South Dakota V. Dole

Emily Curley
 In 1984, the legal drinking age in the United States was
raised to 21 for the entire nation.
 South Dakota did not want to follow this rule, so the
government decided to withhold federal funding unless
they changed their rules in accordance to federal law.
 The state of South Dakota sued Secretary of
Transportation Elizabeth Dole because her office was
enforcing the legislation.
 Congress ruled in favor of Dole because they believed
that Congress was not overstepping its powers because
it was in the state’s best interest and safety.
 5-7 ruling, Judge Rhenquist resided.
Connection to Federalism
 This case is very closely related to federalism as the
federal government stepped in to take away the state’s
right to make it’s own decision about the minimum
drinking age in South Dakota.
 In this case, the state’s rights did not prevail