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Spread Health Wealth & Happiness
Welcome to Wellscience
How many of you want to be
• Healthy
• Wealthy
• Happy
You are at right place as this is the core mission of
Wellscience. Spread Health Wealth and Happiness
The reality check of the world we live in
• Water, Air, Food are
• Poor quality of the soil
which lacks in essential
• Heavy use of Pesticides and
Chemical fertilizers
The result is
 One million new cases of
cancer each year and half a
million death.
 India is diabetic capital of the
 60% heart patients in the
world are Indians
 Onslaught of “ITIS”
 Arthritis,Bronchitis,
 Hepatitis,Menengitis,Nefritis
What are the challenges today ?
 Inflation is growing
 Cost of living is increasing
 Lot of investment for
children education
 House, Loan Emi
 Are we living the life we
dreamt of ?
 What is lacking ?
 What needs to be changed?
• Limited income which fails
to compete with inflation
• We trade freedom for job
• We live life on rules laid by
• Lot of investment is
• Investment for
Infrastructure, Product,
Research, Marketing
• Lot of Risk.
Do you want to help the society ?
• Do you want your friends
and family to be Healthy ?
• Do you want your friends
and Family to be Wealthy ?
• Do you want your friends
and Family to be Happy ?
Come join the Health revolution with Wellscience
Wellscience Founders
Mr.Lajinder Bawa
Founder and M.D.
He brought the network marketing industry to
India as the founding CEO of Oriflame India in
Between 2001-2003, he was advising Aviance
(now Hindustan Unilever Network) and
Modicare on their direct selling businesses. He
also advised Marico Industries and Sabinsa
Laboratories on Direct Selling. In his career
spanning over two decades, Mr. Bawa has held
the portfolio of International Marketing
Manager for Ranbaxy as also Marketing
Manager for Dabur among other assignments.
He is a postgraduate from BGSU, Ohio.
Mr. Rathin Mathur
Founder and Ceo
Rathin mathur is an alumnus of the
prestigious Doon School and Hindu
College. He was Chief Marketing Officer
and Senior Partner of Aspire Human
Capital Management. Earlier, he was
Business Head of VLCC Alive, leading the
retail foodservices foray for VLCC.
Awarded the Retailer of the Year 2007 –
innovative concept of the year,
It was his passion that paved the way for
an extremely fast paced growth in his
seven-year stint with Modicare. During
this time, he managed a 950,000 strong
sales force, of employees and consultants
for the company.
We have great supplements
• Based on wisdom of
Ayurveda technology of
Modern science
• These are Poly herbal.
• Based on AIM technology
• Heavy metals, pesticide
steroid free
• Pure, Safe and Efficient
Our Products
Ensuring Quality
• 100% potency guarantee
• Certified ingredients
• India centric ingredients
• 100% Vegetarian ingredients and capsules
• Science based formulas
• Strong scientific backup
• All extracts standardised for scientific delivery
• Safe formulations
Ensuring Quality
Manufacturing practices
• Adherence to pharmaceutical grade Good
Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
• State of the art fully air-conditioned manufacturing
with rigorous batch controls
Quality Assurance
• Vendor certified raw material
• Lab testing of the raw materials done at site for all raw
materials pre- manufacturing
• Physical testing done on finished goods
• Chemical testing is also done on finished goods to
ensure potency and uniformity
Wellscience Product Range
Benefits: Strong antioxidant, destroys free radicals, reduces inflammation
caused by oxidative stress damage & rejuvenates
Contains: Curcumin (extract of turmeric), Pomegranate, Liquorice, Amla
Benefits: Provides essential nutrients to carry out critical functions, maintain good
health and build immunity Contains 30 vitamins and minerals as per recommended daily
allowance (RDA)
Contains: Vitamins-A,B1,B2,B6,B12, Niacinamide, Calcium Pantothenate, Folic
Acid,vitaminC,E,D3 & K & Minerals Like Boron, Iodine, Manganese, Magnesium,
Potassium, Selenium, Molybdenum, Dicalcium Phosphate
Wellscience Product Range
Women Health
Benefits: A unique and natural way to restore the body’s
ability to
absorb Calcium. Provides phytoestrogens. Provides essential Iron and
other trace minerals
Contains: Cissus Quadrangularis,Asparagus Racemosus &
Hemidesmus Indicus, Carbonyl Iron, Folic Acid & Zinc
Active IQ Kids
Benefits: Act as a brain tonic, rejuvenate nerve and brain cells; Enhances
cognitive and reasoning ability & Improves ability to concentrate,
memory span and intellect.
