Brafitec 2014

Airbus Defence and Space
One mission, one team, one direction
Dr. OUDEA Coumar
Head of operations for R&T International Partnerships
TS1, Astrium Space Transportation
PO Box: 3002 ; 51-61, Route de Verneuil
78133 Les Mureaux cedex , France
Phone : 33 (0)1 39 06 28 34; Fax: 33 (0)1 39 06 27 77
10ème Forum Brafitec 2014
Bordeaux, 21 – 24 may 2014
One mission, one team, one direction
Airbus Defence and Space: A division of the Airbus Group
Tom Enders
Employees*: ~ 140,000
Revenues*: ~ € 56 bn
Fabrice Brégier
Guillaume Faury
Bernhard Gerwert
Employees*: ~ 73,500
Revenues*: ~ € 39 bn
Employees*: ~ 22,400
Revenues*: ~ € 6.3 bn
Employees**: ~ 40,000
Revenues**: ~ € 14 bn
* in 2012
** estimate for 2014
March 2014
One mission, one team, one direction
Airbus Defence and Space: A unique international leader
Being strong together – 3 turn into 1
One Parent Company
Three Brands
Multiple Business Segments
One Company
One Brand
Four Business Segments
One mission, one team, one direction
Airbus Defence and Space: 4 Business Lines
Space Systems
• Ariane 5, Automated Transfer
Vehicle, Eurostar E3000,
Pléiades, Gaia, Skynet,
observation satellites (Spot,
TanDEM-X, TerraSAR-X, M51,
MetOp, Swarm), International
Space Station ISS,
interplanetary probes (Herschel,
Mars Express, Solar Orbiter),
Lunar Lander
Military Aircraft
• A400M, A330 MRTT, CN235,
C212, Orlik
• Eurofighter, Tornado
• Barracuda, Atlante, Harfang,
Euro Hawk, Future European
Male, Tracker, Tanan, Survey
& Security (CIS)
• Surveillance and Security
Solutions, Secure
Communications Solutions,
Cyber Security, Coastal
Surveillance Systems, NATO
SATCOM Post-2000, Wireless
Intranet Solutions in Theatre,
Farmstar Expert, Tetra Systems
• Mission Data Transfer Systems,
Optics for Spectrograph
Instrumentation, Identification
Friend or Foe (IFF) Systems,
Space Platform Electronics,
Space Payload Electronics
May 2014
One mission, one team, one direction
Space Systems
• No. 2 Space company in the world
• No. 1 in commercial launchers
• No. 1 in European satellites
• Expertise in launchers, deterrence, satellites, human space flight
• Orbital Systems including Maintenance and Operation of the International Space Station (ISS)
• Launcher Systems (Ariane and other launchers)
• Defence
• Satellite Systems: ENS Satellites (Earth Observation, Navigation & Science) and Telecom satellites
• Propulsion Systems
• Atmospheric Re-entry Systems for launchers and probes
May 2014
One mission, one team, one direction
Space in Brazil today and tomorrow :
An opinion of the President of the Space Agency in 2009, confirmed by all his
“Brazil is a huge country. Not only because of its area of roughly 8.5 million and its
coast of 8,000 km, but also because of its GNP of 1,000 billion USD and its
population of almost 190 million people. Only 4 other countries could be compared to
Brazil when it comes to these factors: the USA, China, India and Russia. Beyond
these characteristics, there is one that must be stressed. All of them, but Brazil, may
be considered as space powers.” – Carlos Ganem, Pres. Brazilian Space Agency, in O Globo, Dec.
The Space agency (AEB) and the technological space center (INPE) issued end January 2013 the
New Civilian national space program (PNAE) 2012-2021
May 2014
AIRBUS DS – Space Systems
R&T Partnerships Program with Academia
 Keep good relationships with Academic world
 Referenced through TRL/IRL – methodology
 Maintain and extend national and international networking
 by agreements and contracts (non disclosure agreements, framework
agreements, PhD research contracts, research contracts, ..)
 by R&T projects (funding, sponsoring)
 by “Academic Networking Thematic Workshops”
 France:
 40 PhDs/Postdocs ongoing - many PhDs under French -ANRT/ CIFRE framework
 More than 50 collaborations with Institutes, Researchers, Universities
 Germany:
 10 PhDs on-going/initiated (DLR, Uni Stuttgart, Uni Erlangen … )
 More than 30 collaborations with Institutes, Researchers, Universities
AIRBUS DS – Space Systems
R&T Partnerships Program with Academia
R&T is to prepare our future
R&T and Innovation is to increase our competitiveness by
Technology building blocks (maturation)
Concept feasibility studies (innovation)
Demonstrators (risk mitigation)
Methodology & tools (effectiveness)
R & T Domains for Space applications :
Material, structures & Mechanism
Functional chains & equipment
Energetic & Propulsion
System Engineering & Software
One mission, one team, one direction
AIRBUS DS – Space Systems local footprint at Brazil:
• Equatorial
Sistemas SA
• Founded in 1996 by engineers from INPE and located in São José dos Campos
• Manufacture satellite equipment for Brazilian programs
• Now controlled by AiRBUS DS, has a workforce of 35 people
• to launch R&T projects with Brazilian Academic Research labs, Engineering Schools and
Universities :
• PhD thesis under CIFRE Brazil
• Final year trainee program under BRAFITEC, Science without Borders, ..
• etc.
May 2014
One mission, one team, one direction
Thank you.
May 2014