04 SCR - The IRAS Times

Sr. DFMs’ Conference in Board Office
on12th April 2013
Presentation by
R. Lalith Mohan, Sr. DFM/SC
Dr. K.V.V. Satyanarayana, Sr. DFM/GTL
South Central Railway
System Improvements/Innovations
Web Based PF Enquiry Service
RMS - Record Management System
Linking Agreements with EMD/SD/PG & Bank
Guarantee Monitoring
Commercial Earnings Monitoring
Online Imprest Recoupment
Online Payment of Court Recoveries
Web Based PF Enquiry System
PF balance
Status of the loan application
Last three months transactions
12 months PF Annual Statement with print provision
Registration of PF, CGEGIS & DCRG nominations.
Password changing option
Data Upload in CSV format by PF administrator
Centrally serving all Divisions/Workshops/HQ of SCR
Ready to replicate the service beyond SCR
Record Management System
Earlier System
• Huge stacks of records were piled up & Inordinate delays in internal
check, furnishing records for Audit, Court cases, RTI cases etc.
• Wastage of man hours for searching records
• Space constraints for storing new records
Improved Practice
• Old Records were weeded out & other records were dusted, sorted,
neatly arranged in rows and columns of various Racks/Almirahs etc.
• All the records and their locations were properly labelled
• And the data was captured in soft copy with the help of a user
friendly software viz., Record Management System (RMS).
Salient Features of RMS
• The software was developed free of cost with Visual Basic as Front end
and MS Office as Back end (upgradable to Oracle).
• Works as a powerful search engine & facilitates easy retrieval of
• For better indexing, Records can be categorized into various types like
Files, Registers etc., belonging to several sections
• Status of the records can be known and requisition for records can be
made online.
• Record Handling and tracking is automated through passwords
• Programme indicates the records due for weeding and permits
weeding after ensuring extreme caution
Salient Features of RMS Contd…
• New Record Entry with a special provision for entry of
salary bills in bulk.
• Editing record location & weeding year
• Advanced Options
– Adding/deleting sections & record types
– Creation of users and assigning passwords & privileges to the
– Editing Employee Master & others
• Excellent managerial reports for tracking records
• Security through privileges and passwords assigned to
the users.
• User friendly menu driven front end tools.
RMS – A Powerful Search Engine
Weeding of Records Made Easy
Editing & Adding Records is Simple
Record Handling & Tracking
Advanced Features & Reports
Monitoring of Commercial Earnings
• Earlier System
• The earnings from commercial contracts are being only
accounted but not monitored.
• Receipts at stations are not linked to the agreements
• No data base of commercial contracts or copies of some
Agreements are not available with Accounts Office.
• Possibility of contracts continuing without timely payment of
License fee and also parties leaving without paying requisite
Licence Fee
• Even in such cases no monitoring for forfeiture of the SDs
etc & calling of fresh tenders in time
Monitoring of Commercial Earnings
Improved Practice
• Data base of all the commercial contracts viz., Catering
Contracts, Commercial Publicity Contracts, Parking Contracts,
Cloak Room Contracts, Pay & Use Toilet Contracts etc. is made.
• Agreements are entered with all the parties, duly revising the
License Fees wherever required.
• Accounts department started advising the Commercial
department for recovery of dues well in advance or to initiate
action as per the Agreement conditions which has resulted in
streamlining of the system besides boosting of sundry earnings.
Linking of Agreements with EMD/SD/PG
Earlier System
• The amounts recovered towards EMD/SD/PG either in the form of
FDRs/BGs/Cash recovered from on accounts bills used to be
maintained separately without linking to the Agreements.
Improved Practice
• All the Tenders/Agreements are linked to their EMD/SD/PG with full
details like nature/type, identity of instruments, Amounts etc.
• The Bank Guarantee Module helps to watch currency
Bank Guarantee Monitoring
• Reports on various parameters viz due to expire in X
days, sent for encashment, encashed, release, Agency–
wise etc
• Database of BGs with Search & Edit facility
• Data captured - details of BG , Value, Agency, Bank,
Contract, Executive, validity & extensions, release etc
• Data Entry through Forms with Login Access Controls
• Menu driven programme developed in MS ACCESS
Thank you
R. Lalith Mohan, Sr. DFM/SC
Dr. K.V.V. Satyanarayana, Sr. DFM/GTL