Forward Looking Statements

Leadership, Vision
and Growth
April 2014
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Forward Looking Statements
Certain information contained in this presentation of LED Medical Diagnostics Inc. (the
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Actual events or results could differ materially from expectations and projections. Forwardlooking statements include, among other things, statements relating to expected growth,
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Forward-looking statements are based on the opinions and estimates of management at the date
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funds, general economic, market and business conditions, competitor risks, distributor risks,
intellectual property risks, regulatory approvals and other risks described in the Company’s
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Who We Are
• Genesis as the developer of the world’s
leading adjunctive device for oral mucosal
disease (including cancer)
• Becoming a comprehensive digital imaging
technology supplier
• Positioned to become the North American
leader in the dental imaging category
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Proven Executive Management
• Dr. David Gane, DDS
– High-achieving corporate strategist in
dental imaging industry
– Various roles as CEO, President, and VP
– Has demonstrated abilities to introduce
new products to achieve ambitious
revenue and profitability goals while
creating high-functioning and driven
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Proven Executive Management
• Lamar Roberts
President, LED Imaging
– Senior sales and marketing executive
– Demonstrated success in leading growth in
Dental Technology companies
– Demonstrated ability to navigate companies
from their early stages to becoming an
industry leader.
– Proven leadership in public companies.
Effective in leading mergers, acquisitions,
integrations, sales, marketing, product
management, operations and admin
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Where We Came From
• Carestream Dental
• Revenue $2.5B
• Dental revenues: $500MM
• 7000 employees who serve customers in 150
• Dental Division: 1200 employees
• Products in 90 percent of hospitals and dental
practices worldwide
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Our Future
We are building a high-value dental imaging
company by growing our VELscope® technology
foundation while adding complementary
diagnostic imaging products that leverage our
established brand.
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VELscope® Vx : How It Works
An Easy-to-Use Handheld Device
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The VELscope® Vx Scan
Early Detection of Occult Lesions
View with the Naked Eye
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View Using VELscope™ VX
(biopsy confirmed oral cancer)
Dental Imaging Opportunity
• Imaging fundamental to Diagnosis &
Tx Planning
• “Explosive Growth in Dental Implant
& CAD CAM Ensures Market
Recovery and Fuels Esthetic Sales”
• Imaging moving from realm of pure
diagnosis to guided imaging
• The global market for dental
imaging systems is predicted to
reach over $2.3B by 2022
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New LED Imaging Division
• We have recognized an unmet demand for new types
of digital imaging technology in the dental market.
• Driven by:
– Demand for cosmetic dental procedures such as
orthodontics, composites, veneers and crowns
– Shift from film-based systems to faster, more efficient and
higher quality digital imaging solutions.
• Founded LED Imaging Division in April 2014
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Imaging Product Strategy
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New Partnership with Ray Co.
• Signed with Ray Co.- Samsung
subsidiary in April 2014
• “Best-of-class” multi-function
digital extraoral imaging
system – “RAYSCAN α”
• High demand – two systems
already in-situ (six figure price
per system)
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New Partnership with BC Cancer Agency / Genome BC
• LED Medical /BC Cancer Agency /Genome BC:
create/commercialize groundbreaking Oral Cancer
Riskā€Assessment Test
• Technology to build upon $10MM of National Institute of Health and TFRI
Research Funding
• Test is a first of its kind for oral cancer based on a quantifiable genetic
phenomenon known as “Loss of Heterozygosity,” or “LOH.”
• Measures specific genetic changes shown to predict aggressive tumour
growth - potential to lower oral cancer morbidity and mortality rates.
• Determines if remove immediately or something you need to be
concerned about and just watch,
• Extensive market opportunity - the test also could be used by family
doctors, hygienists, or ear, nose, and throat specialists
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2014 Strategic Plan
• New executive management team with current CEO
transitioning to lead future product development
• Expansion of sales, marketing & operations teams in the US
in FY14 – Atlanta office established
• Optimization of current dealer relationships and expansion
of VELscope® sale channels via non-exclusive dealers across
North America
• Major imaging product diversification strategy underway
• Significant revenue growth with expectation that majority of
new revenues/margin anticipated from new digital imaging
products during FY14
• Increased investment in R&D new product / IP in FY14
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Six Month Milestones
We are executing quickly…
APR 3, 2014: Distribution partnership with Samsung subsidiary Ray Co.
APR 3, 2014: Founding of LED Imaging Division
JAN 21, 2014: Sign Patterson Dental - 85 branch offices across USA and over 1,500 sales reps
JAN 14, 2014 : Agreement with BC Cancer Agency/Genome British Columbia
(Genome BC) to create and commercialize a progressionā€risk assessment test for oral cancer.
The test is based on a quantifiable genetic phenomenon known as “Loss of Heterozygosity” - the
first of its kind for oral cancer
DEC 10, 2013: Sign Benco Dental - More than 35,000 customers across the country and
maintains an excellent reputation in the dental industry.
DEC 3, 2013: Sign Burkhart Dental - one of the most respected dental distributors in the
United States for over 125 years
OCT 29, 2013: Sign Sinclair Dental - fastest growing, full-service dental supply companies in
Canada. Sinclair has an experienced team of over 500 individuals operating within 10 regional
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Capital Structure*
• Founded 2003 - $50MM in non-dilutive capital via government
grants, mainly the NIH/BCCS
• Paid in private capital: $30MM
• Common Shares outstanding: 73.8MM
• Option outstanding – 6.4MM (price range from $0.30 to $0.54)
• DSUs outstanding – 950K at $0.25
• Warrants outstanding - 34MM
17,845,000 @ 0.20 (Exp. June 14, 2015)
30,800 @ 0.30 (Exp. June 21, 2014)
16,109,887 @ 0.50 (Exp. October 24, 2015)
Potential proceeds of $11.6MM
• Fully Diluted: 115MM
* All numbers approximate
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Dr. David Gane
Lamar Roberts
President, LED Imaging
Mark Komonoski
Director of Investor Relations
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