Progress Report 2013

Progress Report 2013
Baltic Retreat 2013 NCU Estonia
6th September 2013
Taisi Valdlo
The NCU of Estonia
• Total allocation for Estonia is CHF 39 920 000, total net amount available is
CHF 37 920 000
• 18 project agreements have been signed covering the total CHF 37 920 000
(100% of the total allocation).
• Reimbursements together with advance payments have been received in
the amount of ~ CHF 17 173 939,31 (45%)
• Due to the end of commitment period on 14th June 2012, an amendment No
II of Annex 1 to the Framework Agreement was signed on 7th June 2012.
The amendment concerned reallocations in the section of Thematic Focus
and Indicative Financial Allocations and no new eligible projects were
Completed projects
Project Preparation Facility
Judges conference in Tartu
Automated gait orthosis
License plate recognition
system on public roads
Improvement of court
Grant (CHF)
107 377,86
91 625,76
344 341,45
460 000
550 000
Implementation period
Project completion report
approved on 30.01.2012
Project completion report approved
on 26.04.2011
Project completion report approved
on 13.12.2011
25.04.2011 – 31.03.2013
Project completion report submitted
to Switzerland on 01.07.2013
Project completion report is being
Grant (CHF)
Implementation period
Procurement of forensic science
3 500 000
28.05.2009 – 31.12.2014
Utilising reserves
Financial reporting and auditing
Building children’s homes for
children without parental care
1 800 000
5 640 000
23.01.2009 – 31.01.2014
Procurement issues. Prolongation
is being drafted
Utilising reserves
1 280 000
25.02.2010 – 30.06.2014
Procurement issues and software
Information and communication
technology systems of
Emergency Respond Centre
2 013 994
25.02.2010 – 31.12.2014
Procurement issues and software
development. Utilising reserves.
Increasing fire safety in nursing
homes and hospitals
1 390 431
30.11.2010– 31.12.2013
Procurement issues. Prolongation
is being drafted
Semi-compulsory treatment for
drug-addicted offenders
950 000
Issues with getting patients to
Ambulances and the integrated
national communication system
of alarm services
AFM microscopy
Energy efficiency in public
buildings and development
of new building standards
Enhancing public
monitoring capacities
NGO Fund
Scholarship Fund
Technical Assistance
Grant (CHF)
Implementation period
250 000
6 500 000
8 500 000
2 500 000
1 973 337
85 000
25.05.2012 – 30.11.2015
Issues with procurements.
Won’t affect deadline.
The webpage introducing the Estonian-Swiss cooperation programme can be found
by visiting (or which leads to the
previously mentioned page in English and in Estonian). The webpage contains main
information on the projects, agreements and other relevant information concerning
implementation of the Estonian-Swiss cooperation programme.
Administrative bodies communicate important information through special mailing
lists which enable quick communication of information concerning general issues of
the cooperation programme
In order to reach the right target group the promotion concerning the projects is also
done through specific channels like professional unions, information lists etc.
Opening ceremony of Viljandi and Saarepeedi
Children’s Homes – March 9, 2012
2 family houses have been constructed
and furnished in Viljandi. The children
(15 per house) have moved into the
houses. 2 family houses have been
constructed and furnished in Saarepeedi
. The children (16) have moved into the
The opening ceremony of both Saarepeedi and Viljandi
family houses took place on March 9th 2012.
Minister of Social Affairs of Estonia Mr Hanno Pevkur handing
over the ceremonial key on the opening ceremony of the
Saarepeedi Children’s Homes on 9th March 2012
Opening Ceremony of the Juuru Children’s
Homes – October 30, 2012
5 family houses have
been constructed and
furnished in Juuru. 19
children have moved
into the houses. Some
children are still to be
Opening Ceremony of Elva Children’s
Homes – December 21st 2012
Minister of Social Affairs of Estonia Mr Taavi Rõivas opens the
ceremony on 21st December 2012. 2 family houses have been
constructed and furnished in Elva. The children (16 per house) have moved
into the houses and have settled in.
Intermediate Body
– Eligibility check (incl. copies of the invoices)
– Monitoring of results
– Spot checks
Paying Authority
– Check of Reimbursement Request and Financial Progress section in Interim Report (list of
– Spot checks
– Check of Interim Reports (comparing physical progress and financial progress, list of
expenditures, compliance with the agreement)
– Steering committee meetings
– Spot checks
– Monitoring of Annual Reports (cooperating with the State Budget
Steering commitee meetings
Project steering commitee meetings take place in the environmental monitoring
programme, fire safety project, energy efficiency project, treatment of drug offenders
project, and a joint steering committe for Emergency Respond Centre’s and
ambulances project.
The meetings take place quarterly or each half year.
This year (2013) there has been eight steering committe meetings.
NCU representative and when possible a SCO representative will attend the
meetings as observers.
Site Visits
• Nationally the responsibility for conducting site
visits is on the Intermediate Bodies.
• They plan the visits and inform the NCU of the
date, giving the NCU and/or SCO an
opportunity to participate.
Ministy of Environment’s site visit
photos – sub-project 5 – July 23 2013
The plane carrying the airborne spectrometer in Tallinn airport.
Whenever there is wheather , the plane will fly.
Photos of the installed
videoconferencing equipment
Working plan for 2013
2013 and beyond
• Implementation of all the projects has started in 2012. Our goal is to
conclude all projects of the Cooperation Programme by the end of
• Prolongations
– Finalising the prolongation of the Fire Safety project and the Financial
Reporting project is underway.
– Treatment for drug offenders project will definately be prolonged in 2014.
• Completions
– AFM-MFM microscopy project is on schedule to complete their activities
on 31st December 2013.
– Scheduled to be completed by 31st December 2014 - Increasing fire
safety project, ambulances and the integrated national communication
system of alarm services project, information and communication systems
of Emergency Respond Centre project and the procurement of forensic
science equipment project
Thank you for your attention!