Contains: Brahmi, Cintella Asiatica, Clitorea Ternatea, Acorus calamus &
Celastrus Paniculatus
Wellscience Product Range
Benefits: A unique formulation works in two levels : Skin – Helps to maintain
clear skin by detoxifying & protecting the liver from toxins; Nail and Hair –
Promotes nail and hair health by improving the health of skeletal tissues
Contains: Eclipta alba, Phyllanthusamarus, Tinospora cordifolia & Cissus
quadrangularsis,Rubia cordifilia, Sphaeranthus indicus
Cardio Cholesterol
Benefits: Heart health – Provides nutrition to heart to maintain ideal strength for
healthier functioning; Cholesterol Management – Maintains a balanced cholesterol
profile to keep the heart safe from damage.
Contains :Arjunolic acid, Desmodium gangeticum & Inula racemosa, Dasamoola
(extract of 10 potent roots of herbs) & Commiphora mukul,Terminalia chebula
Wellscience Product Range
Complete care for the most hardworking organ of our body
Benefits: Specially formulated to detoxify, protect & rejuvenate the liver
Contains: Vitis vinefera, Picrorrhiza kurroa, Andrographis paniculata &
Sylimarin from Milk thistle
Ortho Aid
Benefits: Provides antioxidants to reduce the oxidative damage, reduces pain
& builds tissue; essential for joint health as well
Contains: Tinospora cordifolia & vitex nigundo, Boswellia serrata, Alpinia
Galanga & Glucosamine sulphate
Wellscience Product Range
Gastro Care
Benefits: Enhances metabolic functions, Helps in digestion, absorption and
assimilation of food & Protects the gastrointestinal tract
Contains: Ginger, Pepper, Pippali , Liquorice, bael,Trachyspermum ammi
Benefits:This formulation reduces high blood glucose, insulin resistance,
insulin deficiency, polyurea, polydypsia and polyphagia.
Contains: Salacia reticulata , Tinospora cordifolia, Pterocarpus marsupium
Curcuma longa Emblica officinalis
Momordica charantia
Wellscience Product Range
Benefits: Improves Lung health, effective against bronchitis,
allergicbronchitis,dry and productive cough.
Contains-Dasamoolam kwath , Solanum xanthocarpum ,Tinospora
cordifolia,Adathoda vasica, Zingiber officinale , Piper longum,Tulsi
Benefits:This formula offers a comprehensive approach to correct
uric acid in the blood and helps to maintains efficient kidney
function with its diuretic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory
Contains-Crataeva nurvala ,Tribulus terrestris ,Bergenia ligulata ,
Tinospora cordifolia ,Asparagus racemosus ,Boerhaavia diffusa
Emblica officianlis
Wellscience Product Range
Wellscience Trim
Benefits:A complete weight management supplement that
works synchronously to suppress appetite, limit fat absorption
and boost metabolism. Assists in achieving an enhanced physique
and managing a healthy cholesterol profile. Helps acquire ideal
Body Mass Ratio by improving fat metabolism.
Contains:Garcinia cambogia (Vrikshamla)
Piper longum (Pipali Zingiber officinale (Sonth)
Boerhavia diffusa (Punarnava) Tribulus terrestris
The Wellscience Operations Model
• The Wellscience operations model is based on the following pillars
– Ease of transaction
– Information system
– Unique collection methods
– Fulfillment services
Transactions are placed
either through the call
center via a toll free
number or can be fed
directly by Associates
into their web suites in
Payments are made directly
into a local branch of Axis or
Sbi via the web /call center
using ITZ cash cards or a
credit card gateway.
