 9c (investment priority on social inclusion and
combat poverty)
social enterprises
Social innovation in the ESF
Within all areas under ESF scope
Testing and scaling up
Possibility of specific PA
• 10% top up
• Themes for social innovation by MS
• COM: facilitator
EU added value:
mobilise EU brainpower for solving local issues,
networking and up-scaling
EU-level activities (for all types of social innovation):
• Social Innovation Europe:
• FP7 and Horizon2020
• Social Business Initiative
• Regiostars 2013 special category
• Help shape actions funded by Cohesion Fund
REGIO, RTD, and still growing!
Upcoming events:
• Conference on social economy and civil society
at large, EP, 14 May
• Workshop on workplace innovation, 30 May
• Regiostars Award Ceremony, 14 June
• EUCLID/ Social Innovation Europe event,
• Open Days workshops, October
• Launch of European Social Innovation
Competition, autumn 2012