Lindsay Frost - Lewes District Council

LDC/LDALC Town & Parish
Councils Conference
October 2011
Lindsay Frost
Director of Planning
& Environmental Services
1 Planning Reform: Haven’t we been
here before?
• Yes, many times
• Planning system established by 1947 Town & Country
Planning Act with major reforms in 1962, 1971, 1980,
1990, 2004 and 2008
• Countless minor amending legislation, statutory
instruments, departmental circulars, national planning
policy guidance notes, in between major reforms
2 The Last Round of Reforms: 2004 - 2008
• Regional Plans and Local Development Frameworks
• Top down targets and inspection regime
• Infrastructure Planning Commission
to decide applications for nationally
important infrastructure
• Community Infrastructure Levy
3 The Coalition Government’s Critique
• Too much power in Whitehall and at regional level
• Top down targets not working: causing local resentment
and failing to deliver growth
• “Planning system too slow, cumbersome and
4 The Coalition Government’s Prescription
• “Localism, Localism, Localism”
– Less Whitehall controls and targets
– Abolish regional planning
– Shift power to local councils and communities
• Speed up and simplify planning
• Incentivise growth
5 The Localism Bill
• Key piece of legislation for the Coalition: supported by
both Cons and LDs.
• Wide ranging: not just planning
• Bill now in Lords
• Royal Assent expected in
November 2011
• Detailed regulations to follow on
specific reforms
6 Planning Reforms: Decentralisation
• Targets and inspection regime being dismantled
• Regional Spatial Strategies (South East Plan) to be
• RSS still in force until abolition: evidence base and
technical work still useful
• Duty to co-operate between local authorities
• IPC brought within Government to provide
political accountability
7 Planning Reforms: Development Plans
• LDFs stay, but focus on Core Strategy
• Introduction of neighbourhood planning
– Prepared by T & P Councils, Neighbourhood Forums
– Need to comply with national policy/LDF
– Based on evidence and local consultation
– Examination by independent inspector
– Subject to binding referendum
– Will have statutory force
• Major new opportunity for local people to shape planning
in their area
8 Planning Reforms: Streamlining The System
• Draft National Planning Policy Framework: 1000+ pages
down to 50 pages
• Taking categories of development out of planning control
– Local Development Orders
– Neighbourhood Development Orders
– Campus sites – hospitals, universities
– Micro generation
– Business buildings to residential
– Other reforms of Use Classes Order
• Predetermination and predisposition
• Third party appeals considered, but rejected
• Reforms to make enforcement of planning control easier
9 Incentivising Growth
• Giving local control through neighbourhood planning
• New Homes Bonus – match funding Council tax receipts
for up to six years
• Community Infrastructure Levy: developer contributions
to infrastructure
10 Effect on planning in Lewes District
• Essential to progress LDF Core Strategy: adopt early
• Work can begin on neighbourhood plans: start thinking
• Progress CIL to ensure that development is supported by
necessary infrastructure
• Loosening of planning control in some areas
• Resources to deliver the new planning system,
especially at neighbourhood level
11 Thank you for Listening
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