Eagles Ledge - Devils Lake Economic Development

Eagles Ledge Energy Ltd is a privately held, diversified energy company focused on
the development of petroleum and renewable energy projects.
Identifying productive resource areas, securing land development rights and
utilizing the most technologically advanced methods to capture energy
distinguishes Eagles Ledge from the competition.
Our projects follow a strict protocol to ensure that each area is developed with a
key focus on the environment.
Eagles Ledge Energy finds success
through the energy,
resourcefulness and determination
of our team. Our business is built on
long term relationships, and a
commitment to making a real
difference in bringing energy
solutions today, to satisfy the
demands of tomorrow.
Our mission is to explore, develop
and produce essential sources of
energy. Global energy demand is
growing, and is vital to progress
• The Eagles Ledge Petroleum team brings a long and successful history of
identifying and exploiting viable fossil fuel development projects.. To reduce
environmental pact and increase energy yield, we implement the latest
North Dakota’s Energy Environment
2nd largest oil producer in the United States generating approximately 1 million
barrels per day (“BPD”)
The State currently has only one operating refinery and another slated for
production in December 2014 with a refining capacity of approximately 100,000
The State’s pipeline infrastructure is insufficient to transport excess oil to other
refineries out of state.
Approximately 70% of oil production is currently exported via rail
• Local sales of ultra low sulfur diesel recently exceeded 50,000 BPSD
compared to the State’s current production levels of approximately 20,000
BPSD, and demand is only expected to increase with development
• The shortage of refining capacity creates a unique opportunity in North
Dakota for upgrading Bakken Crude into low-sulfur diesel displacing current
American Dakota Refinery LLC
• Eagles Ledge Energy has established American Dakota Refinery LLC to
engineer, build and operate the proposed refinery project in Devils Lake ND
• US based entity with Corporate operations in North Dakota
Operational Management
Dr. R.G. Bailey, Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Bailey, formerly President of Exxon, Arabian Gulf Region, will oversee the planning,
engineering and construction of the refinery and its continued operation.
Dr. Bailey brings a lifetime of experience to Eagles Ledge with well over three decades in
the petroleum industry
with extensive engineering, management and senior executive assignments, Dr. Bailey's
experience ranges in all aspects of the industry, both upstream and downstream, with
particular middle east onshore and offshore skills.
Dr. Bailey is responsible for all Eagles Ledge Petroleum business interests including
management of exploration and production in addition to providing support to supply,
marketing and chemicals.
Engineering Design and Construction
Robert Woolley, Vice President of Engineering
Over 30 years experience designing, constructing, commissioning, and operating gas
processing and oil refining plants.
Home office, design office, and field work with direct line responsibility.
Thorough knowledge of economic sensitivities related to projects as well as plant
operations led to the application of innovative techniques, including management
principles and modular construction.
This unique technology has been applied in recent years to clean fuels refinery additions.
• Triad Engineers Ltd. will serve as engineering, procurement and
construction managers (EPCM), bringing extensive experience with
designing, constructing and completing refineries and critical stages of the
refinery process.
• Triad designed, constructed and completed the last grassroots refinery in
the US.
• The company has a history of successfully managing the technology and
selection of equipment to control the capital and operation costs.