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Division of Academic Affairs
Annual Assessment Report
For Undergraduate & Graduate Degree Programs
AY 2008-2009
Name of Program: Biotechnology
Prepared by: Bianca R. Mothé
Date: May 11, 2009
Department Chair/Program Coordinator
Email Address:
[email protected]
Extension: 4637
PART A (Required by May 21, 2009 – last day of Spring semester)
Please describe the student learning outcomes you focused on for assessment this year,
the assessment activities you used to measure student learning in these areas, and the
results of your assessments. Please also comment on the significance of your results.
How did your program utilize any resources provided for assessment this year? Please
attach a budget with specifics.
As a result of your assessment findings, what changes at either the course- or programlevel are being made and/or proposed in order to improve student learning? Please
articulate how your assessment findings suggest the need for any proposed changes.
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Annual Report on Assessment of Degree Programs, AY 2008-09
Planning for Assessment in 2009-2010
(Required by May 21, 2009)
Please identify one or two student learning outcomes that your program will focus on for
assessment next year.
Understand, integrate and apply the concepts of biosciences into with a legal and ethical business
What specific assessment activities will you conduct next year in order to measure
program student learning in these areas
Molecular Biotechnology (Biot 355)- Students will have case study in the fall dealing with ethics of
reporting scientific material in newspapers and how legal cases are developed against biotechnology
Cellular Biotechnology (Biot 356)- Students will present mock trial covering all aspects- prosecution,
defense, jury and witnesses of a case brought against a biotechnology company.
To assess these student learning outcome in these courses- students will be presented with the same
questions in an exam format for both classess. These questions will discuss the legal and ethical
business issues revolving the technologies presented in these formats.
What new or additional resources/support might your program need in order to
conduct these assessment activities next year? (Please provide specific information
regarding your needs and related costs)
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