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The latest issue to this document is the version that is available on the GKN Transparency Systems website: Information/SQAR 104 (AIRBUS).pdf

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Purchase Order Requirements:

For Material Product Suppliers and Subcontractors performing special processes building to Airbus design, verification of Airbus’ Qualified Special Process List (QSPL) and General Requirements for Aerostructure & Material Suppliers (GRAMS) per AP2190 are required. Purchase order verification of flow down of all the applicable drawings, parts lists, specifications, and standards to all approved sub-tier supplier levels. This includes the following at a minimum: All Airbus requirements and data included with the original purchase order to the first-tier supplier. Use of Airbus – approved

special process

suppliers. Identification of Airbus as the end user. All Engineering drawings, planning, specifications & standards, purchase order clauses or notes, with revision levels verified. Identification of manufacturing process/method & special process requirements.

Raw Material Requirements:

A certification of conformance report and other (requested) associated documentations must accompany each shipment. Original test reports and/or associated documentations, in accordance with all applicable specifications, must be kept on file by the supplier and be traceable to end item products delivered to Airbus.

Associated Special Product Assurance Requirements (SPARS):

AS9100 (latest revision): Quality Management System SQR-1: Supplier Quality Requirements SPAR-2C: Quality Control System SPAR-4B: Certification of Conformance SPAR-8B: First Article Inspection (FAI) – Valid for the 1 st shipment per part number SPAR-10: Product Change Approval SPAR-14: Report of Discrepancy for Buyer Material Review SPAR-17: Control of Special Processes SPAR-20D: Identification SPAR-22: Lot Control & Material Traceability SPAR-32: Foreign Object Debris/Damage (FOD) Program

Other Requirements per Airbus - AP2190:

Al-GRAMS-L000501-C (GRAMS Commitment) Al-GRAMS-320101-C (Ensure access to supplier’s or Subcontractor’s premises to conduct audit/assessment) Al-GRAMS-320201-C (Quality Management System compliance with IAQG standard 9100 series) Al-GRAMS-320202-C (Quality System certified by a Certification Body) Al-GRAMS-L320203-C (Quality System Manual latest issue) Al-GRAMS-L320204-C (Copies of certificates/approvals) Al-GRAMS-L320206-C (Questionnaire completed when provided by the Purchaser) Al-GRAMS-320301-C (Material/ source couples qualified by Airbus) Al-GRAMS-L320304-C (Qualification Plan) Al-GRAMS-L320309-C (Qualification time schedule) Al-GRAMS-L320317-C (List of the processes certified) Al-GRAMS-L320318-C (Planning of FAI)

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Revision Date: October 22, 2015

The latest issue to this document is the version that is available on the GKN Transparency Systems website: Information/SQAR 104 (AIRBUS).pdf

Al-GRAMS-320308-C (Qualification Test Program) Al-GRAMS-L320309-C (Qualification time schedule) Al-GRAMS-320310-C (Failure reporting) Al-GRAMS-L320311-C (Test report) Al-GRAMS-L320312-C (Test report: dimensional tooling or 3D inspection) Al-GRAMS-L320313-C (Test report: parts checked without tooling or without 3D equipment) Al-GRAMS-L320318-C (First Article Inspection planning) Al-GRAMS-L320319-C (First Article Inspection reports) Al-GRAMS-320403-C (Process control) Al-GRAMS-320404-C (Identification, Traceability and Configuration Management) Al-GRAMS-320409-C (Rejection rate: if significant deviation, follow the rules for Non-conformities and Root Causes) Al-GRAMS-320411-C (Calculate Quality Performance Indicators) Al-GRAMS-320412-C (Review Quality Performance Indicators) Al-GRAMS-320413-C (List of non-conformities) Al-GRAMS-L400305-C (Continuous Improvement policy) Al-GRAMS-L400303-C (Industrial Process Flow Chart “Supply Chain”) Al-GRAMS-L400404-C (Capacity Management) Al-GRAMS-400406-C (Comply with delivery schedule) Al-GRAMS-400703-C (Calculate Delivery Performance Indicators) Al-GRAMS-400704-C (Review Delivery Performance Indicators) Al-GRAMS-400706-C (List of Delays) Al-GRAMS-L400801-C (Delays analysis method: 5 WHY, 8D methods …) Al-GRAMS-400802-C (Delays and root causes analysis: data collection, correlation, triggers criteria …) Al-GRAMS-400803-C (Perform root causes analysis if delivery performances not compliant with Purchaser's agreed target) Al-GRAMS-L500205-C (Industrial Risk Analysis Method) Al-GRAMS-L500206-C (Industrial Risk Register IRR) Al-GRAMS-500233-C (Non-conformities and root causes analysis: data collection, correlation, triggers criteria …) Al-GRAMS-500234-C (Nonconformity and root cause analysis for any rejection or significant deviation from agreed Quality targets) Al-GRAMS-L500302-C (Certificate of Conformity)


GKN AEROSPACE Transparency Systems (Supplier Requirements):

Airbus AP2190 General Requirements for Aerosctructure & Material Suppliers (GRAMS): For any questions, please contact a GKN Quality Engineering Representative at (714) 653-7531

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