Civil Service Fast Stream powerpoint presentation

Civil Service
What to expect
& How to apply
The Civil Service
• The Civil Service serves the Government of the
day, developing and implementing policy, and
delivering services to the public
• Politically neutral and remains unchanged when
the Government changes
• Around 490,000 civil servants working around
the UK and abroad in over 100 departments and
• Working for the Civil Service means you are
shaping how the country is run, and affecting
the lives of everyone in the UK
The Civil Service Faststream
• Accelerated training and development
programme for those with the potential to
become future leaders of the Civil Service
• Sequence of postings (12-18mths), usually in
one department, to develop skills and
• Typically spend 2-4 years on Faststream
• Leave when promoted to Team Leader level
• Ranked in the top 5 of the Times Top 100
Graduate Employers
Faststream schemes
• Graduate Fast Stream
Central Departments (vast majority)
European Fast Stream
Houses of Parliament
Science and Engineering
Diplomatic Service
• Also specialist schemes for Economists,
Statisticians, HR and Technology in Business
• Can apply to more than one scheme at once
Faststream advantages
Challenging work
Immediate responsibility and autonomy
Close contact with senior civil servants
Often work with Ministers
Management of people and resources
Fast-paced responsive work
Broad range of experience
Valuable network of contacts
Excellent training anddevelopment
What will you be doing?
• Your Faststream career will be unique,
depending on your interests, skills and
experience, your department, and world
• Three main types of posts:
– Developing policy (policy delivery)
– Delivering public services (operational delivery)
– Corporate operations (finance, HR, Press…)
• Tasks will change rapidly – must be adaptable
• Some examples…
Ramin Hassan
Department for Work and Pensions
• Two years of policy work, currently working
as an Advisory Services Manager at Cambridge
Jobcentre Plus.
• Manages around 30 staff delivering front-line
services and administrative support.
• Time is the main challenge for operations
managers; balancing short term needs, against
measures to improve longer term performance
“Since joining the Civil Service, in August 2007, I have helped
prepare Ministers and senior officials for appearances before
Parliament, represented the UK at the UN on labour issues and
now manage a large number of public-facing staff. The Fast
Stream provides many such privileged opportunities in close
succession, alongside generous training allowances.”
Charlene Woolley
• First placement in Customs &
International Directorate - helped to
implement the recommendations of
the Cabinet Office report 'Security in a
Global Hub'
• Currently working on facilitating the
transfer of staff, assets and budgets to
"I have watched key legislation relating to the project
being debated in Lords. I have contributed to interdepartmental agreements, and had the opportunity to
discuss changes with affected operational staff. I also
regularly participate in director-level meetings".
Ayesha Ali
Department for Transport
• Economic appraisal of major rail
• Impact assessments of EU related
• Constant engagement with
colleagues from policy and others
from the rail industry.
“Transport policy is an every day decision for
people. This makes my work challenging but very
rewarding when I see my ideas translate into
everyday living”.
• Development focused on your needs
• 15+ days of training per year – both to gain
skills for the job and to gain wider personal
• Opportunity for a mentor from Senior Civil
• Opportunity for secondments to other
Departments and Civil Service organisations,
and externally, to gain wider experience
• You need to continually learn and improve
• Competitive starting salary of £25,000 –
£27,000, and choice of generous pension
• 25+ days holiday and 10.5 public holidays (2.5
• Supportive environment – flexible working, job
shares, career breaks
• Opportunity for regional and international jobs
• Real benefits are the work itself
• Each department determines detailed terms and
conditions for its Faststreamers
• Civil Service is a professional and rewarding
long-term career choice
• Fast Stream develops you for the Senior Civil
• Core competencies:
analysis and use of evidence
financial management
people management
project and programme management
• Promotion on performance and competence –
so need drive to gain breadth and depth of
skills and experience
Application, selection & eligibility
• Need a 2:2 degree in any discipline for general
scheme, other scheme requirements may vary
• Majority of jobs open to European Economic
Area and Commonwealth citizens; some UK
national only jobs
• Assessors have no background on candidates –
committed to improving diversity, no
Application and selection
• Starts in September with online verbal and
numerical reasoning self-assessment
• Half day e-tray exercise
• One day assessment centre (group exercise,
policy exercises, and interview)
• Merit based assessment of:
drive for results
learning and improving
constructive thinking
building productive relationships
communicating with impact
• Process may vary for other schemes
Next steps
• Need to be able to give examples as evidence of
competency at assessment centre
• Seek to gain wider experience before applying
– internships and temporary jobs, other activities
• Information on main stream recruitment and
other Civil Service graduate schemes at
• More information on the Fast Stream at
Any questions?
Thank you