Leveraging Government
Business with Promark’s
GSA Schedule
Why Promark holds its own GSA Schedule
Promark, because of its close proximity to Washington, DC,
has a lot of experience with the government procurement
process and contracting vehicles and knows how important a
contract vehicle is to winning federal business.
Promark obtained a two-tiered GSA schedule to help its
partners leverage government business.
Promark’s GSA schedule and understanding of the
government attracts both manufacturers and resellers who
want to do business with the government.
Manufacturer Benefits with Promark’s
GSA Schedule
Single Letter of Supply.
Full control over schedule pricing.
Ability to authorize multiple resellers to use the Schedule
even if they aren’t existing schedule holders.
Deal protection capabilities
Benefits to Resellers Using Promark’s
GSA Schedule
Use of a contract vehicle to do federal business as well as
state & local business.
Maintain full client control by partnering with a distributor
who does not compete or sell directly into the
Augment your own GSA Schedule with additional
manufacturer products.
Leverage the Promark Sales Team’s federal experience.
Deal protection depending on the products
Sell all of the products on Promark’s Schedule except those
that require authorization.
Three Ways to Leverage Promark
GSA Schedule
Become an
Authorized Reseller
Use as an
Agent Schedule
Establish a Teaming
Agreement with
Promark’s Schedule
Getting Authorized as a Promark
GSA Reseller
Establish Contact with your Promark Sales Team
Establish an Account with Promark Technology.
Complete the GSA Authorized Reseller Agreement and Sign
all Addendums.
Application can be downloaded at
Wait for notification of approved authorization from
Start marketing and selling to the government using the
Promark GSA Schedule
GSA Schedule Orders
How it works
Quoting GSA Orders
Contact Promark for correct GSA part number and
cost. Promark will provide a “not to exceed GSA
Quote your opportunity identifying the GSA
products. Always reference Promark’s GSA
Schedule number GS-35F-4342D on GSA orders
Freight is FOB Destination.
(Shipping can not be charged to government except in special
GSA Schedule Orders
How it works (Cont.)
Receiving Government Orders
Government orders to Authorized Reseller must
reference the Promark GSA Schedule # GS-35F4342D
Orders made to Authorized Reseller. Reseller can
bill, ship and received payment for order.
Confirm Bill To and Ship To information along with
point of contact for shipping with phone number
GSA Schedule Orders
How it works (Cont.)
Placing GSA Order
Reseller’s receiving a GSA order through Promark’s
GSA Schedule must procure the GSA products
through Promark Technology.
Submit purchase order to Promark identifying that
it is a GSA order.
Submit copy of government P.O. to Promark for
IFF calculation, reporting, and for records.
GSA Schedule Orders
How it works (Cont.)
Fulfilling Government Orders
Product will be either drop shipped to customer
or shipped to reseller depending on request.
Reseller, once product has shipped, should invoice
the government per the terms and conditions of
the government order.
GSA Schedule Orders
How it works (Cont.)
Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) and Reporting
Once an order has been placed and the product has
shipped, your company will receive an invoice from
Resellers using Promark’s Schedule for GSA orders will be
invoiced the cost of the product, the IFF based on the total
of the government’s GSA product purchase price (IFF fee is
0.75%) and any shipping charges that are applicable.
On a monthly basis, Reseller needs to submit to Promark a
report of the sales it has process through Promark’s GSA
How the Promark Schedule is used if
your not an Authorized Reseller
Agent Schedule Scenario
Reseller markets and sells the product to the
government referencing the Promark Schedule
Order is issued to Promark in care of the Reseller.
Promark is responsible for fulfillment, billing and
Promark provides reseller with margin from deal.
Margin is based on delta between GSA purchase price and reseller cost
less IFF and any shipping charges.
How the Promark Schedule is used if
your not an Authorized Reseller (cont.)
Teaming Agreement
Promark and a reseller with an existing GSA
Schedule enter into Teaming Agreement.
Terms of use based on Teaming Agreement and
the GSA Schedule Terms and Conditions.
Manufacturers Available on
Promark’s GSA Schedule