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Airbus Fly Your Ideas Challenge
Introduction for Students and Universities
27th August 2010
Airbus Fly Your Ideas Challenge
Airbus Fly Your Ideas is a contest that challenges students to
develop new ideas to deliver a greener aviation industry
– Airbus are inviting teams of students from around the world to
participate in the Fly Your Ideas Challenge.
– Fly Your Ideas involves 3 progressively competitive and
challenging rounds.
– The best 5 teams will present their ideas to a panel of experts in
June 2011 during the Paris Le Bourget Airshow, for a chance to
win €30,000 and a VIP trip to Airbus.
You can register for the competition at and must
complete Round 1 by December 10th 2010.
Who can participate?
College & University students from around the world
studying Foundation, Bachelors, Masters, MBA or
PhD level degrees in any academic subject.
– Your teams should be 3 to 5 people and must be supported by one
member of academic staff. Teams can be made of students from the
same institution, or from institutions miles apart – even in different
– One of your team members will be the ‘Team Spokesperson’ and will
receive a detailed Briefing Pack at the start of each round of the
– You can create your own team, or go to the Airbus FYI 2010 page
on Facebook to meet other students who want to join the
competition and could form a team with you.
Why get involved?
In addition to a VIP trip to visit Airbus, an invitation to the Paris Le Bourget Air show
and the chance to present to a panel of experts at the final, Airbus is offering:
First Team Prize
Runner-up Team Prize
All participants will have the opportunity to;
– Learn about Airbus, the aviation sector and eco-efficiency.
– Network and engage directly with Airbus Mentors – one member of staff
assigned to support each team during round 2 of the challenge.
– Have your project evaluated by industry experts and gather tips and feedback
along the way.
– Acquire and develop essential skills, such as planning, presentation skills,
team work and communication.
NB: Airbus FYI was launched to stimulate ideas and exchange between Airbus and the global
student and academic community; it is not part of the company’s recruitment process or a vehicle to
recruitment at Airbus.
Highlights from FYI 2009
• 2365 participants registered from over 80 countries
• 225 teams of 3-5 students completed Round 1
• 50% of teams were mixed male / female with 3 female only teams (from
Brazil, HK and Singapore)
• 86 proposals were selected for Round 2
• 5 teams were selected for the final - from Australia, Czech Republic,
Singapore, Spain and USA
• The winning team – COz – came from the University of Queensland in
• Tom Enders, CEO of Airbus, presented the winners with their prize
at the awards ceremony in Le Bourget.
The FYI 2009 Winners
The winning team "COz" was a multinational team whose members are from
Switzerland, Hong Kong and Germany, all studying at University of Queensland,
Australia. The “COz” team won for their project into the use of the castor plant to develop
the first ever single plant-based high performance composite materials for aircraft cabin
The FYI 2009 Finalists
Runner up prize went to team “Solaire Voyager” from the National University of Singapore for
their proposal to use solar cell technology integrating photovoltaic cells aboard aircraft to generate
The other three finalists were:
“Big Bang Team” from Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in Spain for their windowless cabin
proposal for a new eco-efficient aircraft design (below left).
“Kometa Brno” from Brno University of Technology in the Czech Republic whose team developed
a project on aircraft taxiway movements using electro-motors (below centre).
“Stanford ADG” from Stanford University in the USA for their proposal on inverted V formation flight,
building on the model of migrating birds to reduce energy consumption (below right).
What to do now!
Register your team online by 30 November 2010
Complete Round 1 by 10 December 2010
– Ensure you have the support of one member of Academic Staff
If your team is successful in Round 1, the next stages are:
– 17 Jan to 15 April 2011: Round 2
– 16 May to 17 June 2011: Round 3
– June 2011: Final presentations and awards ceremony during the
International Paris Air Show - Le Bourget
If you have any questions email us at [email protected]