Microsense Webcast Streaming
A web stream / webcast is a media presentation distributed over the Internet
using streaming media technology to distribute a single content source to
many simultaneous listeners/viewers.
A webcast may either be distributed live or on demand. Essentially,
webcasting is “broadcasting” over the Internet.
• Webcasting, in simple terms, means streaming and broadcasting video on the
web. The stream can be a recorded video or on real time basis which is
termed as ‘LIVE’
Functional Set up
Each video camera would cover various places in the event location. This
differs according to the event and location. All camera outputs are connected
to video mixer.
Audio input in the form of live voice and sound is captured through MIC and
fed to audio mixer cum amplifier.
Audio mixer then feeds a single audio stream to the video mixer.
Computer output, player output are also connected to video mixer to enable
the event organisers play video and upload presentations.
Finally the video mixer output is a single video with audio stream which is fed
to a super processor system which then is uploaded to live streaming servers.
Viewers online would be given URL and access to the streaming server
through web page. On accessing the live media is viewed.
Network Diagram
Component Details
Video Camera:
A video camera is a device used for capturing electronic motion picture and
recording on videotape or for transmitting them directly through the output
pins for streaming live or displaying live using external monitors.
Multiple cameras at a single event location adds advantage for covering the
stage from different angles and covering the stage view (audience) making
the live viewers feel that they are part of this event being anywhere in the
Component Details
Audio Mixer:
A audio mixer is a device used for selecting, mixing and amplifying different
audio sources and as an output give a single audio stream on a single channel
which is directly feed to speakers and video mixer.
This audio stream is used as an audio source for the video stream captured by
the cameras.
Component Details
Encoder and Streamer:
Encoder and streamer is software based which are installed on an powerful
systems. The function of encoder is to convert the stream output from the
mixer to a standard global format and also convert to a standard quality like
1080p, 720p, etc. The streamer uploads the final file to the media streaming
servers like you tube, live stream, etc. Online viewers can watch the event
live by accessing any of these servers or by visiting the events page where the
video would be embedded.
Microsense services on streaming
Microsense In collaboration with YouTube and social media networks.
Akamai CDN backbone supporting any number of concurrent viewership.
HD Quality video streaming services.
You Tube /Face book/Twitter/private portal embedding options.
Mobility streaming – on Apple and Android devices.
Multi Bit rate/Adaptive Bit rate streaming.
Any presentation with animations can also be streamed.
DVR recording on live feed.