Cash Management Remediation

SHARE Special Project
Cash Management Remediation
Requesting Agency:
Ricky Bejarano
David Holmes
State Controller
DFA Financial Control
SHARE Director
SHARE Special Project
Cash Management Remediation
The Cash Management Remediation project is requesting
certification for Closeout
Project Justification:
Statewide cash balances have not been fully reconciled since the
inception of SHARE in July of 2006
Monthly reconciliation of general ledger cash accounts to bank activity is
required by Section 6-5-2.1.J NMSA 1978
Full, accurate and timely statewide cash reconciliation is essential to all
State agencies. Without it:
Fraud, corruption, theft and errors may go undetected
Bank overdrafts may occur
General Ledger cash balances are unreliable
SHARE Special Project
Cash Management Remediation
Project Accomplishments:
Improved financial data processing functionality and system integration
Reduced reliance on manual processes and system customizations
Implemented Treasury functionality not currently deployed in SHARE
Established Treasury foundation for the SHARE Financials upgrade
Summary of key changes implemented:
Bank Account Structure Change for Deposits
Bank Account Structure Change for Disbursements
Bank Transaction and Balance Data Queries
Deposits Loaded to Accounts Receivable
Monthly Bank Statements for All Bank Accounts
Accounting Entries
Clearing Accounts Receivable Deposits
Wire Transfer Process
Accounts Payable Pay Cycle Processing
General Ledger Number Usage
Master Depository Account
Non-Accounts Payable Payment Process
PeopleSoft Patches for Treasury
Monthly Reconciliation Processes
Back-up Documents for Scanning
SHARE Special Project
Cash Management Remediation
Lessons Learned:
Integration: For a successful implementation, it is critical to solicit involvement from other Agencies and initiatives
early in the project. In addition to identified project stakeholders (DFA, STO, and DoIT), the Cash Remediation
project had integration points with other initiatives (ASPEN project for HSD, and the AR deployments for CYFD).
Environments: The SHARE Development (“D”), Testing (“T”), and Quality Assurance (“Q”) environments are
refreshed on a quarterly basis from Production. The Cash remediation project had started testing new configuration
in an environment that had been several months old (September, 2012). A subsequent environment refresh in
February, 2013 necessitated additional configuration changes as a result of issues that were discovered.
Support: The project went live on February 1, 2013 and was scheduled to end on March 15, 2013. Additional
consultant support was required, particularly around the resolution of additional implementation issues and the
monthly reconciliation process.
Testing: Based on the customizations that currently exist in the SHARE system, an expanded scope of testing may
be warranted earlier on in the project in order to detect errors.
Technical Support: A degree of technical support was required based on changes to existing customizations and
requirements, even though no technical support was anticipated and was subsequently not included in the SOW.
Project Objectives: Business conditions which may be applicable to the private sector do not always apply to the
public sector environment. Additional constraints may exist in the public sector which could impact project goals,
objectives and timeline.
Customization Impact: An impact assessment of existing SHARE customizations was difficult to conduct which
resulted in additional analysis time on the project. This also justifies more rigorous testing on future projects.
SHARE Special Project
Cash Management Remediation
Actual Timeline for Cash Management Remediation project:
SHARE Special Project
Cash Management Remediation
Major Project Deliverable and Performance Measure
Define Business Requirements. Determine project goals and
deliverables, Begin development of Project Management Plan.
Perform software functionality assessment. Prepare and conduct
Completion of Project Management Plan and Project Schedule.
Define requirements, fit-gap, and business processes. Functional
and technical design.
PMP updates, Project Schedule updates, Project Reporting
Due Date(s)
$20,000.00 Various
$126,000.00 Nov. 30, 2012
$40,000.00 Mar. 15, 2013
Project Phase
Initiation- received
PCC certification
Planning- received
PCC certification
Configuration/reports. Unit and integration testing. Training. UAT
and regression testing.
$180,000.00 Feb. 1, 2013
Perform Knowledge Transfer, Create Job Aids, Develop resolution
approach remediation, Go-Live
$120,000.00 Feb. 1, 2013
DoIT Closure Report and Lessons Learned Post Mortem, PostImplementation Support
$60,000.00 Mar. 15, 2013
SHARE Special Project
Cash Management Remediation