CAD design skills


Design skills

Computer aided design


As illustrated through the Aquatics Centre by Zaha Hadid Architects.

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Architects often study their initial concepts on CAD, especially if the structure is a unique form and drawing by hand would be complicated.

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Architects use CAD to develop design concepts and to refine their design ideas.

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CAD software is also used to produce construction and detail drawings which explain the arrangement of the building.

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Working on CAD, architects can carry out structural analysis with engineers and other consultants on a project.

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Rendered 3D visualisations of a building ’s interior can help clients understand how the spaces will look and feel.

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Computer generated 3D models and renders help communicate the architects

’ ideas to built reality.

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Including context such as neighbouring buildings, trees and people helps communicate how a new building will look.

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Your turn

Think about how you could make better use of ICT drawing packages and CAD software to present your work – you get started by downloading Google SketchUp for free.

For further information on the Aquatics Centre see the Get Set Construction Kit: