Jan 2015 Rep Training

Rep Training
The Focus Today
• Who we are targeting…Who is a typical Trayer customer
• An overview of Trayer Product offerings and capabilities
• How is Trayer different
• What products to focus on today
• Trayer support and resources
(marketing, website, materials, onsite visits/presentations, etc…)
• Open discussion
(Did we miss anything, resources required, concerns, etc.???)
Who Do We Target
• Utility Standards Engineering Departments:
• Distribution Standards (underground)
• Network Standards (underground)
• Substation Standards
• General Managers of Distribution Engineering (in smaller
utilities in particular)
• Utility Operations:
• Managers in charge of reliability
• Managers in charge of underground system operations
• Lineman and their field operations managers
• Utility Purchasing/Procurement Departments
Where Does Trayer Fit?
Key Points About Trayer
• The Pioneer in design and manufacturing of maintenance free
vacuum switchgear for electrical distribution systems
• The most recognized brand in regards to “Storm Hardened”
• Specializing in ultra rugged and reliable Padmount, Vaultmount
and Submersible gear with an average lifespan of 30+ years
• Class leading product safety with an unparalleled safety record
• 50 plus years of experience with the ability to customize for any
customer requirements Years of Company Innovation
• Class leading warranty and unequaled customer service
Trayer Differentiators:
• 100% Vacuum interruption (Line AND Load side)
• All vacuum switches and VFI’s are immersed in an additional
dielectric within a hermetically sealed tank
• 100% welded tanks. Even our bushings are welded on to
reduce the chance of bushing failure. Welds are then hand
polished to eliminate potential corrosion spots and pitting
• 100% 304 or 304L stainless construction. Even the doors and
skirts on Trayer padmount units are stainless steel
• Trayer is a build to order manufacturer…not a catalogue shop
• Class leading warranty (typically 5 years)
The Foresight – Put it ALL in a Vacuum
Trayer recognized 43
years ago the benefits
of vacuum interruption.
Trayer was the first
manufacturer to bring
this technology to the
Vacuum Loadbreak Contact Open
Vacuum Loadbreak Contact Closed
Vacuum Fault Interrupter Contact
Vacuum Circuit Protection – Vacuum Fault
Interruptor (VFI)
Through 25kV and up to 600 Amps
12.5kA Interrupting Capacity
65 Interruptions at Full Fault Capacity
Available as Single or 3-Phase
Trayer Insulation (Dielectric) Options:
• Liquid (10C, Bio/Alpha, FR) – 10,000 operations
• Gas (SF6) – 3,000 operations
• (Coming Soon) Solid Dielectric – several thousand
operations (to be determined)
Trayer Insulation (Dielectric) Options:
• Liquid (10C, Bio/Alpha, FR) – 10,000 operations
• Gas (SF6) – 3,000 operations
• (Coming Soon) Solid Dielectric – several thousand
operations (to be determined)
Product Overview
Product Focus
4-25kV Distribution Systems
Air Insulated Padmount Replacement units
Typical Padmount Installations
Submersible/Underground installations
Oil fused cutout replacements
Voltage Switching and
Circuit Protecting Equipment
• Padmount
• Submersible
• Vaultmount
Submersible Designs
• Fully Welded and Hermetically
Sealed Tank
• Local and Remote Operation
SCADA Controls can be added
• Round or Square/Rectangular
tank options to fit any
underground application
• Optional Visible Breaks
4 Way Submersible Unit in service
Trayer Tough Under Any Conditions
Padmount Designs
• Available in single or doublesided designs
• Customizable footprint for
• Hermetically sealed tank
avoids environmental
Trayer vs Air Insulated
for Air Insulated Switchgear
Single Side Access Padmount with SCADA
Automatic Transfer Switch Capabilities
• 10 Second or 10 Cycle
Automatic Transfer
• Local and Remote Operation
SCADA Controls
• High Accuracy CT’S and PT’S
For Sensing and Accurate
• Smartgrid, Microgrid, and
Some Substation integration
Vaultmount Designs
• Customizable design, can
replace existing equipment
• Multiple stand options
• Available with submersible
or pedestal type
padmounted control
cabinets with provisions for
submersible connections
Trayer Vacuum Switchgear Ratings
Oil Fused Cut-Out VFI
• 27kV – 600 Amp – 12.5 kA, single
phase Oil Fused Cut-out replacement
design, now 40% smaller than previous
• CT powered submersible over-current
relay, 304 stainless steel construction.
• Includes Trayer’s “truly visible” single
phase visible disconnect device.
• Up to 65 interruptions at full fault capacity
• Available in 3 phase or single phase
• A variety of mounting options are available.
System Automation
• Relay and over current
program customization
• Built for your exacting needs
• Versatile design allows
customer preferred RTU of
choice for SCADA
Trayer Submersible Relay Control Cabinet
with local / remote fiber optic communication.
Draw out
Voltage selector
Local fiber
Linear Actuators
Submersible Motopak
• First installed and still operating
since 1971.
• 304 stainless steel construction.
• Gear driven 120 or 230 volt AC or
24 volt DC motor.
• Adaptable to all SCADA systems.
• Hot stick quick release for line
crew safety.
• Field installable with the addition
of a stand.
• No Maintenance required.
Support & Resources
Marketing Material – brochures, promo items
Trade shows – regional shows as well as large national exhibitions
Website – continues to evolve and improve.
Separate Rep resource website – case studies, brochures,
drawings, etc…
• Onsite Visits – regional manager available for customer
presentations and meetings
• Webinars – can be pre-set (EC&M, IEEE, etc.) or customized for
individual target audience
Leading the Way to a
Safer and More Reliable
Smart Grid