Overview of OO Systems Development

Overview of Systems &
Object Oriented
Chapter 1-2
CIS 422
Systems Analysis & the
Systems Analyst
• Systems Analysis
• Systems Design
• Systems Analyst
Figure 1-1 The Analyst’s Approach to Problem Solving
Fig 1-1A
Fig 1-1B
Figure 1-4
The System Boundary versus the Automation Boundary
Types of Systems
• Transaction processing systems (TPS)
• Management information systems (MIS)
• Executive information systems (EIS)
• Decision support systems (DSS)
• Communication support systems
• Office support systems
Systems Development Life Cycle
• SDLC: process of building, deploying,
using, and updating an information system
• Chief variations of SDLC
– Predictive:
– Adaptive:
• Most projects have predictive and
adaptive elements
The Traditional Predictive
SDLC Approaches
Figure 2-6
The Spiral Life Cycle Model
The Unified Process System Development Life Cycle
Methodologies, Models, Tools,
and Techniques
• Methodologies
• Models
• Tools
• Techniques
The Unified Process as a System
Development Methodology
• UP: object-oriented system development
• Uses best practices
• Use case driven
Figure 2-15
UP Life Cycle with Phases, Iterations, and Disciplines
The Unified Process System Development Life Cycle
UP Disciplines
Business modeling
Project Management
Configuration and Change Management
Object-Oriented Development
• OO Approach views the system as a
collection of interacting objects
• Object-oriented analysis (OOA)
• Object-oriented design (OOD)
• Object-oriented programming (OOP):
object coding
Understanding Object-Oriented
Concepts - Objects
• Class vs Object
• Objects
– Identity
– State
– Behavior
• Attributes are associated with data
• Behaviors are associated with methods
• Messages
Understanding Object-Oriented
Concepts - Development
• Abstraction
• Encapsulation
• Information hiding
• Objects maintain association relationships
– Inheritance
– Polymorphism
Figure 2-20
Order-processing system where objects interact by sending messages
Figure 2-24
A Case Tool Repository Contains All Information About the System
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