Workshops on LIVING

Duration : 3 hours
• Value Enrichment
• Welfare of Employees and their family
• Goodwill for the company
• Improvement in Productivity
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o Living : 1.Relationships : Proactive Parenting ,
Subordinate Relationship ;
2.Health : Health n Wellness ;
3.Self : Being Self Sufficient ; Recreating your Future ;
Graphotherapy-The science of knowing yourself
o Great Relationship
o Unconditional Love
o Employee welfare enrichment
o Workplace dynamics
o Understanding each other commitment
o Enabling and Supporting each other
o Based on Zen Philosophy
o Know your Health Insights
o Achieving the desired health
o Relation between beliefs and practical results
o Key qualities required for self sufficiency
o Transistion from “I Dream” to “I do”
o Understanding your past and its influence on your present
o Creating a future you want
o Actions to be taken in present to achieve the new future
o Path to your Sub-conscious mind
o Reveals personality secrets.
o Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life
•Professionals : 2,200+
• DAT, Govt. of Maharashtra
• Reliance Infrastructure
•Reliance Energy
• Axis Bank
• Central Bank of India
• Dena Bank
• Bank of Baroda
and many more
•Parents : 11,000+
• Faculties : 1,500 +
• Students : 9000 +
• Across Schools, Colleges
,B Schools and Corporate
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