High Performance Work Systems

Chapter 16
Learning Objectives
1. Define high-performance work systems
and identify the elements of such a
2. Summarize the outcomes of a highperformance work system.
3. Describe the conditions that create a highperformance work system.
4. Explain how human resource management
can contribute to high performance.
Chapter 16
Learning Objectives
5. Discuss the role of HRM technology in
high-performance work systems.
6. Summarize ways to measure the
effectiveness of human resource
Elements of a High-Performance
Work System
HPWS Outcomes
Conditions that Contribute to
High Performance
Teamwork and active participation
Knowledge sharing
Cutting edge technology
Job Satisfaction
Constant Feedback
Ongoing training
Employee rewards and compensation tied
to company performance
• Ethics
Employee Performance and HPWS
HRM Technology
– Transaction Processing – Documents HR
decisions and practices
– Decision Support Systems – Helps with
problem solving
– Expert Systems – Establishes decision rules
applied in making decisions
– HRIS - Relational Databases that can be
– E-HRM – Online employee services promoting
self service
Measuring the Effectiveness of
Human Resource Management
Analyzing the Effect of HRM Programs
Improving HR performance
• Greater efficiency – means the HR
department uses fewer and less-costly
resources to perform its functions.
• Greater effectiveness – means that what the
HR department does has a more beneficial
effect on employees and the organization’s