Evaluation of Academic Year
2011 – ‘12
Our Strength
Faculty Members
Mr.Vince Paul
Mr.Sankaranarayanan P N
Mrs.Jasmi Davis
Mr. Havinash P. H
Ms.Deepa Devassy
Ms.Divya R
Ms.Resmi N G
Mrs. Priya K V
Mr. Anto Jacob
Mr. Krishnadas
Mr. Alin George
Mrs. Divya M.B
• Mrs.Anila Thomas ( Medical Leave )
• Mrs . Anitha Babu ( Medical Leave )
• Ms.Salitha K K
( Study Leave )
Total of 15
Supporting Staff
Mr. Dittu Alex ( System Admin )
Mr. Sibin Vraghese
Mr. Bastin Louis
Mr. Sinto
Total of 4
We Did ….
• Conducted one day Technical fest EMINENCE 2011
with the theme of ‘Excellence Redefined’
Inauguration of Software Club
Software Club Inaugurated by Mr. Krishnakumar, Project Manger, Sapient
technologies ,Bangalore.
We are Doing …
• Imparting Support
in developing
maintaining different software for the college
like :
– Admission Software.
– Student Management System.
– Managing and Maintenance of College Website.
We Published …
• Published a technical journal of
―Seminars (Evacos ’11)
• Compilation of all the Seminars presented in the
Dept. for the reference and enhancement as a
knowledge base .
We Achieved …..
Excellent University
8th Semester (2007
• Nisha Menon(2007 Batch)
bagged 3rd Rank in the
Results - Other Batches
2008 Admission batch
Vth Semester - 54.24%
VIth Semester - 67.80%. (First Place in the University)
2009 Admission batch
IIIrd Semester - 65.31%
IVth Semester - 40.82%.
2010 Admission batch
I&II Semester - 41.67 %.
Placements - 43
IBM JAMMING Competition @
Saint Gits Engg. College -Patahamuttam
• One team comprising of 4 members :
1. Nidhin Francis
2. Roshan Jose
3. Meera A. M
4. Chandhni V Menon S3 CSE
• Our team secured IIIrd place , out of 40
colleges participated for the event.
Project Grants
Award of Grant-in-Aid funds of The
Institution of Engineers (India) towards the engineering
students projects.
Project Title :Mobile Remote Controller for PC.
Award (in Rs.) : 10,000/• Remya Vinayakumar of 2008 Batch , participated in
D-Zone fest for the event Light Music.
Congratulating the Project Winners of
Malayala manorama YUVA Mastermind Competition –
Tean Members : Neethu,Mona varunny, Pradeep P S,
Sangeetha maria. Guided By : Vince Paul
Staff Achievements
Mr. Vince Paul presented a paper in International
Conference at Magna College Chennai in area of
‘ Advanced Technologies of Engineering’ .
– Mr. Vince Paul attend a course on “Software
Development Techniques using open source wares”
conducted by IIT Mumbai at St.Joseph Engineering
College Pala on November 2011 to December 2011.
– Mr. Sankaranarayanan and Mr. Havinash attended FDP on
Java Frameworks conducted by Infosys at SCMS
Karukutty on December 2011.
– Mr.Havinash is certified by Wipro Misson 10X for the
Advanced level.
– Mr. Sankaranarayanan bagged with two first prizes
in Technical Quiz and Case study competition
conducted by Infosys
– Currently we are running with 144 students in
Campus Connect program and Successfully
– The Dept. were providing GATE coaching to our
students. 15 got qualified.
– Mrs . Jasmy Davies & Mrs. Divya M B have
Successfully completed their M.Tech.
Activities Conducted in the department
• ACES organized a seminar on Latest Trends in IT
Technology on 10th February 2012.
• Software Club inaugurated by Mr. Krishna Kumar
System Analyst, Sapient Tech on July 2011.
• Seminar and workshop on cloud computing by
CEPTES, Bangalore on August 2011.
• Emminence 2012 was inaugurated on January
2012 by Mr. Mayil Vahanan (Intel Bangalore).
Extra Activities in Department.
• The Dpt. Of CSE, signed MOU and conducted
various outside agency examination for public
and private sectors like :
1. NSE-it
2. Meritrack
3. Tata Consultancy Service
4. ACS – New Delhi
5. Emplyment State Insurance Corp.
And generated an income of more than 4lakhs.
• ACES won first prize for Inter Association Volleyball
Tournament, the team consists of Pradeep, Albert,
Linto, Titton…
• ACES won first prize for Inter Association Throw ball
• Also bagged various prizes in Inter association sports
• The 3rd semester students of Computer Science department visited
KELTRON at Karakulam, Trivandrum.
• The 5th semester students of Computer Science department visited
various Software industries at Tidal park Chennai- CISCO, Thomson
Reuters, HCL Technologies.
• The 7th semester students of Computer Science department visited
the following industries:
• HCL info System - Pondicheri
• Nuclear Power station – Kalpakkam ,Chennai
• AV Thomas And Enterprises, Chennai
• Prologs Software Technologies Pvt Ltd., Chennai
Key Projects done in the Department
1. Speech Production from laryngeal Vibration.
2. Browser for Dump.
3. Intelligent Medical Search Engine.
4. Reading Mechanism for vision impaired people through
Android technology implemented through mobile phones.
5. Timetable generation
6. Student management system.
7. Water prediction system by using Neural networks.
8. PC Snooper
9. USB Lock
10. Campus Navigator etc..
Future Plans of the Department
• Faculty Pre workshop(Intra department) on
relevant network and software.
• Faculty workshop on Advanced topics (All Kerala
Level)- Research methodologies, MOODLE,
LATEX, Python etc.
• Goal oriented teaching & Project Oriented
training for students..
• Gate Coaching.
• Software Club Activities.
• Training program for School teachers, employees
on General Computer Awareness.
• We whole heartedly express our thanks to the
Sahrdaya Family and all those designates for
helping CSE throughout the year.
• Cooperation and commitment of all the
members including Loving and enthusiastic
Faculty members and our studious students is
our strength.
• Dept. of CSE always stands apart from others
with its innovative and creative ideas.
Thank you