Paid orders are
tracked through
Wellnet and trigger
a delivery
instruction to a
warehouse in the
state from where
the order
How many people do you know
• Want to stay away from
Cancer, Arthritis
• Obesity, Cardiac
• Gastric , Liver
• Kidney, Stress
• Osteoporosis
• Respiratory
• And other health
Do you want to help them ?
The Opportunity
• Imagine if every house hold
in your city starts using
supplements which are now
necessary for them to
remain healthy.
• Even if you are able to share
your story with 10% of your
city’s population.
• What about nearby cities
where your friends and
loved ones live ?
What does that mean to you ?
• It means a business which
has wonderful products
which make world a better
place to live in.
• The sales generated give
bonuses which can fulfill
your small, medium and
long term goals.
• It means a Healthy Wealthy
and Happy life
• Isn’t this we dream and
aspire for ?
How to start your business
• Register free
Get Retail Profit- 20% on Associate price
When you buy products worth Rs 3600 you get 2500 sv
@70% A.P. and eligibility to earn bonuses at single business
• If you buy products worth Rs 7150 sv 5000 you are eligible to
earn at 3 Bcs
• Now follow Seven Steps to success.
Step 1- Self use and Retail
You Save and Earn
Retail bonus-20%
You get a pool of consumers who add volume to your
business and can be your future business partners.
Step 2-Sponsor
• You share Wellscience product and Business story
with your friends and earn-
• Path finders bonus• Sponsor gets 7% of total repurchase SV of new joinee done in
4 weeks of joining at first level and 10% of repurchase SV at
second level.
• The week of joining shall be considered “Week Zero”, and 4
weeks shall be counted from the following week.
Step 3-Train
• When you work with and train the people
you sponsor you get-
• Training Bonus• You get 3% of sv of repurchase done by people you
sponsored at first level and 5% at second level after
four weeks of activation.
Step 4-Manage and Duplicate
• When you duplicate Steps 1,2 and 3 with your
team you get weekly –
• Team Bonus
Left sv -Right sv
10000 -10000
20000 -20000
Commission Title
1500 Senior Associate
3000 Achiever
6000 Director
13500 Star Director
22500 Silver Director
50000 Gold Director
100000 Platinum Director
Step 5- Lead
• When you lead and guide your team to success and help them
achieve their goals you get
• Leaders Bonus
• Achieve 9 lacs of fresh GSV, with not
more than 50% from one side.
• 1.5% of all company SV within the specified cycle shall form
the pool of The Leaders Bonus. The Leaders Bonus will be
shared equally by all Qualifiers to the Leaders Pool.
• The Associate must fulfill the Star Director Activity Criterion, as
defined by the company and updated periodically.
Step 6 -Mentor
• When you become a role model for your team and
mentor them you get
• Mentor’s Bonus
• Achieve 15 lacs of fresh GSV, with not more
than 50% from one side.
• 1% of all company SV within the specified cycle shall form
the pool of The Mentor’s Bonus.
• Must ensure that at least 1 downline associate is eligible
within the current cycle for The Leader’s Bonus.
• The Associate must fulfill the Star Director Activity
Criterion, as defined by the company and updated
Step 7-Live a Royal life
• When you have achieved first six steps you
start living a Royal Life and can qualify for• Royal bonus• Achieve 30 lacs of fresh GSV, with not more
than 50% from one side within the specified cycle
• 0.5% of all company SV within the specified cycle shall form the
pool of The Royal Bonus and shared equally among the
• Must ensure that at least 1 downline associate is eligible within
the current cycle for The Mentor’s Bonus and 2 are eligible for
The Leader’s Bonus.
• The Associate must fulfill the Star Director Activity Criterion, as
defined by the company and updated periodically.
Rewards & Recognition
The journey is so fascinating