Postgraduate Student Welcome Presentation 2014


CVEN Coursework

Masters Plans

Hossein Taiebat

Postgraduate Coordinator

School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Key Administration People

• Les Brown

– Front Desk Enquiries, first point of contact

• Kristy Guia

– Student Service Officer

• Julijana Baric

– Administration Manager

• Our email address:

Please don’t send emails to individual people

PG Welcome Booklet

Some Important Jargon

• Program:

– Degree + Disciplinary stream, eg:

• Master of Engineering Studies 8538

• Graduate Diploma of Engineering Science 5338

• Specialisation:

– Disciplinary stream or Plan, eg:

• Geotechnical Engineering

• Course:

– or subject, eg:

• CVEN9707, Contracts Management

Important web sites

• Most of the information you need can be found from the school or UNSW websites



>Course information

>Program and specialisation rules


>Detailed information about all programs and courses



> UNSW Moodle, via



– This is your UNSW contact address, check it regularly!


• Important general information from the

School and UNSW

• When you contact us, provide:

– Your name and student ID

– Your specialisation/plan

Program Specialisation

• See:


• Electives related to your Specialisation

• 6 and 12 UoC projects..enroll via Les Brown

• Non-CVEN courses

– Very limited & require approval before can be counted.

Specialisation/Plan Advisers


Civil Engineering

Project Management


Structural Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Water Resources

Water, Wastewater and Waste


Hossein Taiebat

Steven Davis

Kurt Douglas

Mario Attard

Stephen Moore

Bill Peirson

Stephen Moore


• Enrolment is completed through myUNSW website

– You are to manage your own timetable and enrolment

• Enrol in compulsory courses first

• Note the different modes of course delivery

– Normal mode, distance mode, block format

– Find details on timetable

Important Dates

• 5pm 9 March:

– Last day to add a new course

• 5pm 31 March:

– Census date, withdraw without penalty, no costs

• 5pm 20 April:

– Withdraw without academic penalty, lost $.

• After that, try to withdraw without failure, give reasons ….

– See form on MyUNSW

Special Consideration

• Information about eligibility and process:

• You must apply for SC as soon as practicable and within three working days of the assessment

• You must provide supporting documents

• You need to submit original documents

• Application must be made via Online Services

- In myUNSW

Go to My Student Profile tab > My Student Services channel > Online Services > Special


• Must be submitted to UNSW Student Central


• Each lecturer is different

– See course profile

• Choose group members for assignments carefully

• Assignment submission and late penalties:

– Each lecturer is different

– See course profile

• Seek some advice prior to submitting your assignment.

• Overlap short courses and 12 week courses.


• You must be here 13-30 June 2014

• Exam schedule in about week 10 of session, on your MyUNSW site.

– Do not book plane tickets until after you know your final exam timetable.

• Get there 15 minutes before starting time.

• Supplementary exams for postgrad courses

– Only offered if special consideration is applied for and approved.

Calculators in Exam

• Only approved calculators are allowed

Program Duration

• Normal full time load: 24 UoC per session

• Part time: flexible, at least 6 UoC

– Only allowed for local students

– If cannot attend in a semester, apply for study leave

• Forms on “my UNSW”

• International students:

– “complete in minimum time” with full study load:

• 24 UoC per session….

– Cannot take more than 1 distance course per semester

– If fail one course, can get a summer course

• May need extension of visa

Academic Standing

• You are expected to complete program requirements with very few failures

Consequence Total UoC failed

< 12



Good None




Must consult your Academic

Advisor; discuss your progress, plan for improving results, and seek approval for enrolment

Exclusion Exclusion for two academic years, must re-apply for re-admission.


• Online study skill tutorial


– Understand UNSW study requirements

– Find the best information for your needs

– Evaluate information and resources

– Learn about UNSW Library resources and services